Back when Goldwolf was solidifying his determination to make a new journey, a line of warrior brave (Seiyusha) parties that abandoned him were proceeding through an underground labyrinth (dungeon) filled with deep darkness.

New Spirit (Pointman), the first quest to welcome Al Boncos.

The youngsters had a sense of liberation with little Osama gone, marching willingly at first......

Whenever I stopped at the corner, circling the map, over there...... no this way, his rookie (Rookie) plenty lost, the party's discontent was on the verge of explosion.

"Ahhh!? Hey, Al! Trolley, don't move on! Whoa!"

Leader Crimson Teager has been kicking his ass many times since just now.

Each time Al said, "Shh, I'm sorry!" and turn around and bow your head.

... his predecessor, Goldwolf, had been investigating the quest challenged by the brave for a few days now, knocking the structure of the labyrinth, the monsters that inhabit it, the tendencies of the traps, etc. into his head beforehand.

Therefore, it was possible to explore carefully but without lagging behind, but Al youth did not have any prior knowledge to that point.

The only way to proceed is to always be frightened by the trap and get lost.

But this doesn't mean he's falling.

There is not a single person in the world who performs quest previews in detail.

That Osama was just unusual...!

"... hey, Al, isn't it a little dark? Much...... or is it seriously impossible......?

Lincilla, the Virgin, doesn't like the dark.

He has a face like there must be dirty stuff, and a zito eye that seems uncomfortable with the lacquered black that makes up the majority of his surroundings.

But what I get back from complaining is, "Shh, I'm sorry!" Only a chopped apology.

... My predecessor, Goldwolf, used a compact yet maximum light lantern with a full range of equipment choices utilizing the knowledge of a 'gorgeous smart' clerk.

So even down deep into the labyrinth hierarchy, we were able to ensure just the same visibility as the upper levels.

Only a small lantern in Al's hands is the current source of light.

It is the best silo thing you can do with just a little light around the party.

But this, too, doesn't mean he has a downfall.

Of course, to the lanterns.

For a normal adventurer party, we all amplify the light source one by one with that normal lantern.

After all, that Osama was an anomaly...!

"Ahhh!?... Hey Al! You stumbled on me! If there's a decoy, tell me there is!? These boots were expensive! Oh, come on!

Miglare is taken heel boot cat by floor indentation and worried firmly if it is not damaged.

Al, who continues to be blamed by his peers, says, "Shh... sorry! ♪ And I'm going to cry now. ♪

... This, of course, is not his loss.

Because the scaffolding of the underground labyrinth is bad because common sense is too self-evident......!

Because it's like putting a cuttlefish in front of a cat and making a scene when it's stolen...!

But Goldwolf was different.

If it is a small hole in the floor, use a handheld stone to repair it, if it is a large hole, shift the floor stone to make it easier to walk.

If it was irreparable, I would have called attention to it later...!

Its meticulous care allowed the women to proceed gracefully through the nest of monsters as if they were escorted through the red carpet.

Again, that... that Osama is too unusual...!

But it had become commonplace for party members, so I never thanked Osama.

Instead, it was the end of throwing a cold gaze at Al youth who couldn't even do it, "the unusable one".

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

A run-down wooden door stands in front of a line that was moving at a rate that made Namekuji crawl.

Crimson Teager pushed Al over as he pulled out his back sword.

After he threw a wink at the women, he danced to the room tearing a drop kick at the doors about to rot.

"Whoa!! ♪ Bakiyi!

It is a way of entering the house that would have definitely been blocked had there been Goldwolf.

The young brave man got on with the momentum of kicking through the door and began to dance across the darkness.

I didn't see that well, but the surroundings get a lot of excitement.

"The Sword from Direct Entry! That sounds too great, Master Crimson Teager! That's right, there are only warriors of Kwon Ten!

"Seriously, dude! Master Crimson Teager! When Osama was there, you couldn't say 'cause there might be a trap'! Aren't you super-user!?"

"Yeah, there can't be any traps or anything left in such an ombolo underground labyrinth.... and yet, how magnificent...! Very nice, Master Crimson Teager!

They even applauded him, behind his already heroic treatment of salvation...... suddenly, the firehand rose.

... doh... gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

Blasting flames that bind your ears.

A body dressed in silver armor blows away with dull residual light.

It's like a dummy doll for a collision experiment, dressed with a limb thrown out, coming this way.

The brave man, who was made to exit directly by the blast, gets too much momentum and hits Al.

We both slipped into the hallway outside the room.

"" Ku...... Dear Crimson Teager!?!?

Running over in blue, Miglea the Great Devil's Guide and Lyncilla the Virgin.

And see a shocking sight.

Brave's proud red hair was burnt away and his head was keloidal by burns......!

Have your arms and legs been broken or are bent in a strange direction, like a threaded puppet......!

Until now, just once... when Goldwolf was the point man, the brave man never fell, not even once.

On the contrary, I never even broke my knee.

But... now, I'm crawling...!

Besides... in a state of imminent death...!

It's blood spreading on the floor. Around the corner, the girls say, "Yikes!?," he cuddled.

"Ooh...! Ugh, ugly......! Ha, help......!

A bloody hand crawls out of between the armors.

A red hand that receives the light of a fallen lantern and is reflected in silver armor.

I couldn't wait to see the creepy sight.

"Ah...... Al!?" "Mr. Al!?

Neither of us ever tried to take that hand for help.

Ask him how he is with a crouching, peeking look into the fattening.

Then there... a young man whose flank was pierced by the sword of the brave and dyed in blood to the head of the boy...!

"Ha, help me......! Help me, please...!

I've squeezed out my pitiful voice to hear it too and have been asking for help......!

"... Lincilla! What the fuck are you doing? Come on, pray!

Rinsilla yells at me from Miglare and moves out like she's been bounced.

But on the way, I was hacked.

"Yes...... no......! In my prayers, I can't cure such serious injuries......! Without an amplification catalyst (boost item)......! Ah...... Al, don't you have it!?

"Heh... no...!

If you are a goldwolf, there is no outline of a favor now that you softly handed me before asking me to shame the Virgin...!

"Hey... what do you mean you can't fix it? Yikes!? You've never done that before. - Oh!?... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! I just have to ask other adventurers for help......!

The hem of the flipped Miglare robe grabs me.

"Ma... wait... miglare...! Help... don't call me...!

I pulled it off...... there was no shadow for a handsome face to see, discolored like a zombie, once a brave man......!

"Ku...... Dear Crimson Teager!? So, but it's a terrible injury!? Not like this...!

"Ugh! I'm fine...! More than that, let Godsmile know that I, the warrior, was helped by the adventurers (Zako) instead of failing my quest...! Sure, they demote me......! I threw away" The Waste Dog "and it's where you see me...!

"So, but... Al is...!? Al said it would stay like this...... ahhh!?

sooner than Miglare's words are finished,

... Zuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

And the sword that was stabbed on the flank of Al was deeper, and was determined by the hand of his Lord.