05 Miss, the Virgin is breaking in.

At the Killyland headquarters of Slam Dog Mart, it appeared like a flash...

Lady, it was the Virgin Fontine Passion Flower...!

She followed a girl knight like the Black Panther and stepped boldly, but gracefully, into an office with Primura and Run.

Then he shouted a word like a pre-emptive punch at the stunning Primura and Run.

"Dropping Primura's merchandise is like winding my tail and running away.

You're only hiding the escaped knight, and you seem to be good at escaping. "

"The Escaped Knight" means Coolalaka.

The Passion Flower family of the Virgin Mary saw Coolalaka for reasons of the past, and the Holy Doll family where she lived.

When the young lady pointed at Primura, she shook her shoulders.

"But this last battle alone will not allow you to escape!

I'll step on your tail! "

Primura remained stunned and replied, "Ha, yes..."

Run went out a long time ago to buy a sold fight instead.

"Listening is a very good hobby, isn't it?"

"It just happened to be in my ear."

"You didn't come all this way to overhear me, did you?"

As the runs went further forward, Burnhap put his hand on the handle of the sword that he was holding up on his hips.

Fontine didn't give a glance at the knight of a girl who was about to pull out her sword, and she held it down with her hand.

"There's nothing else I've heard here today.

I don't have a hobby to beat a drowning dog.

The motto is to sink your opponent to the bottom of the water so that you can't crawl up. "

Different types, Fontaine and Run share the same carnivorous system.

That's all, Run guessed.

"Haha, you're going to do it again."

"That's right."

The herbivorous primra said, "What?" and Kyoton's face.

But the story goes on in the meantime.

"Heheh, I've been losing so much in the game so far, and I'm really motivated to do it again!"

"Keep losing? That's not true.

At that time, that (● ●) would have been a draw.

Now it's time to settle this.

Besides, for me, this Virgin's kingdom, Kiryland, is my destiny...!

If we win in this country, we will win as a Virgin! "


Alright, I'll do it again!

"Now that the duel is over....

The match will take place in a month's time at the Virgin's Memorial Park in Kiriland, on its outdoor stage!

Moreover, since we are both saints this time, let's say we win by letting the other person say "I want" instead of the audience! "


"Ah, that's good! Now I'm going to smash your nose from the roots!"

"At that time, your neck is rising like a champagne stopper!"


The young lady, who had only one reward for her words, left behind a crate of tea as a souvenir.

Then Primura finally settled down and talked to Run.

"Um, Lan, what are you going to do with Fontine?"

"You didn't understand!It's a "joint new product presentation"! "

The "Joint New Product Launch" was once an event between Slam Dog Mart and Gorgeous Smart in a small Gankpuffle country.

At that time, we announced a new product for witches on stage and sold it to the audience's witches on the spot.

Slam Dog Mart exhibits "Overreach", a new robe devised by Primura.

Gorgeous Smart exhibits Passion Potion, a new product created by Fontine.

The higher the sales, the winner, and the loser threw away the new product without selling it to the public....

The result of the match was a 'draw'.

For the herbivorous primra, the match was a 'good memory', but for the carnivorous Fontine and Lan, it was a 'cause'.

That's exactly what's burning up right now...!

And now Primura says, "Uhhhh!?I was like, "Oh, my God.

"I can't believe it's a match with Mr. Fontine!?

I can't believe I decided such an important thing on my own without consulting my uncle...! "

Run said to the wobbly Primura, "Haaa!" and barked.

"Even after this period, you're still going to let it go!

I told you, my mouth was so sour!

You're in charge of the Slam Dog Mart in this country!

If you don't want to do it, you can count on me!

Besides, you won't be jerking off forever!

You're gonna keep worrying about this forever anyway!

Then let's decide one shot here, bassie! "

... Zbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

Again, suddenly, the door of the office opened with the momentum of being kicked down.

Primura and Lan became bikris like Djav.

First of all, I admire the young lady in battle, the Virgin Fontine....

Charlene Lott, a young lady who was no less than the winner, stood up.

Behind you is a black cat midnight sugar and a white cat glass parsley.

And Chesna, like a puppy, was peeking.

"I heard!? A lady with no nose and a knight with no nose!?"

Then I'm here.

"Don't point at me, number two!So, Primura, where did they go!? "

"Eh...? Ah, yes. I just came home..."

"Already! One leg too late!Guys, I'm going after you!

"The Manwan Knights are on the move!"

Girls like small animal gatherings said, "Wow!"and ran off the hallway cheerfully.