The Dueling Man's first job was a great success.

After dodging the Hatsuda, the Yajima horses were very boiling in a splendid counterattack.

Lan, a teacher, was watching from the square.

While roaring to set the standard,

"... uhhn, I wonder if the answer is ten points."

Primura next door agrees happily.

"I can't believe you've come up with such a thing, it's called the" Worm Knights. "

Suddenly, it's a good example for new staff..... "

"Stupid, it's not full. The full score is set at 100."

"What? Isn't the Duelist so good?"

"Oh, that's basically like a street show.

A short period of two weeks, like this one, may be an ant, but there are several weaknesses. "

"Is that a weakness...?"

"Oh, first of all, only Charles Lunlot can do it in there.

If he gets injured or ill, the store will be closed at that point.

Anyway, the Ichira costume toy is a prize, so I guess it will be a business if I'm not feeling well.

Stable income at that point in time is far from it.

A good business is to keep earning a steady income because you don't have to make a lot of money.

And it's about being able to keep selling without a specific person. "

"If you say so, yes."

"Besides, it takes time to pay for it, so there are only a limited number of people you can compete with in one day.

If the first strong guy comes and makes me fight, that's it.

The fact that the rotation rate is unreadable makes it difficult to set the daily norm. "

According to the runs, Primura is completely bumpy.

He nods back enthusiastically.

"And even when we're in orbit, it's a quick hit.

Because business expansion is difficult.

If you're going to increase the number of Dueling Shops, you're going to need someone who's good at swordsmanship.

Too many people need specific skills to be able to do so.

A good business is easy to expand, and it's something anyone can do with know-how. "

"Ho... ho!" Primura finally took a note.

"There's more, and this is the worst flaw."

"Eh, is there still something wrong?

Besides, what's the biggest drawback...? "

"Oh, that's... the customer is too limited.

First of all, it is not intimate with life from the theme of "Duels", and it is the scope of entertainment.

Entertainment is a big business, but those who want to do it will have themselves in their arms somewhat.

Women and children won't want to do it until they pay. "

"Nh... I see! That's right, Mr. Run!"

"No, this was all taught to me.

But if you're convinced here, you're a third-class businessman.

That "Dueling Man" had ten points, but that was the point at the moment.

If you arrange from there, 100 points... no, 200 points is not a dream, you can make it the best business. "

"Eh, is there such a great way!?"

"Oh, think about it yourself.The hint just rolled in. "

Run looks at the boulevard from the square as he says.

There was a coola running out of breath.

She swells the hair in her ears with the wind and her bright red nose and instead swells up to a newspaper wrapped around her body.

In that "disgraceful" appearance, Primura said, "Nmaa!?Re-incarnation pressed his mouth with his hand and said, "Oh my gosh."

When I got to the square, Coolalaka said, "Damn it!"and fell down and nodded with four feet.

"Coolaraka-san, what the hell is going on!?"

Coolalaka looks up at the rushing Primura.

Rather than a knight's honor, that face was a pathetic face as if she had abandoned her honor as a woman.

"Ugh, I found a 'Fuhahahahaho' casino all over the city!

It's my best gambling, so I thought the fastest 100,000 yen (ender) would not be a dream either...! "

"Fuhahahaho" is a game of dice that is passed on to "Pujet".

With two dice, casinos can be opened anywhere, so they thrive in slums and other areas.

"I succeeded in doubling up in Huchohua and even doubling it immediately afterwards, I succeeded in Humberabicho!

Even though it was accompanied by "humbeer cocktail" and "full ham chu line pillar"....!

Because my parents gave me † Inflammation †! "

"Hah, hah..."

Primura, who doesn't know much about gambling, said on her head: The mark was so crooked that it appeared.

There comes a rung that looks like it has burst.

"That's not what a gambling woman looks like."

"We were almost there!Hey, Run, can you help me?

I'll earn up to 100,000 yen (ender)... no, I'll earn up to 100,000 yen (ender)! "

But Run ignored it and told Primura.

"Hey kid, you got it?"

"... eh? Is that how Run said he could make the Dueling Man a better business?"

"Yes, the existence of Coolaka is no longer a hint."

But Primura just looked like her '?' mark had increased.

Run was smiling while paying attention to someone in "The Dueling Man."

"Looks like he already knows.

Maybe he was going after it from the beginning. "

"I'm not here, I'm not here.

If you are not confident in the sword's arm, you can bet how many seconds the challenger will have.

The Great Hole is not a victory for the Challenger.

Come on, come on, come on, come on. "