06 Women Moved

The Primura was lifted up again.

And now, the "New Products Presentation" in the Virgin's Country of Kiriland.

That means that every new product we announce will be targeted at the Virgin.

Even though Primura's robe is selling like crawling through the ground right now...

I have to deal with Fontine, a robe that sells well...!

This could be described as a match with a big difference from before the start.

And this will affect so many people that it can be called a "final battle".

There is no doubt that the defeated Virgin Clan will lose its reputation in Kiriland.

Such scandalous and thrilling stories are rare, and the Kiriland press quickly foment conflict between the two.

On one side of the newspaper, a true picture of Primura and Fontine was published every day, like a conflicting structure.

The final battle that will determine the whereabouts of the match and the future as a saint is one month later......!

For Primura, the past month has passed like an arrow.

The next moment I woke up in bed in the morning, I was in bed at night, as if I had slipped out, despite spending most of my time thinking about new products.

I can barely sleep at night and get anxious.

She didn't care that her own honor was covered in wounds, but she didn't want to cloud her sister's or sister's honor alone.

And more than anything in her mind, 'Uncle'.

I wondered how easy it would be if I could play golf.

However, Gordo Wolf had been absent for days and was unable to see his face.

As the lack of goldwolf drove her sister and sister crazy, it seemed that she had finally reached her limit.

At that time, there were visitors in the office who were finally overflowing with emotions that had reached the point of critical surface tension.

For Primura, it was his first encounter... and he looked like a snake that I would never forget.

"You must be Gorgeous Smart's...."

"Juru. Yes, my name is Sur Bonkos.

Now I work as Fontine's assistant. "

The run that was sitting next to Primura ran right into her.

"That's a strange guy. My lady, there's no such thing as a tomato in a gorgeous smart."

"La, ran-san!? I'm sorry, I'm so rude...!"


Instead, could you and Primura-sama talk alone? "

Run refused, but Primura told him to leave the office.

"So, um... what are you talking about...?"

Primura, who is not accustomed to being alone with men other than goldwolf, asks with a nervous look.

Sur Bonkos perceived the sign and smiled like a fox chasing a rabbit.

"Jurururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururururu...! Yes, don't be wary...!

I just want Primura-sama to see a real picture...! "

Sur Bonkos nods back to Primura, who returns the parrot as a "true picture".

The bundle of real pictures taken from the pocket was spread out to the table like a cardboard.

It depicts Fontine spending time at the Mansion.

It was just a hidden photo, but there was something unexpected in it.

"Is this possible, 'Mohmorph'...?!"

"Mohmorph" refers to the legendary Holy Beast alongside Unicorn.

Fontine once challenged Primura to a Holy Beast crusade.

In the end, neither of them achieved their goals, and the competition was a draw...

Fontine took Mohmorph's child home and raised him secretly at home.

"Shrug, yes.

Fontine grows the Holy Beast in hiding. "

Raising the Holy Beast... is a great scandal for the Virgin.

Because the goddess's servants must not grow monsters.

Sur Bonkos continues to shock and solidify Primura.

"Juru, if this true photograph shows up in the world, Fontine will be deprived of her status as a Virgin....!

Shururururururururururu...! "

Deprivation of the Virgin, Fontine.

It means an immediate victory for Slam Dog Mart in this Kiriland commercial battle.

A scandal that puts such a gorgeous smart person in a trap is normal, so that no one in your household can go out.

Sur Bonkos, however, dared to expose the wound to Primura, which could be said to be fatal.

Why is that...?

That's because he's a cunning man like a snake...!

Sur Bonkos was good at grasping and mastering people's minds.

With the skill of the hand-held, I have been able to defend my position as a brave man.

It was easier for him than to roll a hamster, such as playing with Primura's heart.

Primura doesn't even know she's in the palm of her hand and looks up to Sur Bonkos.

"No... please don't do that!Fontine is a wonderful Virgin!

There must be some reason why Mohmorph-san is living here...! "

"Jurururururu, fururururu...! Primura-sama is still kind...!

I can't believe you're protecting Fontine, who is supposed to be a commercial enemy now...!

I was impressed by its tenderness.

Now, let's not share this real picture with the press.

Instead, I'd like to ask you a favor.... "

"What!? Anything I can do!"

"Please lose the 'New Product Launch' one month later..."


"Primura-sama wants the product that Fontine is offering.'.

Then, I won't give you this real picture...!

Shururururururururururu...! "