Greetings from the head of the city of Antrea are the same as usual, as he pushed his judgment.

Everyone hoped in their hearts that it would end as soon as possible, taking that in their ears like a raw wind.

Just one, glance at the girl......

... and finally, the great brave 'Godsmile Gorgeous' left the Demon King.

The three servants (servants) who were accompanying them… One Virgin and the two senior positions are also in textbooks along with Dear Godsmile, so you know those here.

They said there were spirits (pointmen), but they didn't even contribute to this, even though they were unnamed junior positions, so they're not telling the story.

That trait must have been strange, the status and honor of the great brave, and the lower bitch who was after the treasure spill.

Aside from that...... Master Godsmile, the Demon King, has said this to us.

'Only those who excel in fighting are not brave', and...!

"Creating, reconciling and guiding… those who can do it are also brave", and...!

And Master Godsmile, as the "New Brave System," defined four brave men...!

One, he excelled in fighting and retreating from evil, "The Warrior"!

This is the archetype of a brave man from ancient times!

II. He excelled in creating weapons and tools, "The Brave Man"!

The craftsman who defeats evil and makes the tools to protect himself from evil is also a brave man again!

III. He excelled in spreading weapons and tools, "The Tone Brave"!

"Gorgeous Smart", a shop for adventurers created by Dear Godsmile and now expanding in the world… those in charge there have also been defined as brave!

IV. He excelled in raising new brave men, "Guided Brave Men"!

Master Godsmile founded the "Brave Men's Education Committee" to create an environment where many brave men can travel!

Together, these four brave men made the world more peaceful, and as it developed, Master Godsmile thought...!

And now, the four brave men are an integral part of this world!

Because of its foundation, we humankind can live in peace and abundance even in this world with demon kings and demons......!

It is here that Master Godsmile is called 'The Father of Modern Bravery'!

... Saah! Pray to Lord Godsmile and Culverie, goddess of the warriors!

This city of Antrea for a long time...... No, this territory of Lutanvesta...... No, no, now is the time in 'Purgatory', the nest of demons who have tormented this little Hurlberry country, to put a lid on...!

… give the goddess seal Divine Sealing…!

And when the length spread his hands, two stone statues as tall as a mountain stepped down upon his feet, which were raised high.


The roaring sound of the earth and the soil smoke that will soon rise.

There is the statue of the goddess' Culverie ', to be made a god of battle and grandeur and to be believed by the warriors.

And the statue of the Godsmile Gorgeous, the Godsmile Gorgeous, who was said to be the ancestor of all the brave men, was brave enough to hold hands together.

The entrance to Purgatory, close to the city of Antrea, was finally blocked by the goddess and the brave (more so)...!

Until now, I have managed to stop the monsters trying to get out in a magical union with many soldiers on the lookout.

The days of that painful battle also finally end.

The noise of the demon roaring from the hole and haunting the night is gone...!

The people who were attending the sealing ceremony said, "Wow!" and cheer, hugging each other and sharing the joy.

Everyone smiled and everyone was full of joy.

Just one, glance at the girl......

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

The Holy Doll family, the Virgin's family.

The second daughter, Primla Holydor, was walking the unpopular dirt road on the outskirts of the city.

The forehead, cut off around the forehead, and the back hair, stretched up to the waist, sway brightly like rocky fresh water blown by the plateau wind.

Though I am now worried, my neat face attracted attention even though I didn't like it.

Among other things, big eyes are as beautiful as they are enclosing a small universe, and they sparkle like stars when filled with joy.

Anything as clean as that baptism, he said, would make everyone feel good about throwing everything for her.

She was still young, but the charisma she brought together was just something like the Virgin.

Slowness was a girl who was familiar with and loved by people, worthy of the title of 'Mother'.

There was a reason why the Virgin Primla stepped into the river plain where she was told not to approach because it was noisy.

After the sealing ceremony, I didn't feel like going straight home... because I wanted to cry alone where no one was.

Built along the river, as I walked looking at the veneer board houses, I saw a thin dirty man fall on the grass off the road.

If I were a normal person, I would ignore the fact that the homeless would be going and down, but the girl didn't.

Because she was not a Virgin as a profession… she was a 'Virgin' in the true sense.

Primla rushes over to the man with a voice to encourage him.

"... what if!? What if!? Hold on! Is something wrong with your health?!? Or are you hurt!?

The man had a fly and his nose was bending (su) It emitted a smell, but he held it diligently with his fine arms.

The clothes sticking hard on me were so worn out and dirty that even the homeless would throw them away.

The pure white robe dulled just by touching it, but the girl doesn't care.

Than that...... I saw the face of a man rolling with a goron like a rotten corpse, and he was taking a ha-ha breath.

"Huh... Huh!? Oh...... uncle!? Could it be... it's your uncle from Goldwolf!?

"Oh, oh......" with a groaning voice without force, Primla is convinced.

The cheeks are a lot thinner, even with big scratches, but definitely.

The downtrodden man was about to mourn with tears, uncle...

"Goldwolf Slumdock," was the person......!

"Hold on! Hold on! Uncle!? Uncle!?

As he calls shaking, the man's thin dirty eyelid slowly opens as he trembles.

"Ugh... Ugh...?

A hazy gray eye appeared, like it had just been pulled up from the deep sea.

"Ah, you...... are... primula......?

"Sooo......! Yes! It's Primla! Do you understand me?

"Yeah... She always came to the store… I can't forget…"

I was glad you remembered, but Primla remembers a little loneliness for the reason that 'I was a regular in the store'.

But now, it wasn't the other way around.

"Your uncle was in purgatory...? Oh, are you feeling any worse than that!? If so, my prayers......!

"Yes, no... or my body, it's nothing... my stomach..."

Osama shook his voice like a farewell to this life and appealed to the Virgin for her hunger.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Primla just had a basket full of untouched lunches.

That's what my sister gave me when I went out to the ceremony in the morning.

I was going to eat lunch when I got home, but I said, "It would be hard if I got lost on the way, wouldn't it?" and was brought to bear half forcefully.

From the Holly Doll family to 'Purgatory' I can go even with my eyes closed... and Primla is my sister's first overprotective thing, but it's only good to have it today, to God... no, thank my sister.

The three of us flattened the lunch box, and Goldwolf quickly flattened it.

There were also souvenir cookies I got at the ceremony, so when I gave them to them, they disappeared in an instant, too.

"Oh...... I've never had such a delicious lunch...! Thank you, Mr. Primla......! You are a benefactor of life......!

Homeless Osama has a primula where he can hold both hands.

If she is a girl of the same age, she gives back a smile full of charity.

"Are you hungry? Ugh, that's good."

It was not the grin of the Virgin, which is given to many equally.

It was a maiden smile, with a hint of love.