Run says that he sells stones without any unnatural philosophy.

Everyone thought that she had gone mad at the remark.

Run shows off his "work" to sell stones.

It is the act of heating stones with fire.

Yes, she made chrysotile...!

Primla and Reincarnation also rounded their eyes.

"I... I didn't know that burning stones would make me so warm...!"

Run returns the wink.

"I hope this kid... no, he doesn't even know who lives normally!

A fireplace in every house is the norm!

And even adventurers who go to the cold!

Speaking of cold protection now, it's either a "Spirit Stone of Flame" or a "Spirit Resistant!"

And then I put out my tongue like a prank.

"Well, I didn't even know you grew up in a slum!"

Like Reincarnation remembered something, he slapped his hand.

"Speaking of which, I've seen similar things in the eastern countries.

I'm going to bake the leprechauns with a stone. "

"That's right, it's a chrysotile stone, it's coming from Shibukami in the east!

How about this, this isn't a fire house, it's a new business!? "

All the new clerks were in cultural shock at the "new business".

"Su, wow...! How dare you sell burnt stones...!"

"I didn't even think of that!"

"There are as many stones around, and there's only one match for 'Initial Investments'!"

"So... that's Professor Run! Ohh... I've done my best...!"

"So don't bother me, help me!We're getting more and more queues! "

The "Portable Fire House" and "Temperate Stone House" are more prosperous than the "Dueling House" of the "Manwan Knights".

Because how to warm up in this coldest slum city is above all important to survive.

Unlike gambling and other hobbies, this is a necessity that is intimate to life.

The thickness of the customer is different because it is something that men, women, children and the elderly need.

I don't make a lot of money at once, but I can certainly expect a constant demand every day.

A bigger advantage is that unlike the Dueling Man, no special skills are required.

Anyone can do it if they just heat the stone and wrap it in the newspaper.

It's easy to gather talent for business expansion.

However, there are two weaknesses in this regard.

The first is that consumers can make their own.

Anyone can make a fire and stone, so if you care, you don't have to pay for it.

However, chrysotile stones are unexpectedly time consuming to make.

It is a balance between paying money to save trouble or spending time to save money.

In order for many consumers to choose the former, prices are what they say.

Make them think, "Maybe I should buy it at this price."

Another weakness is the low barriers to entry.

There are already plenty of "Fire Shops" in the slum, so all they need is stones to start the "Temperate Stone Shop."

This weakness has just been surfaced.

All over the city, the "Fire House" started the "Temperate Stone House".

The newcomers panicked when a competitor appeared as a general election.

"Oh, my God, Professor Run! There's a" temperate stone shop "over there!"

"Besides, the price seems to be much cheaper than ours, and they're taking customers!"

"Hurry up, we'll cut the price as well...!"

But that's what happened when Gordo Wolf taught Run.

Run drinks them much harder than the old goldwolf.

"Idiot! What have you learned in training?

I told you, no cheap price competition!

When a competitor appears, tell them what to think first! "

"Um, well, that's... Differentiate with services....."

"Yes, there's nothing good about cheap price competition!

Keep the price intact and grab the customer's heart with the service! "

"Eh, but how do you differentiate yourself by just selling burnt stones...?

It's not like that! "

"Don't make me say that again and again!

You couldn't have done business in a slum town!

But this is how Atai started a new business!

It would be much easier to think about a new service! "

"That's right... if you say so!Hey, guys, think of a new service! "

Finally, the faces of the new clerks changed.

It was still fresh, but it certainly was dwelling.

Gordo Wolf inherited it from the runs like a baton and handed it over to them by the runs....

That's right...!

"Slam Dog Spirits"...!

From there, it was as smooth as a river that flowed freely.

"Yes, why don't you bring me a finished stone and buy a new chrysotile for a discount!?"

"Very well! If you bring me ten new stones, I'll give you half my chrysotile!"

"As a service to children, it may be good to draw an illustration of" Gold Kun "on the stone!"

"Writing fortunes on wrappers sounds interesting!"

New services are launched one after the other, and they fly a smash hit.

In addition, they realized the best weapon they had.

That means you're a 'professional' as well...!