The Holy Lady, who's been late for 14 days.

In the middle of Central Square, the capital of the small kingdom of Killyland, where people gather most.

Next to the Imperial Castle, another center of the country, a special circular stage was set up.

The circular sign that can be seen from all directions reads "Gorgeous Smart Slam Dog Mart Joint New Product Presentation Meeting".

There were people around me like a sea field, and I was now waiting for the presentation to start.

This presentation will be held in the land of the Holy Maiden.Not only is it a struggle between two adventurer's shops, but it is also a showdown between the saints' famous houses.

As a result, the audience seats were packed with many journalists.

On the stage, there were gorgeous smart sides and slam dogs on the sides, each carrying a wagon containing the new product.

There is a cloth hanging on the new product, so the contents are still unknown.

On the slam dogside, Primra and Run, and Reincarnation.

But there's no one on the gorgeous smart side.

Sur Bongkos, who was at the back of the stage, was in a hurry.

"Shurushuru, fushuru...! Why didn't Lord Fontine come...?!"

Even though I'm not usually late...!

I can't believe you're scared of losing, Lord Primra, and you're holding Lord Fontine...!? "

Sur Bongkos stared at the stage with a dash of sweat on his bald head.

There, Primra's appearance worries me like my own.

"What happened to Fontine-san...?"

"Shuurrrr...! What a deliberate act while I keep it to myself...!"

"But I was alarmed...!" "I thought you were innocent and pure like a rabbit...!"

I didn't expect you to hide your nature behind it like a wild dog in hell...! "

The hostess takes the stage with the enchanted loudspeaker.

'The' New Product Presentation 'has really started, but Fontine, the gorgeous smart presenter, is still out of sight!

Have the gorgeous smart side staff set up a substitute presenter, or else we won't lose the battle...! '

The venue is frantic. It's jumpy.

"I can't believe that righteous Lady Fontine escaped...!"

"But all the [new product confrontations] that have been held in other countries have been won by Primra-sama!?"

"Oh! I must have run away because I was afraid of losing any more!"

An ordinary Sage Izvar would have instigated the absence of her rivals here.

But the real saint here was different.

Primra, who had borrowed a magic loudspeaker from the hostess, was calling out loudly.

"Mi... everyone, please calm down!" Fontine is not a runaway!

I'm sure it's just a little late for some reason!

Fontine is a wonderful saintly lady!

No matter how important you are, if you find a troubled old lady on the road, you will do what you can for her!

So please! Just a little more, just a little more!

I'm begging you, too...! '

Shin, the venue is quiet.

There was a disgusting laugh.


It was a voice from a distance, but it echoed like static electricity throughout the venue.

"Ah... that voice!?"

Someone in the audience said.

... dodo dodo dodo dodo!

And the sound of the earth, like a wave.

And all the crowds shall see before the sound that is coming.

There was an unbelievable sight there.

Everyone was waiting for Fontine, the young lady, to stand on the roof of a small carriage.

However, it is not unusual for her to stand on a carriage because she usually does it.

The problem is the carriage I was riding in.

What a wild dog image character, a carriage with a sign reminiscent of a wild dog...

Yes, she was riding in the carriage of the [Slam Dog Mart]...!

”Eh... eeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

It was impossible for a crowd like the sea to boil like a wave.

This is like riding an enemy team's relief car.

Rather than a legendary pitcher, it's a pitcher that's too ruined...!

But the young lady doesn't care about the stunning surroundings at all.


Only my dignity and the high laughter of Tenryu-san rushed into the venue.

"Hey, why are you riding there!?" Get out! "

Charlunrotto's tsukumi in the audience seat was also something.

At last, Fontine dives toward the stage as the spectators clear the way and perform the miraculous sight of the split seas.

"Jump out late and jump! The World's Greatest Gorgeous Deluxe Super Hybrid Saintess...!Fontine Passion Flower, just look here...! "

Fontine landed on the stage in a cool way, trying to pose with a cool dialogue.

"Welcome back! I've been waiting for you, Fontine, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!"

Hugged by the mother who pushed in like a rampage truck, her chest like an airbag "MUGHHHHHHH!?It was. "

Primula is also relieved. I returned the magic loudspeaker I had borrowed to the host and headed to Fontine.

"Great, Mr. Fontine!" I was worried that something had happened! "

Fontine pushed away the reincarnation and pointed at Primra with an unstoppable smile.

"Primra-san, you've been defeated...!" "Abandoning the magic loudspeaker is as good as abandoning the battle...!"

Without the magic loudspeaker, a tiny voice like yours wouldn't reach the audience as much as the sound of mosquitoes...! "

Primra froze for a moment, but finally understood what she meant.

"Ah, no. I borrowed that magic loudspeaker from the moderator temporarily."

In the first place, the "New Product Presentation" hasn't started yet.... "

"Ah... I see..."I thought I had already begun... "