"Go! Justine!!

Osama, who worked as a party spikesman, was kicked in the butt with such a buzz.


I lose my balance and roll into the gate I was peeking into.

...... zdowwwwwwwwwww!!

Immediately afterwards, Osama intuites that he has been split up by the painful heavy bass that rocks behind him and the feeling of being deprived of light.

As he hurried up, he was identified, and a huge stone gate descended on the gate that had been open until just now.

Beyond the slightly open peek window, the accompanying party member peeks in like a criminal.

It's like watching a prisoner who's about to be executed...!

Osama rushed over there in search of the slightest light.

"Mr. Crimson Teager! What do you do all of a sudden!?

Usually warm Osama also just absurds his voice.

Anyway, this is the lowest level of the underground labyrinth (dungeon), 100 floors underground.

And even considering the nests of all the monsters, including the neighboring kingdoms, it's a dangerous place that boasts exceptional levels of difficulty.

People called it 'Purgatory' and feared this place where monsters as well as angels, demons and other demonic tribes existed and endless strife over hegemony.

In such a place on earth, not in heaven or hell, Osama has been separated from the party......!

"In such a dangerous place, kidding and kicking... isn't that absurd!?

To the impatient Osama, the young man called Crimson Teager shrugged his shoulder without looking bad.

He is a tungtung red-haired chara man who seems more than two times younger than Osama.

He checks his hairstyles by showing his face in silver armor such as "Seiyusha".

When he only sideways with Chira,

"Ah? Bad, Osama. Um, what did you get? I've been adventurous with you every day, but I don't remember your name. Rinsilla to Miglare, remember?

Then the young maiden combo, who is a party member, shook her head back.

"No, we've always called him 'Osama', so I don't know his real name."

And Miglare, a gal girl wearing a witch's hat and robe, answered.

"What, wasn't it named 'Mr. O.'? I'm sorry to bother you."

I don't seem sorry at all, a clear girl putting together a white robe. She is Lincilla.

Two, another man broke in between them.

Sarah's blue hair is dressed like a distinct nobleman.

Face making and challenging look just like a red-haired young man, but in this he didn't seem to be the only adventurer.

"What? You took him out of our store after work, and you didn't even call him by his name to the scumbag I've been using for a long time -? Oh, Osama, that's cute! Caha!"

Instead of familiarly turning his arms around the girls' shoulders, he strokes them to the chest with his palms.

"Don't worry about it, do you? What are you doing here?

"Right. It doesn't matter what Osama's name is."

Kerakera and giggling girls.

Osama couldn't figure it out, and screamed as he let his face slip into the peep window.

"What does this mean!? Store Manager!? Diamond Richnell Store Manager!?

The blue-haired young man, known as Diamond Richnell, called Osama's name for the first time when he coughed with Cohon,.

"Well, announce it! Goldwolf Slumdog! To tell the truth, this was pretty much what was planned, wasn't it? I was going to say goodbye to you at the bottom of this Purgatory! Caha!"

From the laughing arms of Diamond Richnell, the Virgin Lincilla is taken away.

Crimson Teager held me up all the time and began rubbing the swell of white robes.

"Uh, briefly, you're fired! I don't know how many decades you've been working, or this party of mine, you're both paying for it!

Crimson Teager with red hair and Diamond Rich Nell with blue hair...... the two look just like twins, slurping the chest of the girl in their arms...... showering Osama with half a laugh.

"Caha! Goldwolf, do you know what they used to call you in the shadows? It's" No Dog, "" No Dog "!

"Uh, yeah, yeah! If it's just not going to help, I'll soothe it in" The Waste Dog, "but come on, during the adventure, uh, do it. You told me, seriously, I was baffled!

"How much Goldwolf is the previous manager, so I can't believe you even instructed me to be the new manager. Come on, I'm a putz! Cahahahahahahahaha!"

And hammer.

"" That's why we talked about it, and I got a knack for throwing it away. - (Neh)!

"Oh no......!? What does Mr. Godsmile say!?

The twin's face was distorted like a statue of a rigid man by Osama's words.

Vivid, vivid! and blue muscles like lightning running on my forehead.

"... Ahem!? Teme, what the fuck!? As the leader of my" Gorgeous "clan (Don), you are now the closest to God... don't you call Godsmile the Goddess Brave!?

"Oh, I know Mr. Godsmile is your father! But I was once a member of Mr. Godsmile's party!? I defeated the Demon King with him, and I'm a launching member of Store… Gorgeous Smart! And yet, not much of a trick like this......!

Then, after seeing each other in the face, the youngsters like no yellow signal... I don't know, they made a squeaky face like that.

"... ahem? Well, to tell you the truth, aren't we the ones who started saying 'no dog'?

"Caha! Yes, yes, be our father, the one closest to God right now... Lord Godsmile said so!"

"Oh no......!? You must be lying!?

"Ahhh? I'm not lying. - Seriously, that's what I said. I wanted to cut the goldwolf guy off the party, and I've abandoned him many times during my adventures, and he said he'd definitely come home no matter where I left him."

"Cahahahahahahaha! Yeah, it's like I don't know if they dumped me from my owner. He came back waving a sippo at me like a fool, and he said Magiuse!

"Ah. That's why we suggested it to Master Godsmile. Why don't you just leave me at the bottom of this Purgatory!

"There's a monster here that sucks too bad, but with a lift, it won't be long to the bottom? So if you leave it the most downstairs and pull up the lift......! Caha!"

"Huh! Wake up that you have to walk back for 100 floors on this damn wide floor while the Yabe Monster is there! No, I can't do that to Zako Osama!

"Oh man...... na......!

It takes a further chase to Osama, who is also finally struck by standing.

"Oh, you don't have to worry about 'Gorgeous Smart' for working for me for years! Truth be told, Master Godsmile said that if I succeeded in discarding the dog, I would be the manager of the store to the branch manager, and soon to be the manager of the other side... Caha! Cahahahahahaha!"

Open your hands with a full sales smile, Diamond Richnell manager.

The expression is no longer brewing the dignity of those who have become Directors-General young.

"Uh, and the quest you dated after work, don't worry! Not an old dog like Osama, but a fresh spikesman!

Before the twins spread their hands and showed... a shadow stood.

The round-headed silhouette walks out under the spotlight like a Newcomber.

To the brightened lad-headed youth, Osama gave a pitiful roar like an old dog at death.

"... ahhh!? You're a part-time Al!?

In "Gorgeous Smart," he was like Tanuki in the country, nicoting with a pure red face, but now he was laughing at Niyaniya with threads, like a successful urban fox.

"Ugh, Mr. Goldwolf. After Mr. Goldwolf, this Al Boncos will take over. As the new manager of" Gorgeous Smart, "as the Spirit of the Brave Party (Point Man)......!

Pussy, pussy, pussy!

And it happens curly, four applauses.

Unparalleled by Osama's time, he is welcomed and the Al boy is lit with a bold scratch on the back of his head.

... formerly a party member, Warrior Brave Crimson Teager, Miglare, the Great Devil's Guide who follows it, and Lyncilla, the Virgin.

Former boss, the brave diamond Richnell, the new manager who follows it, Al.

Five faces turned to Osama simultaneously, as if to see an animal cage.

"Well, Mr. Goldwolf Slumdog! Dear Godsmile and us who are his sons... thank you for serving the Gorgeous clan for generations! But seriously, it's useless, so throw it away with this! Cahahahahahaha!

"Ugh! Oh, my God! Goldwolf Slumdog! Now you're clear and you're a wild dog (Slumdog) from" Waste Dog "!

"All you have to do is leave the rest to the young braves, Miglare and Lincilla, and this Al, to be a wild dog in peace!

"You don't have a wild dog living in a place full of demons like this. I don't know, Al, why are you waxing with us in senior positions?

... Adventurer Hierarchy is dominated by warrior braves at the top.

Beneath it are located the archmage mentors and knights, senior positions. By the way, the Virgin is not a profession, but she will be treated as a senior profession.

The bottom line is lower ranks such as warriors, bandits, wizards and monks.

One of the many adventurers in the world.

"I'm more hungry than that. Besides, it's so dark and so dull and stinky, I'd like to hear it soon."

"Ha-ha-ha! Oh, man! Then it's Osama's farewell party! Let's go to the city!

"Cahahahahahahahaha! Sassssssssssssssssss! Well, you're all for today! Miglare, it's been a long time since I've played with you and Lincilla, and I think you should hustle!

"Ah, don't swing your back in this place, Dear Diamond Richnell! And I don't know what to say, Osama Kusa!

"Ugh, I'm sure some Osama fungus got infected"

"Huh!? That's bullshit! If you pass it on to me too, it'll suck, so let's just go!

Back to the lift with a shoulder hug, a couple of brave lids and a hectic and feisty little boy around them.

After riding on the gondola, two brave men raised their voices, as if they remembered, and to say their final goodbyes.

"Ah... yes, wild dog kung! I know you do, but you know this' Purgatory 'was supposed to be sealed because it was too bad for anyone to get their hands on it!? By the way, it's next month! Cahahahahahaha!"

"Ahem, so-so! And now, you may also know this... in the cage you're in right now, not the cage for wild dogs... because it's the boss floor!

"... Ha!?

Until then, Osama, who had lost his word, sees the darkness behind him as he was played.

There...... I don't think it belongs in this world, a roar that sounds from the bottom of hell.

And glow like a rip of a magma, six eyes floating in the universe.

Like a star, eyes blinking high enough to look up.

Instead of the full story, that's all I could see...... Osama quickly figured out who the boss was.

"Ke...... Cerberus......!?

Even the red dragon, said to be the strongest on earth, is a three-necked beast that eats and kills with one bite......!

Beasts that should only exist in the demonic world are also normally wide walking in this' Purgatory '......!


"Ugh...... wow!!!!!

The roar of Hell's watchdog and the Wild Dog's Terminator echo as they fold.

A row of brave men was rising with Gotgoto, savoring the exquisite harmony that continued to be played from their feet.

"... Huh, isn't that magically refreshing?

The look was truly sunny, as it was shortly after crusading the Demon King.