The "merchandise" in Run's hands was unexpected and unexpected.

But this slum is more common than garbage.

The same thing that is actually in the palm of the orchid is rolling at my feet.

You'll see.

It's a stone...!

Yes, Run said 'Sell the Stone' and so on...!

I rounded my eyes to Primla and Reincarnation.

"I... can't believe you're selling stones...!?

Is that stone a special stone!? "

Primura's words were echoed by the newcomers.

"Maybe it's a Talisman rock!?"

"That's not good! Let us choose between forks and matches and other useless things!"

"It's only natural that Talismans should sell raw stones!"

The run does not move even when questioned.

Rather give back an unbelievable smile.

"Shit. This stone was just picked up here.

I don't have any balls or tricks, it's "ordinary stone."

"Well, if that's the case, you can't sell it!"

"Are you going to cheat and sell Talisman rocks?"

"That sucks! No, I don't want to deceive you when you explain the first rule...!"

"Oh, come on, you're in a hurry.

There's no way you can sell it if you keep it that way, so do a little 'work'.Well, look at that. "

Run says so and takes out one more match.

"Let me use this match."

Since it was a formal rule, there was no objection.

Run will have selected "Match" in the initial item.

She picked up the ancient newspapers and others that were falling in the direction and set them on fire.

Then the newcomers hear a sigh of disappointment.

"What is it, a 'fire house'?"

"I can't believe it's a fire house with such a big mouth..."

I don't think Professor Lang knows that the fire house won't be built.

"Look, I've been caught in the eye of a firehouse around here."

"Look, they'll erase us as soon as we get the guests."

But the runs were like falling doorplates, so that they could not see the fire from the surroundings.

This was an appeal to the surroundings that "I am not a fireman."

In the enclosure, which is invisible from the surroundings, the runs are running.

"What is Professor Run doing?That way, nobody gets caught on fire, and it's not a business.... "

After a while, Run stood up with a sock and clapped his hands and shouted at the people on the street.

"Come on, come and see, it's a rare fire in the world, it's a 'portable fire'!

One thing will keep the cold down for a long time!Come on, I bought it! "

What are you talking about?

"Maybe you're trying to sell lit garbage?"

"No, it will burn out in no time!"

And I was just calling out to Run to see if a man who didn't want to go by was attracted to him.

"Hey sister, it's funny that you can carry a fire! How much is one?"

"Yes, it's 30 yen (ender) for the price of the service now!Of course, one kilo of iron scum is fine! "

"All right, give me a hand! However, I won't understand if it's terrible!"

"It's okay, Grandma! I can't let go of it when I use it! Come on!"

What Lan was handing to his first client was something that was wrapped up in an old newspaper.

As soon as they got it, they said, "Whoa!?"She shouted in surprise.

"There was this one!?Rather hot! What a fire you can carry! "

"Am I right? Besides, it'll last a while!"

"Hee, what's in it?"

"I'm looking forward to seeing it!

However, if you take it out of the package right now, it will burn you, so if you want to look inside, let it cool down! "

"Ahh, it really happened....!It's as if spring has arrived as soon as possible...! "

The first guest starts walking down the street with a honest face.

The happy face was the best promotion, and the people who were concerned came in front of the runs.

"Sister! Give me that 'portable fire' too!"

Me too!

"I'm asking you two! If you're going to hold it for a while, you're going to have to make your hips worse and take it to your bedridden mother!"

"This is five! It looks just right for kids' souvenirs!"

And when they handed over the package, they looked stunned.

"Ha... hafuu...! Ah, there it is....!"

"Really...! I'm really carrying a fire...!"

"Besides, unlike a fire, it's easy to move, so don't put it anywhere on your body...!"

"Yes, you noticed a good place!

If you have a bad mom, you can put her on your hips!

The "portable fire" is also good for abdominal and back pain! "

"Wow, does it work against disease!?"

"I can't get any medicine, it's the best thing in town!"

"This guy did a good job, thanks, sister!"

Rumors call for rumors, and even though Run's shop has just opened, the queue begins.

The rookies were watching Pokhane for the big day.

"Ugh, you're kidding...?"

"It's been less than an hour since I started the store...."

"What exactly is Professor Run selling...?"

Then the runs invited me.

"Hey, guys! I'm not bothering you, I need your help in the queue!"

"Ha, ha, Professor Run!"

The rookies gather around the runs.

Above all, I wondered what they were selling.

And finally, the contents of the mysterious old newspaper are revealed.

I knew it was just from anywhere.

"Nh... iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!?!?"