On the night of July 07,

"With your actions alone, one of the most famous saints may become a saintess in the alley..."

Well, the [New Product Presentation] is only a month away, so please take your time and think about it...... Shurushuru, Fushuru......! "

After telling Primra so, Sulubonkos left the office without a sound like a snake.

Then, with a mistake, Lan came back immediately.

"Hey, kid!" What did that baldy want!?

Isn't your face pale?!What the hell did you do!? "

"No, no, nothing..."

Primra was born with little to no concealment.

For that reason, he struggled to avoid Lan's pursuit, but managed to keep Fontine's secret.

This will further catch up with Primra.

Primra was troubled.

In this "New Product Presentation", the other party's product is "I want it!"I'll settle when I say it."

However, this can't happen without a really great product coming out.

If both did not make the statement, it was agreed that the spectators would make a judgment of victory or defeat in accordance with the conventional rules.

Fontine's product at the "New Product Launch", Primra said, "I want it!It's not that hard to say.

However, defeat by this declaration, unlike the usual defeat, means "defeat".

This is because I said in public that gorgeous smart products are better than slam-dog mart.

The Slam Dog Mart will be a complete retreat in the land of the Holy Maiden, Killyland.

Primra thinks.

--This is not something I can judge on my own.

Let's talk to my uncle...!

But at the moment I told my uncle, Mr. Fontine's secret...!

I don't have any new product ideas for the presentation yet...!

"Ah, what should I do...?"

Primra was troubled. I can call it "troubles".

There are two decisions that a girl has forced you to make.

Become a demon or a snake...!

With your heart ghosted, you hit the "New Product Presentation" with all your might.

The enemy's secrets become public, and when they become scandalous, they are pursued, and the slam dogmart's victory is confirmed.

Or snake your heart, and become the word of Sulubonkos.

"I deliberately let the enemy win and my fellow wild dogs get lost on the road..."

This was a question that, as usual, did not need to be troubled.

But the girl was different. It was too gentle.

--Mr. Fontine is a wonderful saintly lady...! "

I can't abandon it...! "

But, but... I don't want to betray you...!

Then, the days quickly passed.

Primra's words grew fewer and fewer, and more and more blurred.

I can't sleep at night, my throat stops eating, and I get addicted to it day by day.

His body was heavy, and his mind sank in the sludge.

The surroundings were worried that it was cursed, but Primra laughed forcelessly with her dormant eyes, “Nothing.”

Even the smile was lost, and Primra finally fell, resting on the slam dogmart.

Two days before the "New Product Presentation", even if you come up with a new product here, you won't even have a prototype in time.

Primra was lying alone in a dimly lit bedroom.

--If you don't do anything like this...

If I don't attend the [New Product Presentation]...

Just because I'm alone to blame, everything is round...

Suddenly, I heard a knock.

When he replied "Yes", a voice came from the other side of the door saying "It's Goldwolf."

"O... Uncle!?" Sho... sho, please wait a moment! "

Primra jumped out of bed in a hurry and dressed herself in the mirror.

I opened the bedroom door in my pyjamas.

There stood the usual Gordo Wolf.

That alone makes Primra cry.

"Ah, that, uncle..."

"Hey, why don't you take a walk?"It's better to move your body a little bit. ”

Primra walked through the woods, leaving the temple where she lived, prompted by Gordo Wolf.

It was midnight, but the sky was clear and the moon was bright on Grey Sky Island, where I currently live.

For this reason, the forest was illuminated by a vague pale light, so fantastic that it was unlike anything else in the world.

Walking along the brick-paved path, Primra suddenly finds something stupid and tiny at the end of the road.

When I looked closely, it was a chicken, with its wings spread out, stuck in the mud, crawling with mud.

He's finally breathing, and he's peeing bitterly.

"Oh my God!? It looks like she fell from her nest...!"

Primra immediately rushed over, but Osan's thick arms blocked her.

"It's dangerous, so you should stay away from it."


"It's a nocturnal bird called a beetle."The chicks do it, too, and they practice flying at night. "

Osan points towards the canopy.

Primra looked up, and there were two birds as large as eagles, stopping in the branches.

"That's your father and your mother...?" Why don't you try to help your children when they're in trouble? ”

"Because falling is also a study."

Primra, who was still jerking off, continued Ossan.

“In order for a bird to fly high, it has to flap hard.If chicks aren't used to flying, they're more likely to fall. "

"So that means she fell with her wings high...?"

“Yes, but if a parent bird helps you when you fall, you won't be able to fly high for long.

That's why my parents are desperate to help me, and I just keep an eye on the chickens. "

Suddenly, one of the parent birds flies away.

When Primra saw her, she was intimidating and chasing away the boar that was coming from across the road.

"There's only one thing a parent bird can do.Yeah, well, if there's a real crisis with the chicks, all you have to do is sneak up on them.

Then the chicks will feel confident that they've hit their wings with their own strength. ”

”I see... watching is also an affection...”

That's how Primra grinned.

"Could your uncle be..."

This road seems to be practicing the bullfish flying, so let's go from the sidewalk.

The two of them follow a different path, and eventually, through the woods.

It was an elevated position with a great view and a view of the city of Graysky.

Even more eye-catching is the full moon floating in the night sky.

The white light pouring from the sky was as pure as a pure spring.

"Wow...!" Osan says to the eye-catching Primra.

The moon is beautiful tonight, isn't it?

At this moment, Primra's sinking heart...

I took off the mud, turned into a chicken with wings, and flew into the sky...!

... shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

Primra might have had wings on her back and floated a few centimeters from the ground if she had seen what she was seeing.

Until then, the girl had the pleasure of rising to the heavens.