02 The Unchanged Kingdom

Goodbad returned to the Kingdom of Seven Lukes for the first time in months.

First of all, I am surprised that border security, which was so strict, has become almost a free pass.

And as he set foot in the country, he was surrounded by further surprises.

My God, people from all over the country were creating a mood of "wild dogs".

Until recently, Gold's illustration was posted along with the slogan of "Wild Dog Death", and there was possible contamination...

Nowadays, the welcome climb of "Welcome Wild Dog" was posted everywhere.

All the "Gorgeous Smart" shops along the way were closed, and the empty shops were "slam-dog mart shopping destinations".

"Goodbud...!? What the hell is this...!?"

Goodbad didn't notice.

It was all because of his own actions that this great change occurred.

"Gordo Wolf refused to be a brave man."

Goodbud just hid a word less than 20 characters, creating a great misunderstanding.

Yes, the public perception that "Gordwolf is a brave man" has already settled completely.

Now this country is under complete wild dog control...!

And it was the fact that Gorgeous Smart closed its entire store that was adding to the comedy.

Why is the shop of the world-famous brave closed?

At the same time, the owner of the Slam Dog Mart became a hero

Well, the Gorgeous Smart in this country closed down because it changed its name to Slam Dog Mart.

The fact that Gorgeous Smart closed its entire store was only due to a deterioration in its performance, but this was how the public perceived it.

But if you think about it carefully, isn't it strange?

Why Butaphtta and Boncrano, chief executives of Gorgeous Smart in this country, do nothing despite this tragedy.

This parent and child certainly wanted Gordo Wolf to be a brave man, but the landing of Slam Dog Mart in the country is another story.

Rather, I even wanted to transform all the slum dog marts in the dogleg countries into gorgeous smarts.

And yet, why are parents and children doing nothing...?

I simply didn't know...!

This terrible state of affairs...!

Butafuttas rarely come out of their weight.

Boncrano has been in bed for a long time, so he stays locked up in the Mansion.

That's why I always thought Gorgeous Smart existed.

No wonder the country's gorgeous smarts have been selling as steadily as iron forts for years.

That's why I never dreamed of it...!

Like a sandy pavilion, I can't see any more traces...!

No, but it is.

"Shouldn't my men report anything to both of us?".

A man who thinks like that still doesn't understand what a brave man is.

Their heroes did not report Gorgeous Smart's undersales to Butaphtotta and Boncrano.

Why is that? It's simple.

... making a bad report will increase my extra work...!

If you succeed, you will be made a party to the mistake, and you will be angry...!

Of course, if Butaphtotta and Boncrano ask me, I have to answer.

But they both thought it was a tablet stone, so I didn't get asked in the first place.

Then it wouldn't be strange for your men to choose to remain silent.

Do you know the word "early-hat"?

This is a system for reporting incidents that are likely to lead to serious accidents in the workplace.

For example:

"There was a nail sticking out in the corridor carrying heavy luggage, and I felt like I was going to crawl.

I was relieved that this would lead to a serious accident. "

By reporting this, information is shared internally and accidents can be prevented beforehand.

In order to make this report, you must first prepare the document and get your manager's approval stamp.

Let's say there was a rule.

After the report was approved, the reporter had to resolve the situation.

In this case, the reporter will have to hit the nail that jumped out into the hallway.

Of course, if we go that far, we will be able to prevent the accident.

But it is.

What if I don't give the person who made the report any appreciation or reward?

Regardless of how much it is for the company as a whole, it would be "just extra work" for the reporter.

Besides, if you succeed, your original job is lost because you let the report go....

Sometimes your ratings can go down...!

If you say so, you will already know.

The best option for anyone who finds "The Hearty Hat".

Yes, 'I won't be a reporter' in the first place...!

If you find "Heartbreak", you decide to ignore it...!

Even if there was a big accident with a jumping nail, you don't know my face...!

The Hidden Hat system does not exist in the Brave Organization.

However, my consciousness that I would not increase my extra work was firmly rooted.

There was only one exception to these unfamiliar heroes.

If it is an example of 'pulling the legs of another brave man by reporting it', it has the advantage of reporting it to the carpet.

Looking at the case of this Gorgeous Smart Retreat, it means that the failure of the combination of Deputy General Manager Bankruptcy and Deputy General Manager No-touch will be ticked.

It was a costume to drag them down, but nobody jumped on the story.

No, it might be more accurate to say that you were watching.

Like fattening a pig...

No, it would be more accurate to say 'I was seditious'.

Send the wind to the fire across the bank and turn everything into scorched earth...!