"... Goldwolf, who was an employee of our store, went into the boss floor at the bottom of purgatory, recklessly alone, and went missing."

A week after Goldwolf was left in 'Purgatory'.

'Al Boncos', who became the new manager of 'Gorgeous Smart' where he worked, explained this to visitors.

Though missing, being missing in 'Purgatory' means death.

Many regular customers knew that, so they were leaking a sad voice.

One of them...... Primla had her vision darkened like anemia in the shock of her obituary and was about to get a stand-up lightheaded.

"I'm sure you disgusted yourself for being a Hillah clerk at that age. He's been saying it from day to day that he just hasn't taken it seriously yet.... If you are serious, you can be more active in the store than you are in adventure..."

Talking about people's deaths in a hella, the thin and laughing of the boy's head manager was echoing emptiness in the girl's head.

"Even though he is a junior, he seems to have illusioned himself as a brave man. But I want to praise his courage.... So we weren't wild... as a memorial to Goldwolf-kun, we wanted to make a sale! The period is full this month... until Purgatory is sealed! If all of you who were regular bought a bunch of them, the earth...... no, I think he'd be happy to be in heaven too!

Regular customers approach the wagon as they are invited by the store owner.

"... while I say sale, it doesn't seem cheaper at all... but I can't help it, I've taken care of him a lot in my lifetime, so let me buy it"

"I'll buy one, too. I got a lot of consultation about gear and monsters... but you won't be able to do that anymore..."

"Shall I get this one? To tell the truth, so am I. Before I went on my quest, I was always given advice. His advice was always accurate and more than anything else…"

"His appraisal was more accurate than anywhere else, and honest, and he didn't do anything to delude me... that's why I always got people to buy Quest loot... I can't help it, for pity's sake, shall I have this?"

All the wagon items were disposed of in stock, but they had more than double the usual price.

But it sells like flying as if paying for a fragrance.

When Primla bought one talisman she didn't normally use, she ran back to the house scattering something glowing.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

overlooking the homeless streets of the river plains, Goldwolf and Primla sit on a dirt slope.

"... when I got home, I talked to my sister... Your sister said she had just become a mother and was in trouble, so help me. He believed that Gordwolf's uncle was alive and asked the chief of the city to delay the seal of purgatory."

Goldwolf was just talking to me about what had happened while he was in purgatory.

"Was it... I escaped purgatory at midnight yesterday, but it was strange that it wasn't sealed. Mr. Primla and his sister, Mr. Reincarnation, were delaying the seal..."

"Yes... but this city has always been threatened by purgatory demons, so three months is the best time to postpone it...! But good......! This is how my uncle came back alive...!

"Thank you, Mr. Primla. I've apparently been saved by you twice. Really, thank you. But why is it?

"What? Why, what...?

"How could the Holy Dolls, the Virgin Clan, move for people like me? That too, for three months..."

"Well, that's... we sisters have been 'gorgeous smart' since we were little... no, because we took care of your uncle..."

To Primla, who says a little like a light, "Huh..." is a lot of goldwolf.

Indeed, the Holly Doll family's three sisters, Reincarnation, Primla and Pine Pack, have been regular customers of 'Gorgeous Smart' from an early age.

Although Goldwolf had been a store manager for a while, he had been demoted to a flat clerk since Diamond Richnell arrived.

Though the Virgins felt beneficent when they were how little, they are not sane shabbas such as offering to extend the seal to save Osama's life, who is also not the manager of the store.

Because many lives can be put at risk only because of delays in sealing, even though there has never been a single survival of the missing in purgatory.

And...... it is too far from the Virgin's role of healing and protecting people.

Rather, they are in a position to push to seal it as soon as possible.

There's no point in Goldwolf questioning it either.

"... whoa!? Ohhhh!? If you think someone, you're the Primla of the Virgin!?

Unexpectedly, however, Gala's ill-looking voice broke in.

Footsteps approached sooner or later, surrounding Osama and the girl.

"Why is the Virgin in such a rubbish place?!? What, Osama over there forced me to bring you here or something!?

Young people with tungtung hair, looking down in a circle.

It is a barbarian style that is now popular among defects: fur shoulders on leather armor.

"I came homeless hunting for a hippopotamus and I didn't think you'd get this treasure!

"To tell you the truth, come on, I've been after you about Primla! The Virgin. Come on, if you're one man, you can love me!? When you get married, you have to serve that man for the rest of your life, not the goddess!?

"Barca, you're not even a warrior. You're not going to be handled by a primal!

"But come on, we have to force it, right?

"Yes, yes! I can't complain about being in a place like this! Gahahahahahahaha!

"So we're all going to be mahwah! It's our public Virgin!

"Didn't that just rephrase the stool woman? - Gahahahahahahahaha!"

"Come on, come on, if you decide so, stand and stand! We're already standing up!

"It's not a saka - it's a barca! The mood is important too! We have our Ajito ahead of us, so plenty there...!

Primla's arms, frightened by confusion and fear, the young men who clasp up.

"What... what are you guys!? Oh... Uncle! Uncle, please help me!

Primla shakes off her arms and sticks to Goldwolf.

Goldwolf does nothing, just looks straight ahead.

"Ahhh? Are you saying that that dirty Osama is better than us?

"... that? If you look closely, you're Goldwolf!? Gorgeous Smart Dog!

"Ah...! You're serious! You, you didn't die!?

"I didn't know you were homeless here!

"Oh, since you were gone, 'Gorgeous Smart' has become a luxury route! You're not rich, and you can't even enter the store!

"I'm glad you were the manager! Oh, my God, I could have pulled all I wanted...!

"Surprised? Surprised? We've been at that store forever, haven't we?

"So-so! I already threw it away, but the swords and armor and potions I used when I was a kid, they made me use it for free!

"It's a lot slower, but I'm a takusan gotchi. Ah! Goldwolf, come on!

"Didn't you know? We were at the store, pretending to be good kids -!

"Gahahahahahahaha! How does it feel to be betrayed by a kid? Hey, how do you feel!?

"Say something, Ola! You freaked out, and you don't even have a voice!?

"Well, because of that, let's kill him!

"Hey! It's really great to make a woman crazy while driving the homeless crazy!"

"This, we play a lot, 'Heaven and Hell' ooh! Gahahahahahahaha!

"Then you're not sitting down. So, stand up, Ola, Osama!

Goldwolf is grabbed by the chest and stood up.

"Hey do it!" and a primula that leads to the foot.

"... I knew that."

Osama does not show any resistance. That's just crushed.

"... at an early age, it's something dangerous or something I admire bad. It makes you feel like you're one of the adults."

"Ah? What are you talking about? Temee?"

"I thought you were scared and crazy. - Of? Gahahahahahahahaha!"

"... because I was going to know how that feels. I didn't pay attention to 10,000 deductions. Because 10,000 deductions are a slight enough thing to pull my salary and no one gets hurt... So when I grew up, I thought it would be cheap if you guys noticed your mistakes."

"Huh? Preaching against this number of people means wakanne. Or because you missed the draw, begging for help?

"But Zahnnen! Osama is destined to be a sandbag from now on until he dies, no matter how much he cries or calls! 'Cause we're not like Osama. I can't forgive you!

"... me too... I will never forgive you...? Hurting someone in the funny half, huh......!

...... Gimp!!

In the eyes I looked up, the faces of the young people freeze.

Goldwolf's silver eyes glowed like the Sickle of Reaper, filled with spooky force, as if they were coldly pressed against the carotid artery...!

I would have stayed behind at the same time and still had to escape.

But their low intelligence and thin pride make their last chance huy.

"Olaahhhh!!," and the moment I shook my knife with barbaric courage,

... Dong!!

They're like petals, sprinkling yellow, dirty teeth... blowing up into the river plains beneath their eyes.

Whoever breaks through the homes of the homeless will survive.

But many were buried in the Dove River, filled with oil and hedron, and homeless manure.

Without even a glance at their fate, Goldwolf looks back.

"Are you all right, Mr. Primla?

Looked down in a dull, lingering light, the Virgin took her breath.

I was standing there because she knew, it wasn't a warm osama.

A slight grin floating around your mouth, that's all that doesn't change.

But silver all-backs and mustaches like tenderness, gray eyes and sprinkled cheeks like lead, and scars running from forehead to chin are the opposite of the previous shadows.

Firm as Ding Zhuang and old as Ong... and a demonic sharp look, like a demon sword resting on a sheath...!

That, in a nutshell, Demon Wolf......!

He was a horrible lone wolf figure, rocking silver furrows into the wind and peeking into the fangs that could eat even God's throat...!