That was actually the third day since Osama started getting into trouble with Holly Doll's mansion.

Even though I refused to be a servant, Goldwolf felt it was not a good idea to do nothing.

I thought I'd even help with the garden, so I went outside the mansion...

"... Uncle! Uncle!

Just across the gate, I was stopped by a primula running out of breath.

"What is it? Mr. Primla, in such a hurry..."

"My uncle wants to show you something! Come with me!

Primla taking hands and pulling without waiting for a reply.

Goldwolf to be dragged and followed.

Soon around Osama's shoulder were floating luks and pulls shrunk to palm size.

Its presence, like a fairy invisible to others, is precisely like an angel and a demon to him.

"Primla, where are you going to take my you (My Lord)?

A pull that floats with pukapuka dressed like he's sleeping on the third moon and sounds telepathic.

'Mr. Primla, you sound like a dog who can't wait to walk. But tension comes from your hands. Attention, My Lord.

Like a lady with perfect courtesy, Luc is anchored to the space in a folded right position.

Though the words are somewhat poisonous, they deliver a solid analysis to the Lord (or the Lord).

"Maybe they're threatening me (Mylord) to get me into their Ajito...?

'Pull, I don't think so. Mr. Primla seems to see what he's thinking right in his face, so if he's threatened, he'll know soon enough. It's just... unless you think Mr. Primla won't be excited to finish you off (My Lord).'

"Oh, my God, I'm so busy here."

'You must have gone out of the residential area to the mall. The building is made of the same brick, but a lot smaller means this one must be downstream. Is that what makes that Chemli out to be a mockery, Entzu...?

"I don't care because I can't eat bricks or chemistry! More than that, there's plenty of food lined up like you've never seen in Purgatory!? Can't you take this and eat it!?

"If I pull... didn't you (My Road) say that this is a store and I have to give you something called money?"

"Nah! Like purgatory, if you defeat the one you have, you can't eat it -!

This catchy interaction takes place from time to time in Goldwolf's brain.

The mini-sized celestials were gleaming around his face wondering if everything they saw was unusual.

But Osama is used to it already, so he won't even get rid of them.

While doing so, Primla stopped in a slightly lonely place off the city's boulevard.

"Here it is, uncle!

Ba! and flipped the sleeves of a pure white robe, indicated with birchy hands… was once a shop, an empty house.

Though only the sign has a brand new curtain on it, other situations are like being thrown away.

The sails under the house are worn out. The dull glass store is filled with trampled snowy dust.

"What's wrong with this crushed shop?" Primla freshly got excited before Goldwolf asked.

"I want to do the shop! Shops for adventurers, like 'Gorgeous Smart'! With Mr. Goldwolf, who was once the manager of the store, join us!

That was an offer like a blue sky thunderbolt.

The famous Virgin wanted to work, etc., because it was as unlikely as the Prince wanted to beg.

As she is now, when she also becomes a noble family of Virgin Mary, she can live without the worry of hindsight just smiling.

Yet I can't believe I bothered to say that I want to work with sweat...

Goldwolf doubted my ear. Besides, the answer had already been decided.

"Mr. Primla, because of your offer, I've decided not to have an owner anymore. If you need an employee, why don't you be scouted another human being? Then let me help you…"

And Primla said, "Oh, no, uncle!" He swung his face and hands.

"The manager, not me... he's my uncle! I want my uncle to run this store!

To further unexpected offers, "What!?" and goldwolf that clogs the words.

Primla, the Virgin, is approaching him in a pulling mood.

"I, my uncle, went missing in Purgatory and I finally realized...! Why did your mother recommend" Gorgeous Smart "to your uncle...! There are many 'gorgeous smarts' in this city, but it had to be your uncle's shop, it couldn't be!

The girl didn't feel so shocked when she first heard the news of Goldwolf's disappearance, although she felt somewhat sorry for it.

Anyway, I just lost my mother... and your grief was bigger.

The loss of the flesh parents caused a huge hole in the girl's heart.

And next to it, there was a small hole.

Such a point that he poked it with a needle that he overlooked it as well.

Like a balloon from there, I don't even notice the air coming out......

Every time the hole follows time, it becomes enlarged in the girl.

As it distracted my mother's sense of loss, I headed to 'Gorgeous Smart' and realized that Goldwolf's smile was no longer there, and the days went on when I dropped my shoulders and went back.

And... it was a week after that that that I realized the magnitude of what I had lost... at the moment of The Goldwolf-kun Memorial Sale.

"... Goldwolf-kun, who was an employee of our store, went into the boss floor at the bottom of purgatory, recklessly alone, and went missing"

Although we already knew the facts of the disappearance, the words from the new store manager that he was accompanying at that time crushed the possibility that the girl was frightened.

Back from the sale to the mansion, with the breasts of my sister, who had just become a mother, the girl cried.

"Primla too (●), you were in love with Mr. Goldwolf..."

Reincarnation told me that while I was gently stroking my head... I finally realized it.

To special feelings for Goldwolf......!

Primla complained, moisturizing her eyes, as if what had happened then had come back.

"Please, uncle...! Would you like to do the store......!? This city needs your uncle's shop......!

Drink words there all the time.

Forget the way I said I took it around, I shook up the courage to tell you how honest I felt.

"No......! I... I need you...!

But that confession frustrates my nose around "Y".

"Ooh! This is the new store!

"Oh my God, I just came because it's open... you're not ready for anything yet"

On the basis of the girl and Osama, comes the men who are somewhat accustomed to seeing.

They used to be regular customers of 'Gorgeous Smart'.

"Gentlemen... how did you get here...?," said Goldwolf, as bored by the fox.

"Oh, I got a flyer this morning saying I can get a new store from Master Primla!

"I'm surprised the Virgin is a flyer handout, but oh, I'm surprised more, I can't believe it's Mr. Goldwolf's!

"Mr. Goldwolf, I can't believe you're back missing in Purgatory. Isn't that amazing!

"And you're going to run the store again! I'm so happy for you!

"No, I haven't decided yet…" says Goldwolf, not long after the words of welcome are spoken out.

"Oh, thank God! Whatever. 'Gorgeous Smart' near here has become a luxury route, so come on!

"Yes, yes! We only deal with royalty, nobility and senior positions, and adventurers like us pay up front!

"I guess not, so I just had to go to a private store nearby or a 'gorgeous smart' far away...... I knew it wasn't inconvenient"

"There's no place in the world where you can even give me advice on how to use it while you pick products for your quest, so I've been having trouble!

"Let's do it again. Come on, Mr. Goldwolf!

"Yes, yes! It's still before the store opens, but you've decided to be a regular in 'Slama'!

"... even?

Goldwolf accidentally parrots back a word that sounds like a store name he hears for the first time.

That was a surprising sense of naming, but the atmosphere was even more shocking, as if its nomenclature had already permeated the regular.

"What does this mean, Mr. Primura?

Turning to her questionable gaze, the Virgin shows her seemingly troubled face, like a child whose first flirtation was found.

"I'm sorry, uncle... I was wondering if your uncle would take it on if we didn't get this far..."

While she seemed sorry, she snapped a string dripping from the store's house.

Then the cloth that was on the sign was removed......,

slam dog mart

A brand new roommate appeared, depicting the image character of a dog.

Stunning not really, "Become......!?" Towards Goldwolf, to which the two sentences do not say,

"Son of a bitch... I thought about it without sleeping..."

and add primula.

... By the way, the image character of 'Gorgeous Smart' is the King.