This time, the new clerks who were going to be assigned to the "Slam Dog Mart" stores were conducting training in Slam City.

And when it comes to rookies, they've already finished their in-store training.

The quality of customer service enhanced by Gordo Wolf's manuals is not comparable to the "temperate stone shop" managed by other amateurs.

The new clerks just showed off their "Wild Dog Spirits".

If a child drops or destroys the tempestone they sell, exchange it for a new one for free.

We also provided chrysotile courier services to elderly people who could not move without sleeping.

Instead of burning the collected stones as-is, the distorted stones are cut and shaped, and consideration is given to safety, portability, and ease.

And he made a hole in the middle of the stone, and when he baked it, he threw it through a thin iron rod, and threw it into the fire like a barbecue meat.

This way, you can retrieve the baked stone at once by simply pulling it up with the edges of an iron bar.

New hires not only improved customer satisfaction but also lowered costs thanks to "creative ingenuity."

Having come this far, winning or losing is no longer a thing of the past.

Like the bamboo shoot after the rain, the "temperate stone shop" started chasing after them.

Since they were amateurs in business, they could only come up with a price competition.

However, the run's "chrysotile shop" is price-neutral and thoroughly serviced.

It was at first that they were robbed of their customers because of the understandable attraction of price, but when they realized that they were all back on the run.

The runs move from here to further offensives.

New shopkeepers were hired in the form of "employment", and the "chrysotile shop" chain was expanded to various parts of the slum.

By deploying the same service in all the chains, the position of the "chrysotile shop" in the slum city shall be fixed.

Normally, the "back society" in the slum city is not silent if it turns out to be so flashy.

However, this time it was a rookie training, so Lan was talking to the original owners of the "back society".

In other words, this business comes with the inscription of "back society" no matter what you do.

Run finally crushed all the "Fire Shop" side jobs and rose to become the biggest manager in Slum City front society.

Just one match and a stone...!

Run's "tempestone shop" chain has the momentum of approaching the "Duelier" of the Manwan Knights, which is the tentative number one in sales.

It was a few days before the training was over, but it was a delicate line for the Cavaliers to escape.

The impatient Charles Lunlot gathers his team for an emergency meeting.

"Hey! The Run Stone Shop is about to catch up with you!

If this happens, I'll multiply the wager even more...! "

"That doesn't make any sense anymore.Raising more odds won't increase your stakes. "

"Then what should I do!?"

"Why don't you bake the pigeon?"

What's that?

"I've heard from Reincarnation, but it seems that there is a" stone-roasted Imo "in the eastern country...

It seems to be sweeter, more flavorful and more delicious than steaming. "

"Wow! If Big Gummy says so, it must be delicious!"

"That's all you want to eat!

And I'm covered in stone! "

"When this happens, it's a last resort."

"What, you got a hand like that?"

"If this happens, get the goddess involved."

"Goddess? Is that about reincarnation?"

"No, that's past the monster.Lower your rank one more time. "

"Rank one...? Does that mean Primura?"

"Yes. Primura is not in a neutral position at the moment.

What I'm talking about on the cards is a white card with nothing on it.

If you pull it in here, there's still a chance. "

"Okay, so, how are you going to pull it in?"

"You lure me into the swamp."

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Primura participated as a miscellaneous attendant in this induction.

Its role is mainly to prepare meals and rescue injured participants.

I was cooking with Reincarnation today, but there's a girl coming.

"Wow, Megumi!I want you to do it! "

"Ah, Chesna, yes, I just finished preparing my meal.

Would you like to play with your favorite Chesna? "

"Wow, there's more fun to play with than that!"

Chesna pulls Primura's hand like a dog in a hurry for a walk.

He was taken to the "Duelier" on the outskirts of the square.

There are already a lot of people, and there are a lot of calls about whether the game is being played inside.

Even if she stretched out, she couldn't see the game, but Chesna split the crowd and went inside.

Then, in the front row of the guest seat, there was a sofa that I picked up.

There is a sign saying "VIP seat".

"Megumi, sit here!"

Primura sitting on the sofa without knowing what she was doing.

Soon, a glass of parsley dressed in a Bunny Girl costume arrived from above the costume.

"Ah, ahhhn, you must be a famous gambler."

Glasspaleen sat next to Primla with a nasty little play and presented the paper.

It shows the pattern of the results of the swordsmanship match that will be played and the refund multiplier.

So Primura finally figured out the content of "play".

"Um, I'm sorry, I'm not gambling...."

"Don't say that, I'll do it!I'm sure it's fun! "

"Yes, that's right.There's no such thing as an uncomfortable woman ~ "

Guigui Coming Dog Daughter and Giant Rabbit Daughter.

They don't let go of Primura's arms like they sell paintings.

Primura couldn't help but decide to go out with her.

"Well then, this, Gold, says," Recommended!I think you're saying, "

This menu was created by Midnight Sugar, but one item was recommended by Gold.

I'm sure Primura will bet on this.

Primura chose a big hole in a big hole that has never produced results before...

It was "Charles Lunlot Defeated"....!