As the world spins, your consciousness is dragged back.

He had never experienced it himself, but, by analogy, he felt uncomfortable being forced to slap him in a state where he could not sleep after a hangover.

Although I regained consciousness, I have no vision at all.

The eyelids stuck to the blood were peeled off and opened, and the body was rolling vigorously on the slope.

"Ugh...! Wow...!?"

The moment I tried to scream without knowing it, I was beaten to the ground with a strange touch of hardness, softness, sharpness and roundness.

The rubbish that was coming down with him became like an avalanche, covering his body.

------this is...?

He drags his painful body everywhere and crawls out of the pile of garbage.

But the scenery that was spreading in front of me was even garbage.

--Is this hell...?

What a terrible sight to think.

There is a rotten smell in the area, and people dressed like hungry demons are clearing up garbage and ripping each other off.

Looking up at the fall, there was a steep slope mountain.

There is a mountain road far up, and you can see the turning cargo platform.

That's all he figured out.

--Speaking of which, I've heard of it.

Some dealers abandon rough rubbish and homeless bodies from Seven Lux in small countries.

I was assaulted by brave men at the dumpster and lost consciousness...

They think he's dead, and they put him on a garbage wagon.

And here she is, dumped.

So this is from the "Evantailles"....

No, because King Bitzrabitz has admitted a new name, "dogleg countries"....

Somewhere in four small countries.

And he smiled violently.

--In Seven Lux, I was trying to escape thinking I'd be killed by the Brave Organization....

I can't believe you're falling into another country like this...

Besides, the garbage can be a suitable destination for me with the filthy blood of a wild dog...

He walks with his wounded body dragged out.

The slum town passed through many of the piles of illegal dumping.

This is a much colder area than Seven Lux, where garbage fires burn everywhere.

It was so cold that I approached one of them.

... woosh!

All of a sudden I was punched with a stick.

"Nh... what are you doing!?"

"Don't do anything!Hah, what a surprise!?

Fire isn't free in this city!Bring me something if you want to get around! "

And it came to pass, that whosoever seeketh to burn, he giveth him leftovers and iron scum.

I tried to find out if he had anything, but I noticed that I was holding onto the example book.

--Here, if you give this to me, I'll burn it...

But I couldn't.

I let go of this, but in the end, I felt like I would even let go of my identity.

When he got up, he walked away from the torch and fire.

Nowhere in the slums is the sun shining, and the cold wind that stings the skin is constantly blowing.

It was freezing cold to enter the shade trying to avoid the wind at all.

--What is this unusual cold...!?

Speaking of which, I've heard of it.

If there is a natural underground labyrinth (dungeon) nearby, depending on the climate type of the underground labyrinth (dungeon), the surrounding area will also be affected by the temperature....

In the vicinity of the cave of magma, the surrounding hot spot, and in the vicinity of the cave of ice, the surrounding cold spot.

And it's only in such a difficult place to live that a slum town can be built...

His thoughts seemed to be tracing someone's words as they were.

The continuation leaked with a scattered voice.

"... there is no adventurer's shop in Slam City.Because there are no customers.

But there's no place like this to learn the basics of business.... "

Remembering the voice of the person with the word, he glanced at it.

I opened the final chapter of the teaching book I had.

Here's the title at the beginning of the chapter.

"Graduate Intern Training - Business Basics"

As soon as I saw the title, my bad memories came back.

"Ugh...!" he pressed his head.

"That's it... that's it! That's it...!

You swore that no matter how much you fell...! "

As if the determination were solid, the final chapter was glued entirely into a bag.

After he finished his graduation practice, he sealed it with his own hands.

Even though it's so cold, my sweat is blowing out, and I make bumps and stains on the page.

Like the gunman who pulls out the gun for the first time, you can reach out and pull in.

"Gugu...! If you do what's written on this page, I'll bloom again...!

It may take some time, but we can get back to being brave...!

But if I do this again, I'll fall completely...!

I hate wild dogs the most...!

I hated it! That's all I hated...!Because I'm a proud brave man...! "

He was in agony with a full body.

There's a crowd coming in the square across the street.

It looked really strange in this slum town.

First of all, although they are wearing worn out clothes like homeless, they are young men and women with beautiful bodies.

They were accompanied by the Virgin in a worn-out robe and children wearing animals.

Eventually, a homeless leader girl climbed onto the tall and said to her friends.

"Yoo-hoo, looks like everyone's ready. Nice outfit."

Just now, one of my friends raised his hand.

"Um, Professor Lan, I wonder if this outfit..."

"Yes, I'm homeless.

You're doing business with homeless people in this slum.

That's the last training in Slam Dog Mart! "

"Eh... ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!?!?"