04 Unpopular though

When tears were reunited in the Kingdom of Seven Lukes....

Primura completed her new training at Slam Dog Mart and returned to her office in Kiriland.

I was hoping slightly for Gordo Wolf, but his desk remained distracted.

Primura sat in the secretary's seat and sighed deeply.

--Ah... the training for new recruits was very fruitful...

I became close to the new staff, and it was a good stimulus again...

But I didn't come up with an idea to deal with the malaise in this Kiriland slum dog mart...

Run-san realized it and took me down...

I can't believe I can't reward that feeling...

A slum dog mart in the Virgin's Country of Kiriland.

It was the final battle against Fontine, but sales were not favourable.

Gorgeous Smart has developed a number of products that take advantage of Fontaine's charisma.

Slam dog mart was also developing products for the three Holy Doll sisters.

If the characters to be sold were one-on-three, the slum dog mart would have been three times more advantageous.

However, sales were slightly higher for Fontine.

It was all Primura's fault that created that factor.

Only Primura's products were prominent, sales were poor, and she was pulling by herself.

Moreover, the scratch was deepening and the difference in sales was opening up.

Primura, the chief executive of Slam Dawgmart in the Dawg Leg countries, has a pressing need to restore this revenue.

Run came into the room and said in a strange way.

"Hey kid, it's the same as before we went to the rookie training.

I've changed my mood, so let's get a little more chaotic. "

Cut out the Primura in an unexpected way.

"Um, ran-san...."

"What is it?"

"I'm going to stop handling all my products...

That's all I can do to cure the malaise.... "

But Run said, "That's no good."

"No matter how much you can't sell, you can't just drop your product.

If you want to drop it, you'll need all the Holy Doll family's merchandise. "

"Hmm... why?"

"You don't know that either, because you're one of the Holy Doll Three Sisters.

Poster with only two pictures of Pinepack and Re-Incarnation and only you.

You're the only one missing. Looking at the product structure, what do customers think?

With all three of them, customers can safely choose the Virgin's product that suits them. "

"Isn't that okay? Anyone who cares about me..."

Hah, Run sighs a lot.

"Hey Primura, do you know the word 'chocolate flash hot potion'?"


"Chocolate, flash, hot potion.

It's called "synonym for rarely sold goods" in the store clerk of the Atai Adventurers.

Many adventurers carry chocolate as an emergency meal.

However, it is rarely eaten, so it is seldom replenished.

Flash bombs are also rarely used in emergencies such as in distress.

If you drink hot potions, your body will be warm and effective.

But most adventurers substitute for alcohol.

But no matter where you go to the Adventurer's shop, you always have those three items, right?

Do you know why?

These three are rare, but if you're an adventurer, you'll always need them!

Do you know what guests think if they don't have the essentials for a time of need? "

"... they think I have a bad assortment...!"

"That's it! That's what it means to drop your product!

Regardless of whether the customer buys it or not, it's a product that I think is "natural"! "

As always, Primura is very convinced.

But only today she objected.

By that time, we had been caught up.

"So... but...! Chocolate is a good selling product for Slam Dog Mart!"

"Stupid bastard! That's what I did!

I'm sure I've been thinking!

How can you sell chocolate that doesn't sell and takes up space in the sales floor?

Hey, kid! You're not even trying to sell it, that's why you can't sell it, but you're trying to pull it in!

I'm trying to make the products that the workshop people made with their souls, like garbage! "

The impact of a lightning strike on the sky strikes Primura.

... gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

The girl thought.

If you pull in your products, everything will work out.

My reputation as a saint will be degraded, but I can't help it.

The girl had no idea.

By pulling in your own products, there are other people who are sad.

Incidentally, 'products that rarely sell but cannot be handled' exist in any industry.

If you are at a convenience store, it is a "linear incense, candles, strings."

These three points are "rarely sold products" in the consumer's image, but there are few convenience stores without these three points.

That's all, I'm afraid of losing my image if I don't handle it.

Let's get back to business.

Primura was shocked enough to lose light from her eyes that she was about to do something incredible.

Run shrugs his shoulders.

"Well, you're in charge of this slumdog mart, so you can drop it if you want."

... Zbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

Suddenly, the door of the office opened with the momentum of being kicked down.

Primura and Run became Bikri.

Before I could see it, Fontine, a young lady in the middle of the battle, stood.

Behind you, follow a burn-up like a black leopard.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!I've heard so much about you!

Even if the goddess forgives you for dropping Primura's products, I won't forgive you! "