One brave man survived his bravery to the end.

At the very least, I thought it was a dignified death.

But after that death, it was too remnantless.

No one was saddened and the waste was disposed of as well.

It is too ironic to end up like a wild dog as a result of refusing to be one.

And at the same time, another brave man wandered another slum city.

"I've lost everything... my money, my honor, my status as a brave man..."

Yes, it's Banglapsy.

He could not destroy the castle of Slam Dog Mart, even though he used the "Last Hand", which bet on everything he had.

After diving through the windows of Seven Lux's ward, the chimpanzees in the back alley, just like No-touch, peeled off and the house was under seizure.

Wrap a newspaper around a traumatized body and walk around the city in a cold breeze.

As far as the end of the line is concerned, it is almost the same as no touch.

But there was only one decisive difference.

It's the light of my eyes...!

"I've lost everything...But there's only one left...

My "crusher" soul...! "

Starving wild dog eyes glitter.

"I'm gonna get up again...!

I've been through so many Shura Arenas so far...!

No matter what painful situation you're in, you can start over as many times as you want with the Crusher Spirits...! "

The proclamation was splendid, but it was Pakri as the word of Lan, or the word of Gordwolf.

When he picks up the stone at his feet, he laughs as if he were stripping his teeth.

"I guess I'll have to cum, 'last resort', the one I kept...."

I didn't think it was time to do this again.... "

Bankrapsey sets fire to a corner of the slum and brings the stones he picks up.

"Come on, welcome! It's a 'portable fire'!

It's only 30 yen (ender)! "

What a bunch of bunkrapsies, the "Temperate Stone Shop" has begun...!

I dyed my hands for nothing in a business that my old opponent refused to do at the expense of my life...!

And naturally, the "Temperate Stone Shop" flies a smash hit.

The sales are, of course, not far from his heyday, but it will be a lucrative earner to live here.

It's been a long time since I've heard a laugh from his face.

"Uh-huh! I can't believe I could make so much money with just the stones I picked up!

I'm a business genius after all!At this rate, do you think you'll get this slum town? "

But as a matter of course, competitors will emerge.

Those who used to work in the Fire House also began to deal with chrysotile stones.

In the case of Slam Dawgmart's onboarding, if a competitor appeared, it would have competed with the service.....

Banglapsy was different.

"Don't you know I'm a crusher?

It's been a long time since I've been doing this business on purpose!

Well, let's crush it with "serious" for the first time in a long time! Uhhhhhhhh! "

Banglapsy, who was a crusher, used every hand to drive his personal shop out of business.

But if you're serious, that's not all.

Instead of making it impossible to do business on the land, we have to push them until they can't do business again.

Gorgeous Smart is a global store, so it's easy to find your target wherever you go.

Banglapsy followed him to his destination and persisted in harassment.

And finally, keep your neck shut and take all your land and household belongings.

And it completely crushes your heart.

If the target has a wife or child, they are forced to sell as slaves and even take away their families.

Banglapsy says to a target who holds an album that has become his only possession and crys for forgiveness.

"Uhhhhhhhh! If you sell me that album, I'll have to forgive you!"

Finally, he buys something packed with family memories that was more of a target's last mind.

The final finish is to burn it in front of the target and turn it into ash.

"What you've cherished is gone now!

Births, further education, love, marriage, family, business, and memories, it's all pa!

Now you have no idea what you were born for!

Nnnnnnnnnn, uhhhhhhhh! "

Target reactions at that moment vary.

Those who scream like madness, and roll about, and become as white as ash, and remain motionless.

I liked Banglapsy more than anything to see those whose hearts had been crushed like that.

And Banglapsy was convinced.

"If you destroy that burning house, I'll scare the people in this slum!

If that happens, you'll already have this slum!

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! "

Banglapsy laughed, surrounded by fire.

It was as if the evil fowl had risen.