Who is the first to reach 100,000 yen (ender) in Slam Dog Mart's onboarding training?

If so, all those who participated in this training will answer:

"The Worm Knights" and....!

The Knights consists of three elementary school students and one elementary school student.

Since all the new clerks are adults, it is not enough for just one person out of four.

However, the businesses started by children are distinguished from the adults who were trapped on the established route.

The "Dueling Man" with gambling elements grasped the hearts and minds of the people of the city, and alongside the "Fire Man", it was already like a city poem.

The stakes are in the tens of yen unit, not all of which go into your pocket, but you never lose.

Around the girls, there were a number of worthwhile scrap piles.

Leader Charles Lunlot breathes.

"Hey, at this rate, there's no doubt the Cavaliers will ride the 100,000 yen (ender) the best!"

It was beyond anyone's doubt.

But at this time, an unexpected ambush was starting to move.

It begins with a cooking area set up in the square.

An old man passes by on a foldable table next to a peeled vegetable reincarnation.

The old man was walking with a sheathed sword on his staff.

However, he had no sense of step, and since he was waving his wand, he had a gun on the table.

"What!? Nothing was supposed to be here until yesterday!?"

"Oh, my God, what's wrong with you?"

"Me... me? I don't know who you are, but how old are you?

As far as I can tell from my voice, it's still like a child..... "

"Eh? My mom is 17 years old...."

"I'm 97 years old, and I'm 80 years older, and I'm calling you..."

"Well, I guess my waist is tight.It's all right, it's all right ~ "

"Fuah!? My hips...!?"

"Ufufu, how's it going? It's a little rough, right?"

"Ah... ahh!? I can't believe the war wounded me and the doctors threw teaspoons at me...!

It's a miracle!? What the hell are you...!? "

"Who's Mom? Of course it's your mom."

... nickel...!

The moment she turned her shining mom's smile, the light fell into the old man's eyes.

"Oops...! Oops! Eyes...!I can't see my eyes forever....!

I can't believe you're seeing it again...!

Mmm... mom...! mom!! "

"Oh, my goodness, I'm a sweetheart. All right."

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Re-incarnation dropped off the old man and carved a large amount of skinned vegetables.

Then you hear anger in the alley across the street.

"That scum was the first we found!"

"Ugh! This is ours!"

"You're ruining our shima!I won't forgive you today! "

"That's my line!I don't care, kill them all! "

The moment two gorotsuki groups tried to crash with a rusty knife,

No way, Chuyo!

... bah...!

Re-incarnation broke in so that both hands could be opened and spilled through.

"What is it, Temee!?"

"If I disturb you, I'll kill you too!"

"Hehe, what a mess if you look at her carefully!"

"There's no milk either, it's so big...!"

"Oops! It's too late to run now!I'll make you so cute! "

My hand is reaching for reincarnation.

It was so dirty that even the tips of her nails wouldn't want to be touched if she were a virgin.

But not as sacred as she is.

... Gash!

Wrap your hands around them with white hands.

"Ufufu, why did you stop fighting?

Then, my mom will make you cute ~ "

... nickel...!

The moment they were pointed at Shining Mom Smile, the rattlesnakes slowly dropped the knife they were gripping.

"That's right, let's nibble about such dangerous things ~.

Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey "

"Oh... we've never been abandoned by our parents and caressed by our mothers!

I can't believe you're so happy to stroke your head...!

Mmm... mom...! mom!! "

"Oh dear, well, everybody's sweet ~ Okay."

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Re-incarnation to finish arbitrating Gorotsuki's fight and return to the outdoor kitchen.

I was trying to run away with the vegetables carved by the walnuts on a slightly distracted ski.

"Yahh, run!"

"Oh my god, we're all hungry.

But if you eat it raw, it's going to be pom pom pom tai tai tai ~ "

"Ugh! I don't care what we live for, but we have to eat it to live!"

"Oh, but if you eat the same, it would be better."

"Eh...? Well, yes..."

"Then put it in a pot.

I'm making a warm, delicious soup right now.

Let's eat together, huh? "

"Oh... even though you're like us, you're going to feed me...?"

"Of course, because we're all mom's children, right?"

... nickel...!

The moment they were pointed at Shining Mom Smile, the walnuts dropped the tight vegetables.

"Shit, I dropped it!"

I'll pick you up in a hurry, you walruses.

When I raised my face, there was a reincarnation waving up my hand.

"Snap, snap...!" The moment the children lay face down,

... fufu...!

And as gentle as a feather, his hand rested on his head.

"Ufufu, it's great to pick it up properly ~"

"Bu... you're not gonna bug me?

Our parents get a little fucked up..... "

"Nh, well, it's a bump, huh?

I will never forgive you for that!My mom's gonna mess with you! "

Re-incarnation is well cooked, and children show you where your parents are, "Meh!".

... while I was doing this, there were a lot of people gathered in the basketball kitchen where the linkernation was held.

Children, adults, and the elderly are all working together to help make soup.

The number of pots brought in exceeded 100, all with warm air.

Large-scale cooking is no longer a training meal.

And the slum-dwellers, all of whom had no choice but to take each other, were being supplied in a well-behaved manner.

Everyone worships reincarnation like a goddess and dedicates what they cherish despite their refusal.

Around the goddess in trouble, treasures in this slum are piled up like mountains.

The total amount already exceeded 10 million yen (ender).

"Oh, well, what do we do?My mom's just happy that everyone's going to be a good girl.... "