09 the last line

Stented yells at the wagon driver.

"Hey! Change your destination!" Go to the kingdom of Killyland, not the slums!

Don't worry if it's a waste of money!If it's money, look, it's just like this! "

The bundle of notes taken out is pushed to the owner by the window of the carriage peeking.

"And what's going to happen is that you didn't see anything...!"

"Then I'll give you double the money...!" What's so good about it!? "

The acquirer moved his horse far and wide to Killyland.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

At that time, Fontine was more motivated than ever to hold off tomorrow's showdown.

A room in the gorgeous smart headquarters in Killyland, where I can't wait to check out the final checks on the new products that are coming out tomorrow.

"Fufufufu...! This new product I've thought of is a pour-over of everything I do as a saintess...!"

I want all the saints to say: 'It will be the standard equipment for future saints...!'

Primra-san, you must be wearing it all over your body!Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! "

... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

The high laughter of the Lady Saint was blocked by the sound of violent kicking through the door.

"Who is it?!? No one should enter this room...!"

Fontine snuggled up the open door, and Burnup stood up.

There stood a person who was not even in the corner of his head.

"Are you Mr. Stented...?" What is it, what are you dressed like...? "

Fontine reacts like a dirty wild dog ransacking her room.

The altered-looking hero was attracting women and children for some reason.

The stented knife pushed against the woman's neck.

"If this woman and her child's life are to be spared, come with me!"

What a stented plan to take Fontine hostage with his wife and children.

If she was such a famous saint, she would be perfect for the dead.

But the hostage in front of her is a stranger to Fontine.

"Mr. Stented, what are you talking about?"What the hell are those people...? "

"I don't care who they are!"Do as you're told!

Otherwise, I'll scratch his throat! "

My wife's white, thin neck is tightly engulfed by the blade.

Stented's eyes were bright red and it was clear that he was insane.

Burnup took up his position and tried to pull out the sword from his waist.

“Wait, Burnup!Do not attack! "

"But, Fontine-sama...!"

"Hmph! What happens when such a kid pulls out his sword?"But be careful!

Drop your weapons, kid!Put your hands behind your head and kneel down! "

Fontine's gaze controlled Burnup's sword from his waist as he roared.

She knelt down as she groaned at the stented shape.

"Alright, Abazuru, tie that kid up!" Gitches! Gitches!

I'll check back later!If you tie it loosely, I won't let you know! "

Fontine tied up Burnup as she was told.

Burnup was going to take a chance and fight back, but Fontine and I couldn't get our hands or feet out.

After Burnup is rolled to the floor, Stented approaches Fontine, using the hostages as shields.

Then, Fontine bathed herself in a kick in front of her body.


Fontine was blown away and slammed against the wall.

As he fell to bounce, Stented leaned forward, tied his hands behind his back, and chewed on the monkey.

Along the way, my son hit me with a stiff voice, but I pushed him away with a punch.

"To resist the brave eagle like this is a child who hasn't become a fool!"

"I thought I'd show you mercy when I got the abuzzo..."

I changed my mind! You will also be a souvenir for the Devil King! "

Stented takes his wife and children, Fontine and Burnup, out of the office with a single rope and several beads attached.

Four people were crammed into a carriage waiting in an unseen back door.

"Alright, let's get ready!" Let's go back to Seven Luxe, my lord! "

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Stented is the first time he's been able to get people out of here.

And when I returned to the Sanitarians of the Demon King, I kicked and rolled the four bodies to the floor like I was beating up a lot of fish.

The man in the black mask who greeted him said, "Oh...!” he marvels.

"This is Fontine Passion Flower...! And even the Holy Maiden Servant Knight (Holy Savior)...!?"

This is a supreme sacrifice, unprecedented in the past...!

I'm sure the Devil King will fulfill any wish...! "

Let us sacrifice our lives for the devil king's followers (sanitarians) and for Lord Stented...! "

The masked man's attitude suddenly changed.

A large crowd of masks arrived in the stadium and knelt on the stented floor.

Simple stencils made me moody.

"Hahaha! You've finally discovered the greatness of me!You are already my servants!

".... Let's get that asshole out of here...!"

"Before I do that, Lord Stented, let me perform a ceremony to consecrate these people to the Devil King."

That way, we can gain invincible power and help you more. ”

"Hmm, it won't hurt!" So what does a ritual do!? "

"Yes, I'll put it in a barrel full of hills and drain all the blood out of it alive."

With unimaginable intense pain and despair betrayed by loved ones, you can taste the pain of death for a long time to come.

Any human will go mad along the way.The screams we hear at that time are our flesh and blood. ”

Stented was flabbergasted at the terrible tactic.

Fontine and Burnup are bitterly licked enemies, so they don't care how they die in a stented fashion.

However, my wife has some affection for Gordo Wolf, even though she married as a dependent.Even more so if it is the son who splits the blood.

Stented lowers his gaze to them as they crawl at their feet.

Both wife and child are staring back with weeping eyes, asking for the help of a moist voice.

For Stented, this was what could be called the 'last line'.

We've crossed the line, but we can't go back to being humans anymore.

"Ugh..." For a moment, I was stuck with words.

"And the decision he made..."

"Oh... I see! Then you'll suffer enough!"

As long as you're loyal to me, I'll get as many girls as I can!

Hahaha!Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haa! "

Finally, the outer road...!!