Charles Lunlot performed a stunning banana fall in the duel.

I fell from my head in a position like the March Moon...

... Ghhhhhhhhhhh!!

It sounded as if a stone had hit hard.

"So, are you okay!? Charlenlotte-san!?"

Primura rises reflectively from the sofa and returns to Charles Lunlot.

I picked her up when she fell down in large letters.

Thanks to the cushioning of the costume, the body is not important.

But I had brain convulsions, and my eyes were gluffing and fainting.

Suddenly, the duel is completely quiet.

Oh, I heard this voice.

"Oh... it's over, huh..."

Suddenly, consternation erupts.


Suddenly Primura shouted.

There are countless hassle tickets dancing around like a petal storm.

Everyone in the audience is Sutten because of the madness of the "defeat of Charlotte".

However, all of his faces were flushing as if he had seen a moment in his life.

"Awesome, awesome!"

"That Charles Lunlot lost for the first time!"

"I can't believe we're losing like that!"

"A miracle! A miracle of God!"

"Someone was betting on Charlotte's defeat!"

"Awesome! I'm sure he's got the Goddess of Victory on him!"

"Looks like the Virgin over there made a bet!"

"S... awesome!

The Goddess of Victory is not here!She was the goddess of victory! "

"Hah... hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!"

The crowd believed Primura to be the goddess of victory and fell down.

She was sitting in the middle of the vortex, just in the middle of the duel.

Kyoton's face with his knee resting on Charles Lunlot.

"Ah... um... what the hell happened...?"

And I'm curious about the refund multiplier.

100 million times...!

It was a completely elementary school student's thought odds.

Either way, Primura was betting $10 (Ender).

1 billion yen (ender) profit...!

In the ranking of earners, the 10 million yen (ender) of reincarnation is lightly slashed.

On the contrary, in this slum city, I became one of the billionaires.

This is no longer about the American Dream.

However, the "Manwan Knights" did not have as much as 1 billion yen (ender) in funding, and it was completely irrelevant.

When Charles Lunlot regained consciousness, the Duelier was already bankrupt.

From there, it is the beginning of the inner ring turtle.

"Number two! This is not what happened because you wanted to get Primura involved!"

"Nh, that's not true.I was fine until I got involved.

A banana-slipped gorilla ruined everything. "

"What the fuck!? It would be work on Nos. 3 and 4 to keep the duel free of excess!

Don't even put banana peels in wild dogs, what the hell were you doing!? "

"Wow! As per the plan, I used to" fuck you up "!"

"Uhh, I don't really know, but I'm sorry, come on!"

"I mean, why are you such an idiot!? If you bet $1 (Ender), it's not over!

Who the hell thinks...! "

And Charlotte realized that the crew were all pointing at themselves.

"Whoa... whoa! Otherwise, nobody would have bet on a hole!

Don't look at me like that!Ugaaaaaaaaaaa!! "

Girls rubbing against each other like kittens.

Run looked stunned at the state.

"Oh my God, what I said was true.

Iron Fields don't make a lot of sense. "

The Primura next door said, "Tekkaba?" Ask.

"Gambling grounds. Even a place where money is exchanged is prone to problems.

Gambling in particular is not always about the satisfaction you get with the money you pay.

Some people make a lot of money and get happy, while others get unhappy when they get their ass haired.

That's why everyone at the gambling field is so cool.It's like a powder magazine.

If you suck at it a little bit, it's Dokan like that! "

"Um, maybe I shouldn't have joined? Then...."

"No, it's not the kids' fault.And it would have been a good medicine for them. "

Run played the lid of the bottle that he was playing with his fingers high as a coin.

I noticed there was a Primula who saw it.

"Speaking of which, why was the lid on your bottle in the item?

With common sense, I don't think anyone will choose....? "

"Oh, I see. But I thought maybe there was someone I knew.

The fact that no one chose this year means that all the newcomers this year have a baby and a daughter. "

"What does that mean...?"

"This lid is a kind of currency circulating behind the slums.

If you take it to the black market behind the alley, you can use it as a coin for 10,000 yen (ender).

10,000 in a slum would be too much for the initial cost of the business. "

Run catches the fallen lid in the air.

I flew a flirtatious wink at the Primura.

"He's a 'back clam'."