A mysterious group appeared in the square of Slam City.

It was "Slam Dog Mart" onboarding.

The teacher, Run, raises his voice to the rookies.

"From now on, you will live in this city as homeless for two weeks!

Earn 100,000 yen (ender) in this city alone! "

I just asked a question.

"You're going to do business with homeless people.

So, what do you sell? "

"You're going to get it, too, in this slum!

It is forbidden to step outside the city during the training period! "

"Eh!? I can't do that!

There's nothing to sell but garbage in the slums...! "

"Whatever you say, there 'll be plenty to sell around!

You just didn't realize! "

"You don't want me to litter it up!?"

"Come on, do whatever you want!

Whatever you do, you earn 100,000 yen!

But we can't steal, threaten, cheat and sell garbage!

Atai was scolded for trying to do it first! "

One of the girls dressed in a costume pinches her mouth.

"You're not a bandit, you're not gonna do that."

Then, the girl with glasses in the Gugumi group peeled her eyes.

"Eh, maybe we'll do it too!?"

"I can't help it, I'm going to fight Run."

"I never thought I'd get caught up in a kick-ass fight like this."

"Wow! Good luck!"

The explanation of the rules of the run continues.

"Besides, I told you to live here, but I'll only have food and a place to sleep!

Sleep in this square!I'm going to set the fire here, so sleep around here! "

"Eh!? You've been sleeping outside for two weeks!?"

"That's right. If you don't like it, you'd better earn 100,000 yen!

Whoever earns it is immediately finished! "

The orchids show the saints with their thumbs, covered in gray robes and covered with doves.

"And the messiah wasn't a kid... because the Virgin here will cook it for you!"

"Good luck, everyone. I'll make a warm and delicious soup."

The little girl who was about to be called a kid took a small guzzle pose with her hands and inspired the new clerks.

A saint sitting next to her was biting a handkerchief.

Oneechan, what's wrong?

"Because it's my last training, I thought I'd scream 100 good things about Gol in the center of the world...

I thought Goll-chan would be there as a special examiner, so I followed her.... "

"Lynn... it wasn't you, Virgin 2!You can go home if you don't want to! "

Then, a nice homeless woman from Gatai, who had stood behind Virgin 2, popped out.

"Hey, Lan! Watch your language!

Just because you two are so patient doesn't mean you can't lose your gratitude! "

"I can't help it, Coolaka! Heh heh heh heh heh heh!

If the Holy Dolls found out they were in this slum... whoa. "

Run hurried to shut his mouth.

"Anyway, don't insist on starting the training!"

Speaking of which, ran-san, did I have something for you?

Thus saith the Virgin 1; And the runs shall again be "Oops."

"Yes, I almost forgot one more thing!

Give one item to each person who participates in the training!

You can choose whatever you like! "

There are three items presented.

"1 Silver Fork, 1 Match, 1 Bottle Lid."

"Silver Fork" is a cutlery used by the Holy Doll family and is a gem made of the finest silver.

If it turns out that the Holy Dolls used it, it would definitely cost less than 100,000 yen (ender).

"Match stick" is a match without any eccentricity.

It has not been used up and there is no dandruff.

The "bottle lid" was a bottle lid that looked like cheap liquor, and it was obvious garbage.

Many of the rookies who participated in this training chose the "Silver Fork."

In a very small number of them, the rookie who did the backreading chooses a "match stick".

As a matter of course, nobody took the "bottle lid".

Looking around at the athletes who had the items, they nodded, "Yeah."

"This is a 'graduation practice' for you newcomers to become wild dogs!

This internship is the culmination of the training I've received so far!

Don't forget 'The Basics of Business'!

Well, that was a start! Come on, it's scattered! "

Just like a wild dog, he was chased away with his hands, and the new clerks left the scene bewildered.

Behind it was added nasty words.

"Ah, you can do business anywhere in this slum town, but be careful in the back alley!

If you think there's nothing to be taken, it's a big mistake! "

For the sake of safety, the knights who serve the Holy Dolls are now walking around dressed as homeless.

To arbitrate and rescue new hires if they get into trouble.

Nevertheless, the newcomers have not been informed of the presence of an escort.

To make people aware that they are only naked.

"Onboarding" of a company is something that features that company.

It can be tough on the army, it can be as yummy as a student, or it can be unique enough to be light.

However, the final issue of the "Slam Dog Mart Onboarding" proposed by Run was a line of sight.

Stay in Slum City for 2 weeks and earn 100,000 yen (ender)....!

This seemingly reckless act, or even super-powerful behavior if you succeed...

What is the hidden intent behind it...!?