At the headquarters of "Nora Inuya", when the shopkeepers are at their peak of delight.

At Gorgeous Smart Headquarters,

"Uhh... uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!"

... daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

Breaking through the window, a man was jumping out.

A piece of glass is thrown into the trash heap behind the alley.

"Ugh... ugh...! Ugh...!

Ma... no, no, no, no...!

I can't believe the route of the 'Big Power Railroad' is going to change now...!! "

The man has never lost an investment before.

In addition to its roots in dataalism, it was so cautious that it struck the stone bridge and destroyed it.

Even if it had been an absolute profit story, I would not have taken it if I had a 1% chance of failing.

He always wanted a 100 percent success rate for his investment.

The route of the "Big Power Railway", which was the destination of this investment, is a project that is no doubt successful by more than 120 percent.

This is because other prominent players are buying land, so it is impossible to change it over this period.

Unless the King is seriously ill....!

But it took me so long...! I'm sick...!

To the mysterious strange disease called "mad and unwanted disease"....!

For the record, it seems that if a woman suffers from "madness and nausea", it will be a big deal.

They're going to treat the older Osan like my child, create the Harlem of Osan, or set up the Land of Osan.

And the rest also cause damage to the surroundings.

That's right...!

No Touch was influenced by "Mad and Innocent Disease", which gave a huge black star to an investment that had never been defeated before...!

The shock is immeasurable.

"Ugh... uugh! Ugaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!?!"

No-touch allows expensive clothes to get dirty, glass to get rid of more skin, and roll around in the garbage.

"The land of the 'Big Power Railway', which was the last line of request, was converted into a bundle of sentences by route change....!

It can't be used as a bribe, it's just garbage...!

Ugh... I've lost it...! Money, homes, savings...!With the status of a brave man...!

Anything, anything! Zero...!

Instead, all that's left is a huge debt...!

Uwaaaaaaaa!!! "

Nothing touched her while she was covered in leftovers and shoved her face into the dirt.

Life on the street was no longer certain, but we could not make this castle our roots.

No-touch rises like a zombie, dragging your body to the back of the alley.

Seven Lux's "Gorgeous Smart" is closed.

I used up all the sales I had in the safe.

Now my bosses Butaphtotta and Boncrano aren't noticed because they're stupid, but it's also a matter of time.

Fallen heaven is no longer inevitable, but if you fail, you may be targeted for life.

"I... have to run...! Somewhere far away...!"

But before that, a filthy shadow stood.

"Hey? I can't believe a gentleman like this is in such a dumpster...

Do you think you're going to give us a favor? "

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

No-touch is entangled in the alley by homeless people who take away their wallets and clothes, which were their last possessions.

He was walking around with a falling newspaper wrapped around his body and dragging his bloody body.

We're heading to his mansion.

It was already in the middle of being roughed up by the debtors and taken out of the house.

No-touch hides behind.

--I was trying to get away with my clothes and my gold...

I can't believe it's getting picked up...!

Borrowers relentlessly divide what is in the Mansion.

Don't miss out on anything that looks like $1 (ender), and throw away anything that doesn't turn into money as trash.

They took home the liquor and food they had left in the vault as souvenirs to their families.

Nothing touches the trash they left behind.

Nothing was worth it, but I thought it was just a memory.

So I find a brand new book.

Although years have passed, the cover of the book is still as clean as new.

"Gorgeous Smart Training Textbooks"


No-touch took the book and flipped over.


When I was young, "Gorgeous Smart" had a new training at the store...

I was given a lecture based on this textbook...

The lecture is not a brave man, it's a nasty man...

It was really crap...

The lecture lasted a long time, but it was a boring time that brought nothing to me...

But there was only one good thing...

At that time, the Heroic Creator was also given training...

That's where I met Bankruptcy...

I completely forgot about the old days, but every time I turned the page, the memories of Kakela sinking deep inside my head came back to life.

Since then, NoTouch has been interested in opening new stores, and the chapters in the textbooks have been graffiti all over the place.

There was a comment in the textbook that it was "nonsense" or "this is not good at all".

If it gets worse, there is even a page that is completely filled with a black thick pen.

Still, no-touch soaked in nostalgia and pinched where it could be read.

― ― When you open a new store, whether it's a new building or a rental, take a closer look around.

Not only the traffic, but also the group of people walking.

The location of competing adventurer stores and guilds as well as nearby stores.

And how the sun plugged into the store and even the geology...

Make sure to pick the south side, especially for the location of your store.

This is because the stores on the north side are exposed to direct sunlight...

Also, in the case of large stores, investigate the geology.

It is possible that the ground is buried in a dungeon, so in addition to the field survey, go back to the past maps....

No-touch was inadvertently put into words.

"Hmm... what is this textbook...!?

Instead of the know-how I should have made up myself to open a new store...

Everything is covered up until it became a cause of defeat at to "Norahnouya"....!? "