A few weeks after "Slumdog Mart" opened, it had become so famous that there was no stranger among adventurers in the neighborhood as a store with the Virgin.

Primla, as usual, often worked as a billboard daughter, and the reincarnation that said "only when I have time in the afternoon" stood in the store like a day in a row.

What's more, a pine pack that didn't like to leave a message was brought in by the maid, and the Holly Dolls got all over the place.

The pine pack was still young, so someone had to take care of it all the time.

But this young lady moved from tree to tree when the clerk was wrong, and she was always in someone's arms.

But it was a familiar personality, so if someone you don't know is going to say hello or something, Shh! And I lay my face down.

And it was just... it was also the first month since the store opened.

Backed by a sunset that only peeked at one scale so that it caught on the roof, Primla was tapping the sail on the tip of the house.

Upon flipping the signing board to the closing side and returning to the store, he is given an envelope from the waiting Goldwolf.

"... Uncle, what is this?

"It's my salary. Thank you for a month."

"What, pay......!?

A primula that rounds your eyes on a goldwolf with a smile of ambiguity.

"It's outrageous......! I can't believe it's money, you can't have it! I didn't mean to help you...!

"No, take it. … because this is the money the customer trusts and pays for Mr. Primla"

"Do you trust me…?

"Yes, adventurers make money fighting monsters and exploring dangerous underground labyrinths (dungeons). Always make money in conjunction with death and next door. That's just as important to them as blood. They come to this store and buy weapons and protective equipment with what could be called blood."

That's what they said, and Primla freaked out.

Until now, my feelings have not boiled down, but I am reminded that I am indeed right.

Wear your own sold weapons and protective gear and they will be riding into the dead again......!

Of course, I didn't mean to sell it in a nasty way, but I get stuck dealing with their life-threatening stuff.

"… This money is also a testament to our customers' trust in us and their lives. We have to take it seriously. And we must do everything in our power to recommend weapons and tools that will benefit our customers."

Yes, it is.

Inside this envelope she has been responding for a month, the thoughts of the guests are packed......!

For a sick mother, a wannabe boy to be brave......

A young man who was breathing about trying exam quests to become a senior...

Sister who haunted me for hours to pick a cane for the party firepower up......

A veteran adventurer on a dangerous quest to live with his family once again......

An old adventurer who is working hard not to leave active duty to fulfill the dream of his late son......

And on my first quest to accompany the brave, I made sure over and over again that there was nothing missing, a Virgin as old as myself......!

With their faces in mind, Primla receives the envelope...... take care, take care and hug them to her chest.

Those people trusted themselves like this......!

You paid me dearly because you trusted me......!

If I think so, I'm about to cry.

For a famous' Holly Doll 'family person, that was an amount that could be called an end-of-pocket.

But the girl had never been more grateful for the money.

And renew your resolve.

so that we can help our customers grow further when they come to the store again......!

Learn more so you can recommend better weapons and protective equipment......! and......!

"... thank you, uncle...! I'll try harder......!

Goldwolf nodded back, yeah, to the primula that sparkled his starry eyes.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Next, Goldwolf heads to the reincarnation, which is replenishing the munchies of the sale.

For some reason, the body of the laid-back natural Virgin had a munchkin tangled like a stubble on her face in the morning, and she circled around in circles, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh?".

I don't know what bad luck has overlapped, but I help her out tied up in a way that squeezes her chest out, and I give her the envelope.

Incidentally, the contents are more than primula.

Because they put in the rent for this store and split the borrowed start-up funds.

"Oh, Gol, what is this? Oh, okay! It's a love letter to your mom, right?

"... no, it's a paycheck. Thank you for a month"

"What, pay......?

A reincarnation that rounds your eyes on a goldwolf with a bitter grin of ambiguity.

It was a sockly reaction with my sister, so Goldwolf took the lead.

"Take it. Because this is the money you pay for trusting Mother Reincarnation."

But...... I wasn't the person that such sermons worked for.

"Sort of... really like the store manager, great wow... Then as a reward, I'll give that to Gol's penny!

"That's troubling, Mother. I need you to take it..."

But reincarnation that twists your body to escape.

My chest is DURNDURN shaking.

"Oh, yeah! Then I'll take it if Gol calls me 'Mom' about my mom!

Even say it like the name suggests, Goldwolf kicked ass.

"... don't be ridiculous, Mother. If you don't accept money, which is a testament to your trust, you can't stand in the store any longer."

I said it with a tough face, but the other person would rather end up looking like a maiden in love.

"Oh well...... Gol...... you have a nice little face too......! You're already a perfectly fine store manager......! Oh, yeah! Then, if you let me knee pillow, I'll take it for you!

For further ideas, Pong, reincarnation to meet both hands.

A freshly cake-like object is overflowing with spills from your arms.

"... if I put my knee pillow on, you can take it, right?

"Yeah, the other way around. Mommy's gonna put a knee pillow on Gol."

I didn't know what the advantage was in the act, but Goldwolf, who didn't think there would be a latch to talk about it any more, hit his hand with a knee pillow.

Good is just a rush, the Grand Virgin spreading the cloth over the store's widest space.

Nico smiled and sat right as if she had even come to the picnic,

"Yes, there you are, Gol"

I slapped my soggy knee, even from the top of my dress.

Goldwolf lowers his back, feeling Primla and Pine Pack gaze that has gathered to see what is going on.

"... you know, Mother. My chest..."

When I said that because of my super-sized chest, I couldn't put my head on my knees, Reincarnation "finally" distracted my spine and created a space for me to lift my chest with my arms.

... Do I need to pillow the knee of a noble person, also known as Mother, to give him his salary...

Such a question shook Goldwolf's head, but he can't pull it off anymore.

I lay on the lap of the Grand Virgin with such thoughtfulness that I was rarely prepared to do this even in purgatory.

... directly above Osama lying on his back, then there are two double hills I wonder.

No, it's not that easy......!

Big Thunder Mountain is a double, cumming soon......!

Unexpectedly, the mountain cracks.

Beyond the packed and open letter M, there is a smile of the Virgin like the moon.

"Oh well...! Gol, cute sleeping face......!

Immediately after, the mountains and the moon fall.

With sights like the end of the world, the world of Goldwolf has been closed to darkness......!

Instantly, he will be hit by the most heinous moves he has ever tasted, even in purgatory...!

"As much as I want to eat it already......! I'm goo-goo, goo-goo...!

With a delightful scream, the body of the reincarnation closed like a bear trap......!

... uuuuuuuuuuu!

They press their faces with two cushions, with infinite elasticity.

If you change your view, it is the modus operandi of an assassin attacking your sleep.

Goldwolf, who hadn't screamed at this in a long time, couldn't help but scream.


Sandwiches by soft breasts and thighs everywhere feel like they are neck tightened with cotton confectionery.

Besides, I realize the big deal.

Mother's dress is packed under her chest......!

It used to be believed that mothers' breast milk had magic, and they sometimes breastfeed to provide magic to the brave men they loved.

Though it is now an obsolete custom, the dress that has long been passed down to the Holly Doll family is also structured to expose the chest easily......!

The nose buried in the valley was raw (catfish)... I felt my complexion, just breathing and the smell of glossy skin and the sweet smell of milk spread all over my nose.

"Hey...... hey, sis!? My uncle is going to suffer!

The primula rushing into a stop from the side is a completely dairy posture,

"I'll do it!

and a pine pack clinging to the head of the all-back.

By his eldest daughter's moves and the assistance of his second and third daughter... Osama has been completely locked away in The Milk Cage...!

And abruptly sinking......!

Just a minute after the gong rang, technical knockout......!

Even Hell's watchdog posing as an obedient demon wolf couldn't get a hand or a leg on the girls younger than herself even if they combined the three...!