The smile of the resurrection echoes through the slums.

"The crusher Banglapsy is back to life!

Ahhh, this momentum won't stop even God is a wild dog anymore! "

Yes, he was right.

Until now, he was king in the name of a brave man.

Only a slave named Wild Dog can defeat the King.

But he came here, abandoned his pride as a brave man, and started a tempestone shop.

He is no longer brave enough to fear God and wild dogs.

Because there's nothing to lose anymore.

"Come on ~, let's just 'crush' it!"

Bankrapsey spreads his hands like a flying immortal bird.


Even here, his storm of brutality is blowing...!

A lot of people will be 'crushed'...!

Anyone who can stop him by removing his armor in the name of the brave and gaining an invincible power...!


... juwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!

The burning wings that surrounded Banglapsy were all extinguished at once.

Looking around, the homeless are standing in their hands with buckets.

"Nah... what the hell are you doing!?"

"I'm here to crush you."

"Nh... what!?"

The ambush is what Banglapsy is good at.

But I didn't expect to be attacked first.

Like a lion surrounded by raised herbivores, Banglapsy wanders.

But when I withdrew here, the name of the "crusher," I put it on the shelf, and blamed them for what I was about to do.

"I... do you think I'm doing this for free!?I know who I am....! "

"Oh, I can't forget your face if I want to."


"I can't believe you called a 'crusher' just fell into a slum...!"

"Why did you give me two names...!?"

It was like a repeated ambush.

There was a chill on Bankruptcy's spine.

"No way, you guys...!?"

"Yes, you're the ones who've been crushed."


"We've lived here as dead as you took everything from us.

I only hope that you will be unhappy, and that's all I've lived for.

But I can't believe this is how I can get back at you...! "

Homeless people narrowing the siege.

"Like you did to us, I will completely interrupt your business...!"

"I'll never let you jump out of this slum...!"

"We'll spend the rest of our lives crushing you...!"

"Get ready, 'crusher'....!"

Yes, it is.

Neither God nor the wild dog could have killed Banglapsy.

But on the contrary, everything but God and the wild dog came to kill him...!

It's as if I'm paying back my debts...!

You deserve it...! Causal retribution...! Nemesis...!

I'm out of here, brave man...!

Those who surround Banglapsy take the chrysotile stones out of the burning fire, out of their worn-out gloves.

Hold on tightly to hate and get closer to Banglapsy.

"What are you doing!?Stop it...! "

And as if it were a natural right...!

"Know what I mean, you son of a bitch...!"

... Gasshhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!


Bankrup screaming as if he had been pressed against a burnt iron.

There was a burnt stone waiting for him on the other side as he ran away.

... juwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!


Hot, hot, hot!? It's so hot!?! "

A Banglapsy that falls, is trampled, and is pressed against a burnished stone like a slave's badge.

No, slaves were still better off.

Because there is only one sign of slavery.

But the sign of the brave spread all over his body.

"Yikes... stop, stop, stop!Forgive me, forgive me, forgive me!

Forgive meeeeeeee!! "

In the heat of tears evaporating, I beg hard.

But they didn't listen.

"That's what I said, and I've asked you for forgiveness over and over again."

"But do you remember what you did then?"

"This is how you put the smoke you were sucking on my face!"

... juwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!