Finally, it was the final day of the Slam Dog Mart onboarding.

Except for the cheats of the Virgin Sisters, the result is that Run's "Temperate Stone Shop" finishes with the top grades.

The Temperate Stone Shop, which flourished in the slums, is inherited by the local Fire Shop.

The money raised by the Dueling Man was fully refunded.

All donations received by Reincarnation are donated to local orphanages.

The cathedral lord in Slam City was surprised at the large donation, but the gray Virgins knew the Holy Doll sisters and were fainting by blowing bubbles.

As a token of gratitude to the people of the slums for their cooperation in the training, I gave them the "Gold Kunkirui Set" costume.

It was so warm as to be worn that all men and women wore it, and the whole city was covered in gold.

Incidentally, there are various gifts in the pocket of the costume.

Full of food and sweets, books and toys, free tickets to Slam Dog Grand, job flyers at Slam Dog Mart, and more.

Finally, a closing ceremony will be held in the square.

The rookies lined up and lowered their heads towards the run.

"Professor Lang, thank you so much for setting a great example!"

"What is it? You guys, change."

"Instructor Run's training was amazing, but this last day's training was an irreplaceable experience!"

"I don't feel bad if you say so, but that's it?"

"Yes, look! The faces of the people walking around the city!"

Even though the cold sky was still spreading today, there were many people walking around the square.

Its face is uniformly calm and full of happiness.

"Chrysotile stones are really useful, because you can walk on cold days like this."

"Ah, with chrysotile stones, my body would be so mellow on such a cold day"

"My grandmother has been lying on her back for a long time, but thanks to chrysotile stones, her hips have improved.

I pick up garbage every day now. "

"Thanks to chrysotile stones, my Ji-san started working again."

The people walking saw the face of the slum dog mart in the square and waved at me with a smile.

Thank you, Hot Stone Shop!

"Thanks to them, this city, which was shaking with the cold, is full of life!"

"Look, everybody's smiling!"

Everyone on the road was worn out, but a blooming smile.

Around the square, it was a flower field with a smile.

The rookies bow their heads to the people of the city and turn back to the run.

"Mr. Lang, at first I thought we would never be able to do a new business in Slum City!"

"But ran-san started a new business and put everything on track....!"

"That's not all, people in this city have accepted me and made me smile so much!"

"I thought! I want to make people happy in business like this!"

"That's how Lan wanted to teach us!"

"Mr. Lang, I didn't say anything cheerful at first!And thank you so much! "

The rookies tried to lower their heads to the run, but the run kept pushing it.

"Ah, wait, that gratitude and respect is too great for Atai.

Will you give Atai about a hundredth and turn the rest toward me? "

"Oyaji? That means President Gordwolf, right?"

"Ah, the truth is, this rookie training and the correct answer from the chrysanthemum store are all for sale from Oyaji.

Atai just arranged it a little bit. "

"Eh, was that what President Gordwolf thought!?"

"It doesn't seem like someone would come up with such a thing...!?"

Run looked at Primura and smiled.

"Well, when I saw that kowamote, I thought so at first.

But from now on, it's time to realize the awesomeness of the wolf. "

... bah! A run with your fingers pointing towards the gray sky, holding your ambition.

"To Atai, who once did this training, Oyaji said:

'Humans are equal customers in merchants.'

You said you wouldn't do business with homeless people at first, right?

That's what I think because I look down on homelessness.

But for the athletes and Slam Dog Mart, it's the same Customer!

And do your best to make that customer smile!

That's the Slam Dog Mart clerk!

This training was designed to infuse the Slam Dog Spirits!

You can do business anywhere now!

A wild dog can live anywhere!

I'm bored. Drop the pride!

That way, you can live anywhere!

From now on, you may end up in unimaginable troubles in your lives!

But no matter how hard it is, Slam Dog Spirits can do it again and again!

I will not lose my dignity as a human being, nor will I lose my way...

On the contrary, we can make everyone smile!

When he fell, he was hesitant to say that he was homeless because he was in a slum town...

It's the only way to freeze to death in the alley! "

... I wonder if she noticed.

There are wild dogs in a little alley on the street a little away from the square.

There are those who are about to leave the world, rounded up like a failed reborn foetus.

Next to him is a book in the cold wind.

A parallax and a page appeared, and the last chapter remained glued.

It had dried blood on it, and it said, "I am a brave man."