The Manwan Knights began to become "Dueliers" to earn 100,000 yen (enders).

This means you can challenge Charlotte for 30 yen (Ender) once, and if you win, you'll get a prize for the wild dog costume.

There is no more food in this cold slum city.

It was crowded with challengers just now.

Still, the amount you get at a time is 30 yen (ender) pouch.

Even if I purchased additional usage rights for stone, it was only 60 yen (ender).

In order to earn 100,000 yen (ender), you must play more than 3,000 matches.

If we do that in two weeks, we'll have more than 200 matches a day as a norm.

Charles Lunlot said, "That's how easy it is!"She was breathing.

She could really do it, but that's not the problem.

A girl called the "mind" of the "Worm Knights" was most aware of it.

"Probably ten games, and no visitors will come that day."


"There's no fool giving a new apple to a gorilla who grips an apple to pieces right in front of her.

If we can get rid of it, it's impossible for a gorilla to be so clever. "

"I see, the gorilla is a power idiot...What are you talking about? "

"That's why we need to have some fun points.

How many seconds does the gorilla take to crush the apple, so they can bet. "

"I see, the gambling element!

Then I can squeeze the money out of the people watching! "

Yes, an arrangement to score the Duelier out of 100 points and out of 200 points, which Run said was a 10-point business.

It's a

Being the boss of gambling....!

Initially, with the initial investments of "Charlenlotte" and "Warm Wearing Gourmet", only about 30 yen (ender) was made in one match.

But by adding a gambling element, you can meet more demand in the same game.

In short, this also equates to "standing on the side of manipulating the mechanism."

If we just make a mechanism, the money will come in even if we leave it alone...

It could be called the ultimate ideal in business.

The point of this business is to "attract many people with flashy performances" and "seduce happiness with luxurious prizes".

In modern times, "lottery" is a good example.

There is one person here who has just been caught.

"Okay, I'm going for the big hole!It's 3,000 yen (ender) for Charles Lunlot to be defeated in 10 seconds!I'll pay you when I get back! "

There were a lot of coins and junk in the Duels.

Like a magical sight, Primura rounds her eyes.

"Wow... you guys really like gambling..."

"That's right," Run answers.

"This time, the rule is' I can use any hand ', so this is also an ant.

The purpose of this training is to start a business from nothing and succeed.

It's just that this way of doing things is against my spirit.

He looks like he's doing everything to make money, but there's only one thing I hate.

Do you know what that is? "

"Yes, I understand.

"A business that makes customers unhappy."

In the same way, he never did, because inciting the euphoria would make the customer unhappy. "

"That's right, kid. You finally hit it.

Of course, the Slam Dog Mart also had products with lottery tickets, and at the end of the year, it was like "lucky if you win".

I didn't buy many of the same products that I didn't use, or pay enough to forget myself. "

The run looks around the square as it stretches.

"Well, it seems that the newcomers are doing a lot, but is there anyone who will win the" Oyaji is satisfied "," Atai is satisfied "and" Kids are satisfied "?"

"... is that it?"

Didn't I tell you?In this training, we will honor each of the best businessmen by choosing Oyaji, Atai and you. "

"That's what happened!?Oh no! Then I'll have to see what you're doing...! "

"Well, wait, the only one nominated for the prize is the one who earned more than 100,000 yen (ender).

Such an awesome guy rarely comes out.

You don't have to go out of your way to see it, but you can listen to the report at the mess. "

"That's right. But my uncle isn't here...?"

"Oh, then don't worry. Actually, I've been doing this training for a long time."

Primura was most shocked by this fact today.

"I... was that so!?I knew it was Mr. Lan's idea...! "

"Can you think of anything like this?

Training in this slum town has been in place since Oyaji was in Gorgeous Smart, and Atai was a rookie.

And there's only one answer I can call "the right answer."

"Well, the" right answer "business is called the" Uncle is satisfied "award."

"Yes, but to the best of Atai's knowledge, no one's ever done the right thing.

Well, it's harder to think of such an outrageous business. "

"Hmm... is this such a great business!?I'm really curious! "

"Well, don't panic, now in this slum town, only Atai knows about that (● ●) business.

I'll slowly reveal myself later. "

I don't know Run.

There is one more person in this city who knows "that (● ●) business".