13 Rotten Mikan

Burnup's physical blow drove the devil king followers (sanitarians) of Ajito to a state of partial destruction.

Charlunrotto screams at the momentum.

"Come on, let's beat them all up at this rate!"


The lively "Puppy Knight" plus two.

Charlunrotto sweeps away with his sword, while Midnight Sugar flies a fireball.

Chesna bites like a Pomeranian, and Grasserie pulls like a chihuahua.

Fontine was in a fighting position.

"I am a hybrid saintess.There are at most two kinds of hybrids, but I'm going to go over them, super hybrids...!


Grabbing the chest of the nearby Devil King's follower (Sanitasto), it twisted lightly.

As a result, the devil king's followers (sanitarians) acted like windmills, and many people were involved and collapsed.

Fifty enemies remain.

But it wasn't an enemy of the girls now.

I thought I was going to push it off all at once, then...!

... giggle, giggle, giggle!

The four walls of the room moved like a sliding door, and a rotten smell poured in from the back.

The shape of a person who roars like a beast and raises his hands to grab something, enters the room.

Charlunrotto screamed with a cold sweat.

"Ah... an undead monster!?"

The masked man who was beside Stented, the leader of Zito, answers.

"Yes! This is the secret weapon of Zito!"That's about 200!How about that, it was double at once!

Chulkanblade's firepower is no longer available!Besides, it was impossible to purify this number, even with the prayer of the Holy Maiden!

You can't escape anymore! "

Stented now knew of the existence of this secret weapon, but he was proud as if it were his own.

"Hahaha!Hey, you see that? Let me help you!Female bastards like you were not my enemies! ”

There was no eyesight, only bare skin, skin peeled off, bones were visible, and the undead were covered in scabs.

They swapped places with the devil king's followers (sanitarians) and surrounded the [Knights of Dung].

A tiny, narrowed siege, and an ear-piercing mimic.

"Hahahahahahahaha!Turn the tide! Justice will come at last, and the brave ones will win!

Hahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! "

"I was supposed to be following the tracks of a wild dog... but I think I missed it."

A muffled voice streamed in from the outside.

"Who... who is it?!"

Everyone who was there turns their attention to the voice.

It was the door Charlunrotto had destroyed, and now two men were leaning against it.

One is thin and tall, wearing a hat.

The other one was big enough to hit his head on the door if he didn't bend over.

A man in a hat whispered a shikemoku.

"I can't believe you've reached the brave."It feels like you came to the river to fish and picked up the flowing fruit. "

The big man answers with a big voice.

"But over there is a fake hero!"It's not a big peach, it's a rotten mikan!

Rotten bananas can still be eaten, but Mikan is useless just rotting around! ”

"Huh!? You can't eat rotten Mikan!?"I often get it from the fruit shop...! "

"This is not the time to talk about Michan!"Let's get out of here while we still can! "

Under the command of Charlun Lot, the zombies and the devil kicked out the devil's followers (sanitarians).

Grasperine and Chesna lift up the stained child, and Fontine lends a shoulder to the stained wife.

Burnup was shivering and slaying the zombies he was chasing.

Grrrrr! Chickens rushing toward the door of the room.

The man in the hat was surprised and unexpectedly dropped the shikemoku.

"You guys, the slam dogmart...?" Why are you here? "

"I don't care about that!"You are a public servant of the Devil King's Adherents Division, aren't you?!Then I'll take care of the rest! "

"Where do I spend my taxes?"

I'll pick up the bones!

Wow, bones are my favorite!

"I love fried chicken bones, too."

The two men were pushed away, and the chicks came out of the room one after another.

The men were unaware of "hey, hey, hey," and dropped off, but they noticed signs of coming.

The man in the hat and the big man unleash an intense kick in a breathless motion.

I dominated the Undead and Devil King followers.

The man in the hat puts a large pistol out of his pocket, and the big man takes out the long gun that he was carrying and passes over the fallen.

Every time I stepped on it, I said, "Grrrr!?” I jumped into the middle of the room as the piano, which was the keyboard of the frog, rattled with my feet.

"I don't really know... but it's a change of players."

"I'm going to take their place, and now we're going to deal with them!"

With the arrival of a newcomer, Stented twitched for a moment.

However, I could tell that they were the only two opponents, and I regained my usual arrogance.

"Hmm! You seem a little more confident in your armpits, but your head doesn't seem to be enough!"

Let me tell you how many of my men are here!

Two hundred!A hundred times as many troops as you!

Oh, my God! Hahaha! "

The men shrugged and looked at Stented, who laughed with certainty of victory.

Hey, it wasn't a rotten Mikan place, gosh

“Yes, there is. It's a good place to be... at best, it's a rotten grape.

With this, your bare hands won't be able to do it anymore. "

"T-That's right, I've arranged it all the way to Gordo Wolf."

I won't even try and shoot you like that. "

When the man in the hat puts the pistol in his hand, he raises one leg as if to remove the stepped gum and takes something out of the shoe kakato.

It was a silver glowing meliken sack.

"I don't have any grudges against the heroes... but I'll let the rabbit get rid of the grudges."

You look like you deserve a bit of a punch, and you'll feel a little refreshed. "

"Ghhh... it's too close! I'm talking about a brave eagle like a sandbag!"

Let's go, let's go! I'm going to remind these public servants, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! "

However, none of the Devil King's followers (Sanitarians) around him moved.

"Ah... I can't believe that man's got a gun in his pocket...!?"

"Wait... the angelic demon gun, [Angel High Row]...!?"

"I'm not talking about the guns that are being knocked out, but they're all going to turn into ashes inside...!"

Even the zombies, who are supposed to be unwilling, are backed up like cowards.

Rather than the undercover society, the horror of the hat man was widespread up to the one-chome of hell.

"But I'm not the entrance to Hell, but I have something to do with the Demon Lord behind it..."

I can't even get an appointment yet..... "