"Slumdog Mart," I thought the first day of the store would be quite a crowd, and Goldwolf tried to buy more.

First, when you open the swing door and enter the store, the popular one-handed weapon (one-handed weapon) corner.

The sword goes all the way to the knife, the short sword, and the long sword, while the wand goes all the way to the wand, rod, and staff on the shelf where the bookshelf was modified.

Especially since the knife carries so much as a must-have for any adventurer, the range is thicker.

On the left hand side are expendable corners such as potions and magic catalysts.

It is an easy display to see through the window, and the adventurer who traveled outside, noticed that he had forgotten to buy it, aimed to enter the store.

On my right hand side is a show window, which I intend to turn into a luxury weapons corner in the future, but now the giant stuffed animal of the dog 'Gold Kun', the mascot character of this store, is seated.

By the way, it was reincarnation that made this stuffed animal.

Go back to the store and you'll find a protective equipment corner.

Leather clothes, robes, etc. are hunger racks, and clams, iron armor, etc. are decorated by mannequins.

The deepest part is the long weapon and shield corner.

Two-handed weapons such as bastard swords and battle axes, spear-based weapons such as lances and halvards, bow-based weapons such as crossbows and longbows, and shields hanging narrowly on walls.

And finally, like facing the wall on your right is the accounting counter and the magic item corner.

It is decorated with accessories such as magic books, magic scrolls, rings and earrings.

Since the store itself is not that large, it would have been more efficient to handle gear for advanced adventurers with high interest margins, but Goldwolf dared to limit the customer base to intermediates.

Because I thought it was my job to help them unfamiliar with adventure.

Besides, many of the regular customers in the 'gorgeous smart' era are intermediate adventurers, so I thought they would sell quite a bit on the first day of the opening.

but...... I'm reminded that's a sweet idea.

Not worse, better......!

We welcomed customers along with primulas wearing 'Gold-kun' aprons in the early morning, but my God, they almost sold out in the morning...!

It was a delightful miscalculation, of course, but in the afternoon I had to stand in front of a shop like the one that was the mark of a break-in robbery and keep my head down to the guests who were unfortunately returning.

The reincarnation that delivered the flower wheel for the opening celebration in the afternoon also

"Fair enough, no! Gol and the store, I wanted to not!"

and dabbled around, and bought a battleax that the Virgin would not use even if she stood upside down and went home.

... Well, that would still be just the first day.

I didn't even give a big discount so I thought my customers should be dull tomorrow......

but...... I'm reminded that was even a sweet idea.

After closing the shop, the products gathered around the workshop became SUCKARACAN at the same speed as the first day......!

This is because the nearby 'Gorgeous Smart No. 1' converted into a luxury route, bringing together neighboring guests who lost their way.

... Well, this would also be a temporary demand.

Neighborhood adventurers should have gotten the gear they needed, so their feet should be dull too......

Goldwolf's idea, which was already becoming a wish, never came true even the next day.

Although every workshop I deal with has responded to the increase in production, I won't hold it until it closes......!

Originally, the store was aimed at interacting with the adventurer, the customer, and recommending a form of operation that recommended the weapons and protective equipment that were found in each of them.

But I'm so busy I can't do it...!

Among other things, Primla worked really well.

Whether it's even the first time an arms store clerk has ever worked, he flies around quietly without resting inside the store and responds to customer service with an overflowing smile.

Originally, Goldwolf had to teach the clerk how to feel, but without even that hippo, she remembered a lot of things with a knock up.

If it was a regular part-time job, it was a throw-free treatment that wouldn't be weird if you had escaped a long time ago, but it seemed rather fun and irresistible.

Though helped precisely by the character of the Virgin Girl, Goldwolf felt that there was just no way to continue this anomaly, and took it upon himself to investigate the cause.

And...... it will be figured out soon.

It was a dark one under the lamp.

"Well, thank you. Don't swing too much because you don't like it ~?"

I witnessed a reincarnation handing a ribbon shortsword to a veteran adventurer much older than myself...!

"... Mother Reincarnation? What are you doing here?

When I questioned the Grand Virgin, who at some point was wearing a staff apron, I laughed nicely without any evil.

"Oh, what, I've been helping you?

For the record, my breasts are too big to wear aprons at all.

Gold in the illustration, who is usually thumbs-up, is also deeply drooling with the most salute for her.

"Ever... since when have you been doing this?

Then Mother put one finger on her chin,

"Um, starting today at lunch"

I told him to remember.

Today, that means that... I was doing the same thing yesterday.

"... What happened to Mother's duties, 'Holy Duty'?

"Oh, Gol, are you worried about me? But it's okay, because Mother's grandfather finishes properly in the morning, and he's here since the afternoon."

With a smile like Asagao, Goldwolf holds his head to her, who says great sacraments like summer homework.

Sure, she used to see it in the store.

He was shaking his non-standard chest like a windy balloon, going that way or coming this way.

I knew it, I thought this store dealing with adventurer's supplies was rare and just immersed...

More importantly, this city of Antrea...... no, I didn't know you were letting the mother of the 'Holly Dolls', one of the leading saints in this Hurlbury small country, help you with the store......!

Just because my second daughter is here to help is a big case, but if she is also my oldest daughter, it is a big, big, big case...!

Like the scene of the big scoop, it is also natural for the foot to be uninterrupted......!

She was supposed to have a hard time watching... and put that on the florist's billboard daughter level...!

This is totally, until now, the downfall of a shopkeeper who hadn't noticed.

... but it is...!

Her customer service appearance was too subtle and natural, and she looked too good...!

A man of absolute observation not to be missed, whether a slight breeze strokes his cheek in purgatory or a slight drop of sand from the ceiling......!

That's Goldwolf Slumdog......!

But what wolf instincts perceive is an evil heart......! Just negative moods like killings and lies......!

Only this Grand Virgin has it, blending into the store. I know the mood was through to bypass his filter...!

It's like a deer running free in a bunch of wolves (Wolf Pack) …!

Once in the past, she has been exposed to bandits from a moving carriage.

but instead of being humiliated, without being asked for ransom... what a turnaround for all the bandits...!

A woman who holds the pace of any opponent and turns it into her place (zone) in any place......!

That's Mother Reincarnation Holly Doll......!

"But I can't do it every day, only when I have time in the afternoon...... hey?

With a naughty wink, she had already begun to negotiate with the kind of body (tay) Goldwolf had requested.

... goldwolf gives up.

Truth be told, both Primla and Reincarnation thought they would soon get tired of it.

He was coming to Taka to see what a common man's labor was like, and if he experienced it for a few days, he would return to his former Virgin life satisfactorily.

But... it was about a month after that that that I was reminded that that was the idea of hot sweetness.