17 Primra's Love

Primra presents a new product for saints that bet on the luck of the Slam Dog Mart.

What a hot potion it was...!

[Hot Potion]. Drinking it will keep your body warm for a while.

It was sometimes used in adventures such as cold climates, but most adventurers substituted it with alcohol.

As mentioned above, the Saintess is not in the habit of drinking potions, but even adventurers don't have many opportunities to drink hot potions.

The fact was known to everyone present, so that the noise could not be stopped.

"Is it true that the new product of Slam Dog Mart is a hot potion...?"

"I've never drunk a hot potion before..."

From the perspective of the Holy Maiden, isn't it the most irrelevant potion?

The moderator was dumbfounded and almost dropped the loudspeaker again, but he hurriedly took it back.

”Pu... Primra-sama, your hot potions are being revolutionized unlike the traditional hot potions, right? What was it like?

No, this hot potion is a conventional product that is handled by Slam Dog Mart. I haven't made any improvements. "

"Fu...... Fuzzy!"

An angry shout came from behind, and Primra jerked her shoulders.

Fontine was trembling at the sight.

"Just putting potions to this final showdown...!" Moreover, it's the worst-selling hot potion of all! You're making a fool of me!? "

Primra tried to calm Fontine as she lifted her shoulders.

”I didn't make such a fool of myself. It was something that I seriously thought about for myself."

"Seriously!?" Then let me tell you something! Find out what's new in it! Find out where it's the potsch of love! If you don't agree, I'll knock you off this stage!! "

Fontine was so furious that she thought she had been seriously beaten.

However, Primra nods "Yes" without being timid.

With a gentle face, he turned to the audience.

"... everyone, do you know the word" chocolate, flash, hot potions "?

It's a word I learned recently, but it's from a shop that handles the adventurer's supplies.

It seems that these items rarely sell.

But it seems that one day the adventurer will come to the necessary stage, and it is a necessity.

That's why even if it only sells once in a while, if it's not in the store, they think it's a store with a poor assortment of products. "

Primra continued with a hot potion.

"This hot potion is not very popular with adventurers..."

But every adventurer has one... "

I want to be such a saint. ”

Lan, who was standing beside her, stepped forward and took Gordo's porch, which Primra was holding.

Instead, give the glass to Primra.

Primra opened the hot potions in her hand and poured the toktok and contents into the cup.

The bright red liquid is being transferred from the bottle to the glass.

A venue full of excitement.

"Primra-sama is putting hot potions in a cup..."

I was wondering if there was a trick like spraying fire, but nothing happened, right?

I mean, that's just a hot potion, isn't it?

"Then why are you doing that?" It's pointless even if it's like that. "

"Besides, what do you mean, you want to be a holy lady like Hot Potion?"

When the whole venue was baffled, someone in the auditorium shouted.

"Ahh, look at that! There's something written on the potion bottle!"

In a nutshell, the gaze all over the venue focused on the potion bottle.

The empty bottle, which no one saw anymore...! "

Please return safely.

A message written with a red pen...!

Primra had an empty bottle in one hand and a pen in the other.

This time, the hot potion, a new product from Slam Dog Mart, comes with this pen.

With that explanation alone, the audience guessed.

"I see! I wrote a message with that pen!"

"The color of the pen and the color of the potions are the same, so I can't see the message when it's not opened... but I can see it when I drink it out!"

"Primra-sama said it!" This new product potion is not for you to drink! "

"That means... it's for someone to give as a gift!"

“You can give a message hot potions to someone you like!”

"If someone you love drank the hot potions in the cold and noticed the message from me...!"

Ahhn, somehow romantic!

"But now, you rarely drink hot potions, right?" I don't think you noticed. "

Primra leaned her cheeks against the glass bottle in love.

"It's the same as hot potions, and it makes me feel happy. I think that's the saintly lady.

Because we are saints, adventurers can fight as much as they want without fear of injury.

That's why it's better for us saints not to go.

Strong love shines like the sun and turns the person you like.

But my love doesn't have to turn around.

With a moon-like shine, I want to secretly illuminate the person I like.

That's all I need.

You don't have to notice it.

"If you look up from time to time and relieve me of that gentle light, that's all..."

My love may not reach you.

Wouldn't it be nice to have such love?

Love does not satisfy itself, it satisfies someone.

Even if you don't notice, if I keep loving you and you're happy..... "

Primra spreads her hands like a wave of free love.

Everyone there looked at the goddess's wings on her back.

"I will love that person for the rest of my life...!"

Quiet guest seating.

Primra bows her head.

In front of her, somebody comes up to her.

"I can only see the message when I drink the potions that I rarely drink...!"

That just... doesn't have to arrive... Love...! I... I can't believe there was such love...! "

Primra, who raised her face, saw a young lady like a zombie hungry for love.

"But... that's the love I was looking for...!"

I want...! I want too much...! "