Newcomers who have chosen the item "Silver Fork" will follow Tobotobo and the "Iron scum shop".

Someone was aware of it.

The correct item was a "match."

Yes, the shopkeepers who chose "Match" have been observing the surroundings since they stepped into the slum.

That's where they discovered the fire was going to be a business.

There is a fire house in the city that lights fires and receives valuables from people who gather there in exchange.

In addition, when they saw the items presented by the runs, their thoughts were connected as lines.

Use "Matches" to start "Fire Shop"...

This is the "correct answer" to this training....!

But the reality wasn't that sweet.

Because this is Red Ocean as well as "waste collection" and "iron scum collection."

The fire houses appeared to be setting fire to each other unconventionally, taking care not to invade each other's nawabali.

If we start a new fire house in the meantime, we'll be interrupted in no time.

Sparks created by collecting burning garbage were also trampled out in an instant.

But you might want to make a fire somewhere else without staring.

But I couldn't do that.

Because I can't start a fire anymore....!

In normal life, you can rub the match if you want fire.

There are a lot of matches, and you can get them for free if you go to a tavern.

But in this slum town, even a single match is valuable.

You'll need to trade in a lot of scrap iron to get it other than by choosing it as your initial item.

Others tried to start a fire on their own, but newcomers who had no survival experience could not make a single smoke.

Yes, in addition to selecting items for this training, there is another point.

Whether you notice that or not is the biggest divide.

It doesn't work even if it's already a business....!

This is nothing but a slum town.

There are "entry barriers" to everything in business.

It can be an 'initial investment wall' or a 'competitor wall'.

There are many industries in the general public, so I don't even realize that there are walls.

However, because of the limited work that can be done in this slum city, those walls will stand on a large scale.

That's where we finally find out.

"Match" is "initial investment"....

Existing fire houses are "competitors that no longer have room to enter"....!

It's no use investing in what many people already do and starting the same way...!

Unless, of course, you can prepare "initial investment" for a huge amount.

It is common for Galiver companies to enter new industries and take their share with their capital and brand power.

But the rookies don't have that much power.

Then you have to think about a 'new business' without a competitor.

But it seemed impossible in a slum city where supplies and capital were not even in demand in the first place.

But that's why it's called for.

The conversion of ideas...!

It is impossible because there are few supplies that can be used as merchandise.

I can't because I don't have the original capital.

Because the area is poor, it is impossible without a business.

If you stop thinking like this, you can't be a leading merchant.

Now let's take a look at some of the challengers who have just gotten on track.

After all, it's either natural or natural, 'The Mandarin Knights'...!

They used to contribute to sales in their own way when Slam Dog Mart was opening stalls.

It's only natural or natural that they were the first to sell...

"Welcome! I'll give you this warm costume if you win this claw and swordsmanship match!"

"Wow! The fee is only 30 yen (ender)!

If you don't have any money, just one kilogram of iron scum is fine!

For an additional fee, you can use one of your flying gear! "

"If there's anything else worth it, bring it to me!

If possible, I'd love some delicious food ~!

Besides, I'd like someone who's not too rough! "

"I'm not here, I'm not here.This woman, actually, is a young lady.

'If you don't have bread, you can eat cake' is a habit.

This is my chance to get Bourgeois to blow a bubble. "

The only thing used in swordsmanship matches is the stick that fell in the corner, and the flying tool is stone.

Yes, they were doing business with zero originals...!

His name is also "Dueling Man"....!

It was exactly what they could do, no, it was the only business they could do.

In other words, it is like making your skill and body a commodity.

The rarity is worth it, but the customers have just begun to follow.

"If you beat your daughter, will you really get that warm costume?"

"Yes, but I don't want to rush with you.

Because being weak is not my hobby. "

"What, you fucking kid!?Don't complain even if you're stripped naked! "

The first customer took three coins out of his pocket and gave them to Midnight Sugar, who said, "Every time."

Instead, he receives the stick and confronts Charles Lunlot.

There were already many goat horses around.

Charles Lunlot, who put a stick on the waist of the dresser, invites him with a cameon.

"Especially as a handicap, I'll do it with only one hand and not the dominant one.

Come back anytime. "


The challenger carries the stick on his shoulder and slashes it with his barbaric voice.

A baseball bat-like swing hit Charles Lunlot's side of the head.

The girl was shrugging her shoulders while she was about to be cracked in the head.

Ha, now you can just use your feet.

The next moment, the silly face of the dress disappears and the stick is cut into the sky.

Booooooo! And a challenger swamming and staggering throughout his body.

He was trying to hold it with one leg, "Oops," but Charles Lunlot was crouching down and letting go of his feet.

... spaaaaaaaaaa!!

A challenger who turned his calf upside down and kicked it with a slight sound like cutting a bamboo with a stick.

"Wow!?" and a short scream hit the ground from behind.

I tried to get up, but there was already a notch at the tip of the nose that had been sworn out.

There was a match.