Run sends the rookies out of the square, then gets off the tar and starts preparing for the fire.

Primura and Reincarnation were just about to cook...

As the reincarnation approached the carriage loaded with ingredients, I found a small figure moving away from the solo solo.

"Oh? What's the matter with Midnight Sugar and Chesna and her vegetables?"

Run quickly.

"Oops! Don't try to steal the ingredients they brought!

I told you, I didn't steal it!

And Coolaka, what are you doing?Keep an eye out! "

Coolalaka was entirely lured out of Charles Lunlot, and he was obsessed with "○ × Games" away from the carriage.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

"I mean, Coolalaka! You're not watching, so show the rookie a good example!"

"What? I am the knight who serves the House of Holy Doll.Why do we have to let homeless people do business? "

"No, no, you're the head of Slam Dog Mart!

It should be easy enough to earn 100,000 yen!

Or what? You were born with that stupid power alone? "

"What!? I won a sales match with Gordo Wolf and became a store manager!

If you say so, I'll show you my sales skills!

Uooooooooooooooooooooo!! "

Primura's "Did you win?"is no longer in my ear.

Coolalaka picks up the stick that fell in the middle and runs to the back of the city with brave shouting.

A sudden appearance of a group of homeless people wearing wild dog skin.

They crawl through the city looking for merchandise and crowd the area.

The no-touch on the side of the street was blind and still distressed.

Whether or not to unseal the "forbidden chapter" with the absolutely successful commercial code in this slum...

"Ugugugu...! I hate it...! This is all I want to do...!

What's written in this is no longer business anymore!

Yes, dog bastard...! You can't fall into a dog's heart, the stupidest and ugliest business in the world...!

But... if I don't...! If you don't do it, you can't live...!

What do I do... what do I do!?Uhhhhhhhhhhh!! "

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

The final course of "Slam Dog Mart" onboarding, which started in a slum town.

The newcomers who were released on the spot were homeless because of their outfits, but their minds remained middle-class.

Still, looking for stories that might be commercially viable in an attempt to manage the challenge.

First of all, a lot of people did "waste collection."

There were mountains of illegal dumping from Seven Lux in the depths of the slum, so I wondered if there were any merchandise there.

Of course, the merchandise was there, but it was like a fishing ground for homeless people in their profession.

Create a group like a fisheries union and monopolize good garbage.

When strangers tried to steal some of their prey, they were driven away by a few forces.

Some rookies tried to enter the union, but it was more an employment than a business.

Besides, I had to make a low end without making money for a while, and with the two-week time limit, I couldn't even get my hands on it.

The next thing the newcomers noticed was "Iron scum collection."

It is about collecting the iron scum that is falling on the roadside and having it bought by the "iron scum shop".

Of course, there are rivals in this business.

These are street children who don't let you pick up garbage.

Since the new clerks were adults, they never lost to each other, but they were not rivals.

I was often exposed to the iron scum I found in front of me.

Even if I walked around the city with my legs as a stick, I would have gotten as much as 100 grams of iron scum a day.

By the way, iron scum can be bought for about 30 yen (ender) per kilogram.

In order to earn the target amount of 100,000 yen (ender), we must actually collect as much as 3.3 tons of iron scum.

Rather than a two-week limit, it will take time to get distracted.

Here, the rookies come up with the use of the item.

Yes, I tried to sell off the Silver Fork.

If you bring it to an antique shop in the city, 100,000 yen (ender) is a piece of crap.

Of course, there is no antique shop in the slum, so we have no choice but to bring it to the "Iron scum shop".

"Oh, isn't this silver?I don't get any silver around here. "

The new clerk who brought the fork to the words of the owner of the "Iron scum shop" was colorful

But what was told after that was a merciless word.

"With just this much silver, we can't crush it...

It's nice, it's like $1 (ender). "

That's an impossible way to buy...!

In the first place, the owner of the shop is also a person in the slum city, so I don't know the value of the product.

In addition, I think it's "picking up or stolen", so I look at my feet relentlessly.

Newcomers who chose the "Silver Fork" here realize.

"This item was a hook," he said...!

Silver cutlery is poisonous in nature, making it a necessity for royalty and nobility, who are afraid of poisoning their diet.

But the inhabitants of the slums cannot live without even eating the poison.

At some point, he can't even afford to eat with a cutlery, so all the knives and forks in the dump will be crushed.

This means that even forks as beautiful as works of art are just 'metals'.

'No matter how great it is, there is no point in supplying it where there is no demand.'

This fork was meant to teach you that...!