It was a 17-year-old mother with a dark hose who achieved the fastest target amount of 100,000 yen (ender) in the Slam Dog Mart rookie training.

In addition, the amount of 10 million yen (ender) is Dante's.

If this is an analogy to horse racing, the moment the start gate opens, it is equal to a goal with a difference of about 100 horseshoes.

Besides, it was accomplished by concealing the identity of the Holy Doll family's mother.

However, since existence itself was like a violation of the rules and reincarnation confidence was not interested in the race, there was no count of her achievements.

In that case, the first place in the current situation is the "Manwan Knights".

For the first time in the slum, the newcomers ate a simple but luxurious meal of bread and soup surrounded by the fire in the square.

Among them, Charles Lunlot couldn't stop his face.

"You made 20,000 yen a day today!

Tomorrow I'll give you a bigger bet and make you bet more money! "

"Odds are determined by the wager and the approval rate that they collect.

If you increase that, if you fail, you go bankrupt with a refund. "

"All you have to do is adjust how you win so that you don't get a high rating!

Let's start tomorrow! "

"It's no longer gambling to have the risk of bankruptcy on your torso every time you win.

It's a stupid death game. "

Run laughed bitterly at the interaction that seemed very unlikely to be elementary school students.

"You guys, let it go.I'm asking the guy in charge of this slum to train me.

If you do too much, they won't shut up. "

"What? You look great. You're not doing anything like that. It's always been a sight to see.

I wonder if you can do such a fine business by letting the athletes do it. "

Then a new clerk raised his hand.

"Yes! Can you help me set an example for Professor Run!?"

The other rookies also ride the butt horse.

"Yes! Doing business in Slum City is too difficult for us!"

"If you were instructor Lan, you wouldn't be able to think of any business for us!?

Let me see that! "

This is what they thought today alone.

There's no way we can start a new business in a slum like this.

And I thought if I let Run do the same, I could finish this rude training.

In a reckless retrospective from the students, the orchid filled the soup on the wooden plate.

"Puhaa, it doesn't matter.

If I hadn't heard the right answer, I would have done it anyway.

However, it's only a week before Atai does it.

Until then, let's think about things on our own, okay? "

"Really!? You're going to set an example in a week!?"

"And that's the 'right answer' in this training...

Even in a slum town like this, it's an amazing business that will always succeed!? "

"Oh, absolutely," Run nodded forcefully.

Next to it is a primula that pours a refill soup onto an empty plate.

Primura was worried and whispered in her ear.

"Is that okay? How dare you say that...If not.... "

"You're as worried as ever, it's okay.

I've never failed this business before. "

So Primura remembers her interaction with the daytime runs.

"Maybe that business....."

"Oh, that 'maybe', that's it.

I was actually going to keep it to myself until the end, but I guess I'll have to tell you this.

And this is for you, too. "

"Eh, my...?"

"That's right. You're stuck in Killyland's future strategy, aren't you?

I thought it might be a hint. "

"Slam Dog Mart" is currently engaged in a commercial war with its rival "Gorgeous Smart" in "Dog Leg Countries".

The result was two consecutive victories, but he was forced to struggle in the land of the final battle, the land of the Virgin "Kiriland".

The Holy Doll family is a celebrity of the Virgin, and the products that pushed the three sisters forward as image characters sell well.

However, only Primura related items are in stock without selling at all.

On the other hand, "Gorgeous Smart" is played by the young lady, Saint Fontine.

I was proud of the high sales due to the product development that pushed the new Saint's style of hybrid virgin forward.

It is also a matter of time before it is pressed out.

Primura is in charge of the entry of dog leg countries into Slam Dog Mart this time.

Primura wanted to be a goldwolf player in the pinch.

"Gankpuffle and Rondkraw have won Gorgeous Smart in the past under Primura's leadership.

If you're Primura, you'll surely be able to get over this. "

I was encouraged to take the lead.

Primura was completely boiled, but a runner who didn't see it invites her to the training.

"Hey, kid. I'm going to finish my new job.I need some chores, so can you hang out with me? "

It is brave to call the current chief executive as a miscellaneous attendant, but Primura doesn't care.

"Yes, of course. So, where...?"

"It's a slum town. You look so beautiful in that outfit, can you change into a worn robe?"

And I went out of my way to repair the robe all over the jaws, and when it seemed like it was kind of fun, I accompanied the reincarnation, and it still remains today.

And a week after the new recruit training in Slum City started.

It's finally time to announce Run's "right answer" business.