The "Dueling Man" operated by the Manwan Knights has the following rules:

Charles Lunlot and the participants play one-on-one swordsmanship matches to decide whether to win or lose.

Participants need to pay 30 yen (ender) to participate, but if they win, they will receive 30,000 yen (ender).

The original prize was the dog's costume worn by Charles Lunlot.

However, since the winnings were expected to attract more customers, this is now the case.

And the audience can bet on winning or losing results.

It's not just two items: 'Charlotte wins' and 'Participant wins'.

"How many seconds will Charlotte win?" and "What are Charlotte's Deciding Moves?"

Basically, it was a "double formula", but there was only one item of "single formula", which was "Charles Lunlot's defeat".

Why this shape is taken is because Charles Lunlot has never lost since this "Duelier" started.

No one on the side who can't lose votes for the time to lose or the way to lose.

Simply speaking, only one point of "defeat" was on the Charlenlotte side, which was treated as a super large hole.

The high rate of reimbursement led many to dream of grabbing thousands of dollars and destroying their lost possessions.

But no matter how much I prayed to God, the hole would not be in the middle.

Even the Goddess of Destiny was strong enough to face you.

It was no longer enough to make people say, "The gambler is stupid."

Midnight Sugar looks at it and comes up with the idea of luring Primura in.

"No matter how many Virgin Goddesses are called reborn, gambling can be a huge thing.

And Primura must have brought in a lot of treasures. "

In this induction training, it was forbidden to bring personal belongings or cash.

However, among the members, Reincarnation and Primla are not participants.

For this reason, they manage carriages loaded with supplies, such as food and medicine.

Midnight Sugar's eyes were on the Treasure.

"If we roll it all up, the number one seller in Dueling will be unshakeable.

But it's about Primura, so I guess I'll just have to bet a little at first.

But if you get upset, you're going to have to keep pushing twice as hard to get it back. "

Yes, the "last resort" taken by the "Manwan Knights" to beat the "Hot Stone Shop"....

Inviting Primura into a swamp named Gambling.

Once you get stuck, you'll never get out, deep, deep swamp...!

Even though she was as beautiful as a swan, it was a bottomless swamp that would sweep like an ugly duck child and get dirty...!

The unclean Virgin did not notice such a trap and stepped into the swamp like a swan bathing in the water.

Pinch the coin with a birch-like finger from Gold's clam.

Well then, I'll bet you 10 yen (Ender) on "Recommended".

Primura drops Charlene and coins in an empty can Chesna offers and receives a tag.

Midnight Sugar, who was watching it from afar, loosened his mouth slightly.

"I'm fucked....!"

At the "Dueling" venue, there was a board showing the approximate turnout, but the audience screamed as soon as the "Charles Lunlot Defeat" was tagged with a "1".

"Hey, somebody bet on the 'Big Hole'!"

"Some idiots are stupid, and it's impossible for Charlotte to lose."

"That's right, no big man can get his hands and feet on Charlotte!"

"I bet you're the Virgin sitting on that couch."

"Well, that's possible! That girl, she's never felt like a bacon before!"

"You can stop, but if you lose, you'll be thrilled!"

"Ahhh, is such a pure child going to fall for a bacon....."

Charlotte had already earned the trust of the Kensei class in this slum city.

The recognition that she could not lose, even if the heavens and the earth were turned over, was established as common sense.

But I don't know anyone here.

Even the person who will cause it from now on.

The women who were born in Holy Doll have it.

A "wet hand" that gathers things you can't see without knowing.

It's like dragging a lot of stringed magnets and collecting sand and iron...

They attract naturally.

"Lucky (Soft Rack)"....!

Well, let's get this game started!

As soon as Primura's bet is over, the game begins.

Charles Lunlot's opponent was a big man with pillars as his weapon.

The big guy starts shooting a swinging blow early, but Charles Lunlot crouches and dodges.

It is a golden pattern that can also be called the "equation of victory" for her.

Stay in front and settle with a fierce blow.

It was supposed to be, but for some reason, there was a wild dog in the front row of the audience today.

The wild dog kicks the banana skin with his back foot when he leaves.

That's because Charles Lunlot stepped right under his foot...


The undefeated Girl Knight painted a stunning circle in the air, like a penguin gliding on running ice.