The city of Antrea, on the territory of Lutanvesta in the Hurlberry small country.

Once held by Goldwolf, "Gorgeous Smart No. 1" was fully renovated and made into a luxurious storefront like a jewelry store.

Nice, well-known adventurers and nobles are finally greeted by doorboys.

but otherwise humans are sissy driven away like wild dogs from the gatekeepers just to get close and can't even peek into the show windows.

Clean store covered in marble and not one chili falling off.

Swords polished up like water and protective equipment with the finest fur are laid out as if they were works of art.

Among them, guests are tuxedo clerks… guided by those who call themselves concierges and try on their gear.

All light and beautiful, they coloured my body as if I were a warrior (Seiyusha).

And the price is a hundred times cheaper than other stores...... a thousand times crap when it comes to the finest.

But... the only one, a delicacy no one has ever had in their hands, sells it as if it had wings.

A person watched the view from the blowout on the fifth floor in the conference room on the top floor of the store.

"Diamond Richnell Gorgeous"......!

Recognized for his accomplishments in abandoning Goldwolf to Purgatory, he is the head of Gorgeous Smart in this city, a branch manager (Yusha)...!

"After all, I'm a real business genius, aren't I? Oh, Lord Mertharion already loves me! Cahaha!"

He twirls and turns as he lifts his blue salad hair.

He sat smartly in a leather chair on the top of the table.

Then, the manager of each store, who had stood still, began to rub his hands.

"Yes! That's Diamond Richnell Branch Manager!

"Lady Mertalion, the goddess of abundance and harmony, is also the handsome first mellow of a branch manager!

"All stores this month, increased earnings......! This is also a gift of the Branch Manager's gifted guidance......!

"I can't believe he's not only handsome, he's also brainy...! Oh, it won't come true!

"Speaking of which, they say Gorgeous Smart will shift to all stores, luxury routes!

To one manager's word, Pattin! and a diamond rich chinnel that rings my fingers.

"Sooo! Store number one was a try, but it's super handsome, so I thought I'd change this city altogether! Then I'm not a magic pioneer!? Originally it was for selling expensive stuff to the rich regular customers that" Waste Dogs "had...... caha!

Once upon a time, Diamond Richnell has repeatedly ordered Goldwolf to sell more expensive, higher-margin weapons to rich customers.

but Goldwolf,

"Expensive stuff is certainly good, but any luxury product doesn't make sense if it doesn't fit your level. If you do poorly with weapons that don't fit, they can put your life at risk. So it's our job as clerks to propose equipment that maximizes your capabilities, not profits"

And why did you refuse?

Diamond Richnell breaks his face while imitating Goldwolf at that time.

"Cahahahahahahahaha! What is it that 'it's our job as clerks to propose equipment that can maximize your abilities'! It's totally better to suggest gear that can maximize profits - of which! Hey, super uke!? You're super ugly, huh!?

The store managers, much older than him, all laughed uniformly with their bellies.

Take a peek at one young manager.

"Ah......! Branch Manager! I have a little report on that...!

"... what is it, Il?

Diamond Richnell, with her laughing hips broken, looked grumpy at the young lady-headed man, the manager of this No. 1 store.

"Um... I'm about to be able to have a personal store near this No. 1 store that deals with equipment for adventurers. I haven't opened the store yet, but the flyers were handed out, so I put in a little exploration ahead of time... I was surprised to hear the manager's name there by chance...! How dare you...!

But the word is, 'goldwolf slamdock'......! and faster than it goes on, "Boo boo!" and was cut off with an incorrect voice.

"Huh, time over! I've already slipped, Il, so this is the end of your story!... I don't know. Come on, you're a real KY, right? Your brother, Al, who died the other day on an adventure, was reading more air, right? I'm talking about the next organizational alteration to the General Manager of the Lutanvesta Territory. I don't care about such a quick crushing personal store! Caha!"

... Indeed, 'Gorgeous Smart' boasts Dantoz sales in adventurer-related stores in this city that do not contribute anywhere else.

A single ant, such as just one personal store, was not enough to take it, just to crush it.

It's just... Diamond Richnell made a fatal mistake here.

If I had been told that the owner of a rival store was Goldwolf without blocking the words of Il Boncos, brother of Al Boncos......!

He said he might have had a great chance, like stepping on a newborn ant larvae yet......!

If that's how we delay Goldwolf's departure at all...... his future......

No, the future of 'Gorgeous Smart' could have been a lot different.

Because it's not just ants that have been unleashed by the wild...!

Any fat big black pillar is eating away, and by the time the landlord realizes it, he's collapsing every house, the white ants of terror......!

It was a hell of a white ant, resurrected from a place like purgatory...!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Around that time...... the rumored white ants were starting to build nests.

It was still a small nest, now named Slumdog Mart, but it was a big first step for him.

The first thing he did was clean the store.

I swept out the dust with a primula with a triangular towel and apron, ragged and polished the window shiny.

Repainting the walls and replacing the sails on the tip of the house that were worn out was a great transformation.

It became so beautiful that it looked different, as if it had been remodeled from an abandoned house.

But... this is still a 'beautiful empty store'.

Next, Goldwolf purchased the product.

Supply stores for adventurers in this country, including Gorgeous Smart, purchase products from inquirers in any store.

Goldwolf, however, was not an inquirer, but headed to a workshop producing weapons and protective equipment, where he negotiated purchases directly with the craftsmen.

This is cheaper than purchasing from an inquirer and has the advantage that it can only be reflected in the price of the product for that matter.

But unlike all the inquirers in one place, you have to negotiate with different workshops for each item.

At the end of the negotiations, Goldwolf attached several workshops to which he promised to have the goods sold individually, before selling them to the Inquirer.

And he went out early in the morning and bought all the products he had before being transported to the inquisitor, choosing to buy even fish in the market.

As a target audience, imagine an adventurer from beginner to intermediate, and offer a range of products in the store.

In the case of advanced adventurers, it was decided to take the form of taking orders before making purchases to avoid the risk of inventory.

And... electrically I took up the position of store manager, a few days later...

"Slumdog Mart" was the opening of the store…!