As soon as I saw the name, I pressed my eyes against it as if I had seen direct sunlight with a Bankruptcy magnifying glass.

"Uhh... uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!"

And as if they were to burn in Hell, their bones will convulse in the direction of the bee.

"Uhh... no, no, no, no!?!"

So far, the reaction is almost the same as no touch.

Bankrapsey's body aches from burns, and it's in the garbage.

And I knew exactly where I was going.

"That's right! That's right! What an idiot I've been doing!

I can't believe you were crushing the author of the book that underpinned my crushing technique...!

It's only natural that it all falls back!Of course not!

Without knowing it, I've put all my money into this!

Uh-huh! Uh-huh! "

Stupid laugh as if I had touched my mind.

Is he finally going to have his last moment...?

No. No.

Though reactions were the same, there was only one thing that was very different from no touch.

That means he's no longer a brave man...!

Naturally, it leads to an idea.

"Yes... that's right! Do exactly what it says in this book!

This book is packed with the know-how of all businesses, from exploration to commerce!

Yes, this book is my other soul...! "

His eyes were filled with a monstrous light like a rabid dog.

"I'm going to be a wild dog today!

If you're going to punch, I'm going to punch you thoroughly!

And I'll always be a real wild dog...! "

What a bancropsy, a grand declaration of takeover coming here...!

Oh, what do you mean?

He has finally acquired the most powerful weapon, the Sword of God Killer, in addition to his position that neither God nor the wild dog can kill.

"Now I'm gonna be the best businessman in the world!

I'm not afraid of Godsmile or Gordwolf with this!

Uh-huh! Uh-huh! "

And the laughter was blocked by an unexpected page.

"Haha... haha...?"

A page of a schoolbook where the wind blows through and flickers itself.

How they were filled with black ink.

"Nh, what theyyyyyyyyyy!?!"

Take away the gabber and the book and flip the page with your own hands.

With the exception of the chapter "Competitor Disruption Measures", the textbook is completely black.

And he remembers everything.

My own foolishness when I was young.

No-touch-chan, are you writing something in your textbook?Besides, I glued it...

Of course, you can't do what's written in this textbook, but it's useless to make such an effort.

That's what I'm going to do.

... hey, if you put ink on the page like this, you won't have to look at it again? "

I can't believe I blamed myself for that act after decades...!

"Uhh... uhhh, uhhhhhh!!

What have I done? What have I done?!!

You're going to close your own way to the treasure mountain!! "

Bankruptcy buried in the garbage mountains.

He never regretted what he had done.

I thought I was right to be avenged by those who once crushed me, to have a big burn all over my body, and to be poisoned by burns that get worse.

I just thought it was bad luck.

But this is an obvious failure.

Had there been a time machine on the spot, he would have definitely jumped on it.

He would have gone back to the time when he was about to spill ink on his books, and he would have gotten up around the time hall and punched himself in the past.

And this must have been how he reprimanded me.

"Stupid bastard! Defilement of what it says is tantamount to blasphemy against God!"

At last, Banglapsy was so conscious of the textbook.

That's why you can't even regret it.

It's not impossible.

Because it's like I accidentally ripped off a ticket to heaven that says "Detachment is invalid."

With immeasurable remorse, Banglapsy starts to see the horse running lights.

Among them were the expressions of the demons who had once crushed them, like the eyes of a slot machine.

--Am I going to join them anyway...?!

That's all, there's no more thirsty laughter.

However, I felt like the reels in my head were all messy.

- Speaking of which, among the Virgin who poisoned me...

There was a weapon dealer's daughter who was good at removing stains from the robe...

... there's only one thing I can appreciate about the brave.

It was the cockroach's losing face.

The example of the hero is Zombie Cockroach, which was injected with a mutant virus created by a major pharmaceutical company.

Whether you smash it with a slipper and kill it, or spray it with an insecticide and kill it, it's a scary cockroach that comes back to life like a nightmare.

Banglapsy was no longer a brave man, but he still had it with him. k

"Cockroach Spirits" is not "Slam Dog Spirits"....!

Banglapsy rose from the rubbish.

"There's still a chance...! God hasn't abandoned me yet...!"