A week has passed since Slam Dog Mart's induction training began.

And finally, the day has come when instructor Run joins the fight.

On that day, all the rookies paused their training and gathered around the runs.

The rookies wandered the slums for the past week looking for merchandise.

Although we started some business, everything failed and no one was put on track.

That's why they were already convinced.

It's impossible to start a new business in this slum.

The instructor is also slapping his mouth, but soon he will know the reality.

And you will severely regret thinking of such a futile and meaningless training...!

The new clerks were totally exhausted, and some of them were slightly distracted.

They are entangled in the orchids as if they were goratsuki.

"Professor Lang, let's do it, 'A business that will definitely succeed'!"

"It's impossible, but what if you fail?"

"Yes, let's sit down in front of all of us!

'Cause we had to do something we couldn't even do! "

Run chuckled.

"Fine. I'll do anything from the ground to the back."

The rookies thought, "It's not too late to laugh."

But they do not realize that their eyes are as calm as the mother wolf, who sees the wolf by birth.

--It's as if it was just like that (● ●) time of year.

Atai was like this... no, it was getting even worse.

Behind the closed eyelids of the orchid were the two of the sun rising.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

"Osan, aren't you stupid!? How can I do business in a slum town!"

"Why do you think so?"

"I grew up in a different city!

That's why I know more about slums than I know about Osan!

I made a fortune in the slums!

It's about taking it away from whoever has it!

Yes, this place is like hell!

There's no way we can do business in hell! "

"I don't think so.Even if this is the real hell, we can do business.

Don't you see any products flooding around Lan? "

"Merchandise!? What is that!?

If you say so, try doing business!

If you fail, it's not for free!I'll beat you till you stop standing on your feet! "

"Okay, let me show you an example."

Instead, if the business here is on track, can you promise me?

Stop stealing and work hard with gorgeous smarts. "

"Ah, that's good! It's impossible, anyway!

Besides, I couldn't have made Atai a clerk!

When this is over, Osan, I'll strip you of Teme's body first, so be prepared! "

This was when Run was young, but he didn't know yet.

"Osan Magic."

It didn't take long for Run's eyes to open in surprise for Osan's business.

"Uhh... you're kidding...!?

I can't believe it's just ○ ○ ○ (pea) selling like a flying...! "

"Is that clear?You can do business anywhere.

Even in a place called hell. "

It was an unprecedented shock for Run.

After all, the sights surrounding Osan since he started doing business were too far away from what he knew as "Hell."

At this time, Run thinks.

--Ko... this osan, ahhh...!I'm so fucked up...!

This osan, even if he was against the demon of Hell...

I can 'do business'....!

At that moment, the runs were throwing five bodies on the ground.

"Oh... oh, no, no! Atai was wrong!

Oyaji's business is magical!I mean, this rough city...! "

"Raise your face, Mr. Run.What I'm doing isn't magic.

This is a very normal human connection. "

"The connection between people...?"

"Yes, if there's anything you want, it's what the beast does.

But humans have other means.

Instead of receiving what you want, you pay for it....

This is a people-to-people connection that only people can make.

If you don't forget that, you can do business anywhere. "

"Oh... oh, my God! As promised, Atai is gorgeous, smart and serious!

That's why you're telling this athlete "Business"!

My real "business"....! "

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Professor Lan, Professor Lan!

The new clerks called, and Run returned to me haha.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I was a little bumpy."

"Please hold on!What the hell were you thinking!? "

"It's up to you to make a fortune!

Because you slapped us with such a big mouth! "

"That's right, 100,000 yen (ender) won't be long!"

"Or think about what to say when you fail!"

"It's time to show me the real 'business' one!"

"Now, what exactly are you going to start?"

"Ah, I'm telling you, I don't want to be a fighter."

Because I already have the same one! "

"There's no way the great Lang teacher can do Pacli!

Because you slapped us with such a big mouth! "

"Don't put on what you want, just tell me what to sell!"

A young newcomer with a familiar tone poking his elbow at a small run.

Run took something out of his pocket.

"Sell this."

Your gaze is focused on that hand.

At the next moment, the consternation that the heavens and the earth turned upside down erupted from the surroundings.

"Nh... iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!?!?"