08 Crackling Fake Hero

The encounter with Gordo Wolf was only one night, and in time it was about 30 minutes.

However, the next day Primra was starting to see things differently.

Your hair is shiny, your skin is slippery, your eyes are glittery, and your lips are uruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

The engine that was on the verge of scraping was quickly solved, as if it had been replaced by a rocket engine that could fly to space.

What a product for the "New Product Presentation" that we had reserved for tomorrow, it was not only a prototype, but also this product that we created on our own.

Moreover, the product is too novel.

The first run you see,

"Oh... are you serious?!" I can't believe you're coming up with a product like this...!?You're really too damn bad...!? "

It was like jumping over admiration and amazement all at once and letting the war rage.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

At that time, my rival Fontine... "

Instead, it's completely forgotten, what was that old man doing...? "

"What!? I'm Stented the Brave!?"And yet, what did you mean, "lend me your help!"?

If I care about that, I can destroy devil king followers like you in an instant! "

"We don't give in to threats.And we don't believe in brave men.There is only one thing we believe in, the Devil King. ”

A man in a dark room with only one candle and a black mask pointed at the horrible statue behind him.

"If you want our power, bring us the money to fund your activities."If you want more power, you'll bring a sacrifice. "

I'm dying!?

"Yes. The most delightful thing about the Devil King is the birthplace of the famous Saintess."

Next, someone who loves you deeply.Like your family, your kids, your lovers.

When your beloved is sacrificed to death by your hand, the despair that is your offering above all else will prevail. "

The masked man repeats it like hypnosis.

"If you're going to offer us those offerings, we'll give you whatever you want...!"

Stented answers immediately.

As if it were a heavenly order.

"I only want one thing...!"That (...) Osan's ruin...!! "

Stented visiting the Sanitarians in a certain slum.

As usual, I swung the Brave Brand, manipulated the Devil King's followers (Sanitarians), and tried to pull Gordo Wolf's legs...

He was demanding unexpected compensation, and he was kicked out of his office.

"Shit! I didn't expect the prestige of a brave man to come through!"When this happens, we'll have to prepare a sacrifice! "

The stent was now empty, so I had no choice but to die.

"There are many people who love me as a hero, so it will be easy!"

"But you said that those who love me more deeply are better..."

and then.... "

It immediately occurred to me that there were about three candidates.

The maiden who is surrounded as a mistress, and the wife and the child.

Stained hangs these two in the balance of his head for no reason.

Then, the answer came right away.

"Hmm! How dare you sacrifice a young saintly woman who still has so many uses!"

Then let's go back to the house and procure the sacrifice! "

Stented decided not to hesitate to let his wife and children die.

It had been a long time since I had returned to the Mansion in the Kingdom of Seven Lux, but it was a stupid place.

There is only a letter in the dazed room.

"You can't pay the monthly installment of this mansion anymore, so I decided to withdraw it.

This mansion has been put up for sale, and next month, a new hero will arrive. ”

With the letter in hand, the stained iron and stained iron tremble.

Behind them, a large number of young people came in.

"Ughh, that's good!"It's perfect for our shared house! ”

"I mean, there's a dirty old man!"You're homeless, get out of here! "

"What, you guys!?" You suddenly walked into my house!?This is the Mansion of Stented the Brave!? "

"Stained!? You're a [Fake Hero] who's messing around!?"

"Rumor has it that all the heroes who defeated him are in a new life!"Let's do it! "

Stented is thrown out by the young heroes.

"Ugh...! Nnnh...! I won't allow you to sell out my mansion on your own...!"

Still, Stented didn't get away with it.

I rely on the bloody letter to get to my wife and children.

It was a place where the poor lived, and the dwelling was an abandoned house that was about to collapse.

"What!? This house is like a homeless house!?"

Stented, dressed as homeless or below, stepped into the house and yelled at his wife and children.

"Ah, you!? You're back!?"

"Ah!? Welcome home, Daddy! Where have you been!?"

"Shut up! What's going on?"This house is not the house of a brave eagle!

Damn, even though I work hard, you guys are always shameless!

Come on, I'm out of love!Come with me! "

Stented pushes his wife down and ties her back with a string.

"No, stop! What were you doing to my mom!?" Hanabiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

The son who tries to stop is also tied up together.

I took the knife that was in the kitchen and pushed it in, looking for the house like a robbery.

"Whoa!? There's money in this place!"

"Ah, you! That's the money I saved from my job and part-time job...!"

"Bullshit! You must have been trying to make a fortune for me!"This thieving cat! "

Furthermore, the stent makes the noisy wife and child chew the monkey.

I was going to take them out like this, but when I was walking with the kid of a tied-up woman, it just stood out.

He chartered the carriage with the money he had taken, packed his wife and children, and set off threatening to kill them if they made a scene.

The carriage ran towards the Sanitarians, but in the middle of it, Stented saw something through the window.

It's a gorgeous smart sign that was dumped in the dump.

At that moment, further ideas flashed in Stented's head.

"That's right...! Even if you sacrifice such a useless woman and child because you love me so much, the Devil King won't be pleased...!"

Then we'd better take a more reliable sacrifice with us...! "

He laughed as if he had become a demon king.