Goldwolf reunited with the three sisters.

Afterwards, afternoon tea is served in the guest room.

Pinepack didn't seem to leave when the thunder went off, and besides, he fell asleep as it was, so Goldwolf listened with a hug.

"You know, Gol. I need a favor from my mom, Gol."

and reincarnation in a completely motherly tone.

Even if more than twenty or younger girls treat him like a child, Goldwolf has no grumpy look to say, "What is it?" I answer politely.

"In this mansion... I want you to live with the three moms"

But the next abrupt offer that popped up was deepening the wrinkles engraved on his face.

stuck in words for a moment, but he thought a little and understood what it meant,

"... you're worried about me being fired from 'gorgeous smart'. As a result, I would like to decline you."

"Well, why not? Gol can't ask your mom to do you a favor, have you become a bad boy?

Reincarnation frowns in trouble like a girl lost in the deep woods while in the position of the Grand Virgin.

Goldwolf came close to accepting it unexpectedly, but coughed it up and drove that feeling away.

"There are two reasons. First of all, even if a man like me exists in the Virgin's Mansion, it will be misunderstood by the public. For the Virgin, who serves one brave man all her life, the rumors will be deadly."

"I...!," said Primla, who was next to Reincarnation, blocking words with all the momentum of standing up.

"I am not willing to serve any brave man! What I want to serve...!" I almost screamed, but I could see it in my throat.

"... what is the other reason?" and squeeze out the alternative words.

When Goldwolf dampened his mouth with tea, he shot through the primula with a serious eye.

That was as if he were preaching that the reason he was going to give was more fateful.

"Another reason...... I've decided no more that the owner will have it. So you can't work as a servant in this mansion."

Then Reincarnation and Primla hum "eh".

The only look that seemed unexpected was the sisters.

"No, it's not, Gol." "It's not, Uncle."

The cut out word bumped, so my sister smiled and gave way to her sister, "Well, explain it to her from Primla's side," she said.

"Um, uncle... we're asking you to live with us in this mansion, not as servants, but as cohabitants"

An odd expression infected Osama.

"Cohabitants...? You mean boarding house? If it's where you live, you don't have to worry... One man, even a horse cabin if you have to..."

"I'm not alone! 'The voice of protest echoed from nowhere, but Goldwolf was the only one who could recognize it, so he silenced himself in the way he was used to.

"No, uncle. I don't even want to rent it."

In Goldwolf's head, he became increasingly confused.

The "Holly Doll" clan, the best Virgin family in the city.

Out of loving deeds and beauty, many brave people draw back. Why are they trying to make a man like themselves live on one roof, not a servant or a boarding house......

No matter how much he thought, he did not come up with an answer, even though he had been through many training fields in Purgatory with wisdom.

Primla spins out the answer she was looking for, as she prays, whispering.

It was also the last trump card of persuasion for the sisters.

"Mother's, it's a will..."

"Mr. Riglas's, will?

"Yes. Mother was writing to the three of us when she died. When I'm gone, my uncle... told me to rely on Mr. Goldwolf."

"To me...? Why...?

"I think that's all your mother trusted about your uncle. It was also your mother's recommendation that our sisters become regular 'gorgeous smarts' where your uncle is..."

"Certainly, Mr. Liglas used to give it to me. But that's all. Isn't that some mistake? If you're counting on me, Mr. Godsmile is better than me..."

"That, too, was written in the will. At the time of my death, Lord Godsmile would take care of me a lot, but he said no to everything."

Liincarnation opened his mouth to take over that word of Primla.

"The day your mother died, Master Godsmile came and invited your moms to Harlem."

"Godsmile himself, a God-fearing brave man...!?

Though a former party member for Goldwolf, he is the closest thing to God when it comes to the God-fearing brave.

His residence, the Temple of the Godsmile, is so long queued up with women who wish to enter the harem.

Even the Virgin can ask about the fever for her sisters that someone who is supposed to be more relaxed will scout all the way up to her visit.

Reincarnation put one finger on his jaw and told him about the time with a trick that the child would remember.

"But my moms turned down the offer from Master Godsmile. I'm going to live with Gol. Then Master Godsmile said that the dog was dead by now. Then, Primla..."

You felt something disturbing about where the story was going, and Primla has interrupted you to take the baton of the story.

"Oh, you know, sister, already, that's about it... More than that, uncle, please, could you live with us? Think we'll fulfill my mother's last favor, not just ours...!

"My mom also asked me, Gol......!

The sisters all come together and point their eyes like a kitten put in a cardboard box.

Osama was still the same as the abandoned dog, and the intent of Riglas' will was elusive, but he didn't want to be begged so far to snort.

"... ok. Okay, I'll take care of you."

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Holly Doll's mansion had a number of rooms, but somehow Goldwolf's room was decided just in front of the three sisters' room.

It is totally a family room position, not a servant or boarding house.

On the contrary,

"Uncle, they said you were ready for dinner. Let's go to the dining room."

"Gol, dinner, was that enough? I'll prepare dinner if it's not enough, so tell me whenever you want, okay?

"Oh, come on, hon.

"Oh, uncle... you know, tonight, the moon is beautiful. Yes, come with me... Yes, no, nothing"

"Gol, the bath's boiling. Want to come in with your mom?

"Try it, Ri Tan! O-ritan, Kaira's!

"Good night, uncle. Take your time off."

"Gol, yes, evening meal. I thought you'd be hungry by now, Mom, and I'm clear."

"Come on, Gori-kun!

Something tells me the sisters knock on the door of the room, so Goldwolf was restless.

... And until the next morning it was felt instantly.

The bed covered in freshly made sheets was as comfortable as a cloud, and Goldwolf quickly let go of consciousness.

In 'Purgatory' it is also synonymous with knocking your body aside, whether it is your own will or not, into a coffin.

So those three months...... no, physically it was long enough to be considered eternal, but in the meantime it has overrun and survived with the hypnotic sleep of closing my eyes only for a few seconds while standing.

One time, which can also be called the first sleep in a long time, was felt as short as a blink.

Goldwolf narrows his eyes to the light leaking from outside the curtain and the chirping.

And I noticed the weight like a little bird on both arms.

He slept naked, but there were two girls, leaning against a scratchy body.

Good morning, my lord.

The girl with her head on her left arm smiles moist.

I was lower than Primla when I was old, but the elegant, calm look like a lady makes me feel older.

Pearl-like eyes and long hair with a silky touch.

Goldwolf did feel the finesse of white skin like fresh snow sucking onto his body because he looked unwrapped.

"Whoa! My Lord!"

The girl with the right arm laughs cheerfully.

I was about the same as the girl in my left arm when I was a year old, but her innocent, shrewd look like a child makes me feel like I'm younger.

Black onyx-like eyes and boyish short hair.

Nor was she wearing anything, so Goldwolf felt clearly that the luster of brown skin tangled around her body.

The two girls clung to Osama's body like a snake mate, but the person just ate a little and never jumped up in a hurry, etc.

"... lukpur... when, outside..."

"My lord seemed so comfortable that I wanted to lay down on something called a bed."

"Hey, my you (My Lord)! I'm saying 'Pluck' when I call the Pulls together, but no!?

"Go back soon, both of you, than that. If anyone sees me..."

"It's okay, my lord. I've already said hello to the people in this mansion."

"What, when...?

"Yeah! I went with Luke while you (My Lord) were asleep! If you say you're a relative's child, you're welcome!

"But... good for you, my lord. Though I was able to get out of purgatory before it was sealed, I was wondering what would happen for a while..."

"So-so! I was so hungry, Pull, I thought I was gonna die!

"So, are you going to be able to do this? I still got that god smile..."

"More than that! Pull, I'm hungry! Morning, Gohan. Come on!

"If you pull..."

Mischievous interactions, like machine-gun shooting each other, cross in front of Goldwolf.

I usually have this happening in my head, but when I saw it, I felt kind of smiling, and my cheeks unwittingly loosened.

"... right. In the meantime, shall we make it breakfast? As for the Gorgeous clan, I haven't sorted out my feelings yet."

"Yes, My Lord!"

"Yeah, my lord!"

The two girls jump out of bed first.

Pull pulls Goldwolf up, and in the meantime Luke takes his clothes out of the closet.

After moving around Osama securely in perfect breath and letting him change... we wore clothes ourselves instantly.

Pure white mini dress luke and pink black bondage half trousers pull.

With girls like angels and demons reborn, Goldwolf left his room behind.