01 Moving Men

A blue sky with no clouds, a sea of mirror-like calm water.

A white sandy beach overlooking two blue panoramic stretches.

There was a man on the wave when nobody was there.

There is only one piece of sea bread in the body that looks like a long, thin branch.

I'm getting a little rusty so I can't beat the breeze coming in.

"Good one, good two, good three."

Unique voice preparation gymnastics.

The wind passing through the bare skin was warm, but I felt it with bare feet, and the waves returning to me were still cold.

The beach season was a long way off, but men were willing to swim.

After he had finished the prep gymnastics, he lifted the attachment case he had placed at his feet.

Fit the handcuffs on the handle tightly to your wrist, making sure they don't come off easily.

Then he nodded loudly, looking across the horizon at the small island, which seemed to be tingling.

"Good, today is the day to get to that island and give a necklace to the lowly wild dog...!"

The man enters the water with determination.

Seawater is as cold as ice, and your heart is about to stop, but you won't stop walking.

"Buh... bud bud, bud bud bu ~!

Nah... what is this?!If I didn't give you my necklace, my breath would really stop...! "

The man went so far as to sink his lower body, woosh!and throw herself into the sea.

The shock caught my leg, and suddenly it got deeper, so the man drowned without swimming for a meter.

"Gyaaaaa!? Budbud!? Bud bud!?

Who was that!? Somebody help meeeeee!?! "

Just pulled up by a fisherman passing by the beach, the man is somehow saved.

He received a cardiac massage and was thinking like a mini whale, blowing the tide out of his mouth.

--Bad Bad...! I can't believe this way either...!

How the hell am I supposed to get close to the island with that wild dog...!?

As it stands, my righteous family will be interrupted in my stead...!

The man's name is Goodbad Goodbutler.

He is a man of the butler clan who serves the brave.

He was asked by Butaphtotta, a quasi-god brave man, to give Gordo Wolf a 'Keishoku'.

But as you know, the result is "no thank you."

Gordo Wolf threw back the necklace Goodbud had brought.

Originally, Goodbutler had to return to Butaphtotta and report the mission's failure.

But it means the destruction of the Good Butler family.

For the necklace of the brave is taken for granted and is a divine item that can never be denied.

Butaphtotta can't forgive a useless family with no such negotiation, no shit, no easy use.

Fearing it, Goodbutler had not returned to the Kingdom of Seven Lukes for a long time.

I've been stuck with Gordo Wolf for a long time saying that if I don't let him report it, it won't be a mission failure.

And finally, Gordwolf won't show up on Grey Sky Island.

Good Butler attempted to infiltrate the island with a regular boat to "Slam Dog Grand", coming from the Dog Leg countries.

But the result is a failure....!

The vessel heading for Slam Dog Grand is marked with the sign "No brave people and the media aboard".

Still, the brave men on the boat hiding their identities and the press didn't refuse.

However, when they were on board, the ship somehow stopped off the coast.

The principle is mysterious, but from there, the "heroism" of the ship's staff begins.

The passengers also want to go to the Slam Dog Grand quickly, so they can search together.

And finally, the brave people found are thrown into the sea.

The media received the same treatment, but the treatment was good enough to be given a float wheel when it was discarded.

Goodbad infiltrated the ship that was heading for Slam Dog Grand many times.

At one point, he turned into a passenger, and at one point into a staff member, and finally sneaked into the cargo.

However, as mentioned above, all the results failed.....!

Somewhere off the coast of the doglegs, the appearance of the drowning Goodbad became a monument.

But no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't get anywhere near Greysky Island.

And his last resort was' swimming across'.

I was getting ready in advance and trying to go for a long swim...

Needless to say, the result was a failure...!

Good bud has exhausted all efforts.

On the beach, where the fisherman was gone, he was nodding alone.

"Gu...! Gu...! Bad bad, bad bad ~!

Why did the wild dog take me so far...!No, you refuse to be brave...!?

"Brave Neck" is a "superb collar" where bloody dogs and hybrid dogs all shake their tails and rejoice...!

I'm sure a wild dog can refuse that...! "

That's where Goodbad goes ha-ha.

"Gh... good! I was so distracted by the fact that Gordo Wolf gave me a necklace that I lost sight of something important!

He's a wild dog...! If you think so, the problem will be even simpler!

Yes, it was!Why didn't you notice this simple thing earlier!

Good, good, good!

I can't do this! Hurry back to Master Butaphtotta!

To report on the success of the mission....! "