King Bitz-Rabitz of Seven Lux continued to send love calls by launching various preferential policies for Slam Dog Mart.

Don't pretend to be such a crispy bird.

It is so sweet that you can tell me what was the spicy response from the surroundings to the other day.

However, the wild dog side was unresponsive.

A dog's chic no-reaction, showing bird courtship dance.

The birth of a transcendent couple was unlikely to happen unless the planet was destroyed.

But even so, the people around me are uncomfortable.

Especially the owners of the personal shop located in Seven Lux, who are finally affiliated with "Nora Inuya", were fearful of war.

Because if Slam Dog Mart landed in the country, it wouldn't be a blackship noise.

Because it has a backup that is too powerful, King Bitz-Rabitz.

I was swinging an incentive like the Nishiki flag, but in the end, I would be destroyed without even being able to defeat a personal shop.

The owners of "Noranouya" raised this issue at the regular exchange of opinions held at the headquarters.

"If I thought the threat of Gorgeous Smart was gone, I can't believe it's Slam Dog Mart next...."

"Slumdog Mart is a four-small country that has retreated Gorgeous Smart."

"I'm sure the owner is quite skilled."

"But even the owner of our" Nora-nouya "is not losing.

Seven Lux, the country of the brave, stole the share from Gorgeous Smart. "

The shopkeepers gathered to see the female owner of Nora Inouya.

"Owner, do you have any idea what to do when Slam Dogmart comes to this country?"

The owner then shook his head to the right and left as he sifted towards the shopkeepers.

"No, I don't think so.Because you don't have to. "

"What!? That's not good!"

"What do you mean you don't have to!?"

"You don't think it's as easy to fight back as Slam Dog Mart!?"

"That's reliable, but it's against that slumdog mart!

No matter how many owners you are, if you're not careful, they'll kill you! "

The owners of the shop who were about to get up from the chair said, "Fair enough."

"I kept things a secret from the shopkeepers.

Actually.... "

And the truth that came out of her mouth was that no one here had expected it.

Except for the spokesperson, the owner, and one of the men sitting behind him.

"Eh... ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!?!?"

At last, the shopkeepers get up.

"Everything you sold us in 'Norajinya' was purchased from Slam Dog Mart!?"

"Owner, is that true!?"

"Yes, it's true, it's exactly what you made at the Slam Dog Mart factory."

This was commonly referred to as a "private brand".

Ask them to borrow the production line of a major factory called "Slam Dog Mart" and make the product of "Nora Nunya".

The contents were the same as those sold in Slam Dog Mart, but the packaging was "Norakuya".

The shopkeepers were stunned.

"I thought the stock of 'Nora Nunya' was very high quality and cheap... that kind of crispy!"

"So what happens to our personal shop when Slam Dog Mart arrives!?"

"I can't buy Nora Nunya's products anymore, and they're going to crush me!"

"That's right! The owners used us to mock the landing of the Slam Dog Mart!"

"That's why you said you didn't have to think about measures!"

Owners get nervous about killing shopkeepers.

The strange essay broke in.

"Gentlemen, please calm down.

The owner said there's no need to think about measures because Slam Dog Mart doesn't open in Seven Lux. "

"What!? Is that true, Mr. Lone Wolf!?"

"No, it's definitely going to land!Because the King is so privileged! "

"That's right! There's no reason not to open a store!

If Mr. Lone Wolf is the owner of Slam Dog Mart! "

"Indeed, I am not the owner of Slam Dog Mart.

But the owner of Nora Nunya here knows the owner of Slam Dog Mart. "

The eyes of the shopkeepers once again gather with the owner of Nora Inouya.

"Really, owner!?"

"Yes, it's true. You might as well be an apprentice rather than an acquaintance.

The mentorship is not only about me personally, but also "Nora-nouya" itself. "

"Eh? Is that a bit... 'Nora-nouya' is a disciple of 'Slam Dog Mart'?"

"Yes, Slam Dog Mart and Nora Nunya signed an area franchise agreement."

'Area Franchise Agreement', which expands the 'Franchise Agreement', which is usually a store unit, to a regional unit.

Finally, in the Kingdom of Severnlux, "Noranouya" becomes the agency for "Slam Dog Mart".

The headquarters is separate, but the "Slam Dog Mart" route can be used for the purchase of goods for sale.

In addition to that, shop management know-how can also be guided by the Slam Dog Mart.

Finally, "this rakun" and "Gold" become brothers.

In addition, the benefits of this Area Franchise Agreement go beyond that.

To avoid competition, "Slam Dog Mart" does not open in Seven Lux.

So you don't have to be afraid to land Slam Dog Mart.


"Next, the owner of Slam Dog Mart will announce that he signed an area franchise agreement with Nora Nunya.

Then, what a privilege King Bitz-Rabitz is now offering you! "

"Eh... ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!?!?"