... a month after 'Slumdog Mart' opened.

Though the Virgin Fever left, the store was still busy with a large crowd of adventurers.

If he can't do what he had in mind as it is, Goldwolf decides to expand Store 1 and open Store 2 as soon as possible.

Store 1 was on the south side of the city, but we searched for a vacant house on the north side to accommodate the customer's request that we also want it on the north side.

That was quickly found a candidate, but the question arose... who to put the new store manager to.

I'm still young, but I also thought about letting Primla try to do it with an assistant, but she said from herself, "I'd like to learn more by your uncle's side!" I was turned down.

I also thought about recruiting, but in my early days Goldwolf thought a trustworthy person would be good, so I talked to Reincarnation and asked him if he could borrow one of the mansion's servants.

"Oh, sure, fine. Because we have a lot of good kids... oh, but I still don't like it for free.... If Gol will let me sing a lullaby on her pillow when she goes to bed today ~"

... After a mysterious deal, Goldwolf nominated his maid Kulalalaka.

Kulalalaka is a maid of 'dishwashing', working at Holly Doll's Mansion.

"Dishwashing" refers to the role of the maid as the lowest end.

But she's not even properly dishwashed, and although her age is the same as her parents' reincarnation, she's been plucked out by many younger maids.

Long brown skin.

A disappointing shoulder like a primate's strongest woman peeking from a made-to-measure clothing with sleeves.

A ponytail tied together with colored hair like before dawn is more like a samurai than a servant.

Moreover, she is a girl who does not break her sharp face more like a watchman than a maid, and is also made a nose stump by her fellow servants because she has no affection.

I summoned her to the reception room at the Holly Doll family to make an offer to the store manager.

"I refuse"

The opening was the best, and I was given it back without a nibble.

"Well, Coo, how could that be?

In a tone that tells young children, when reincarnation asks why,

"Choosing me for all my faults in the Mansion must be because you feel sorry for me. I don't feel sorry for you. Now if you'll excuse me."

Kulalalaka bows her head to the ceiling and tries to leave the room.

Behind that, "No," the bitter running voice calls to rest.

"... Mr. Kulalalaka, I do not choose a candidate for store manager with sympathy. I'm asking you because I need your talent."

But with her ponytail tied, a ribbon like a black butterfly never turned around.

"Is my talent a talent for breaking plates? Or is it your talent for flooding the hallways? Or... is it a talent that makes Master Pine Pack cry with a scary face?

"No, it's not like that.... So what about this? Why don't you take on the manager if I can guess the real talent you're hiding?

Goldwolf's suggestion wasn't strange to be laughed at in the nose as ridiculous if you normally think about it.

But... the black butterfly, which was thought to be so stubborn, flipped again.

"Fine. There is no one who knows about me but Master Riglas, who picked me up. If you know me in part, but really know me... Believe it's not about mercy, it's about anticipating me and taking on the manager's offer."

"... ugh, seriously!?

A fairy in bondage sounds a surprise, floating beside Goldwolf.

There are also fairies in white dresses next door, but of course I don't see them except for Goldwolf.

'The rumors were true! I got caught up in this!?

'I'm also surprised at you (My Lord) for being carried without any context... but I'm still surprised at Kuralaka for accepting that without any doubt...!

'I heard that the people of Puget like to gamble... but not this far!

Goldwolf recommends the story, as if the stereo interaction was not audible.

"So let's just... let me tell you something about Mr. Kulalalaka's hidden talent. Isn't Mr. Kulalalaka from Pujeto's country?

Tingling, and the maid's seemingly powerful eyebrows moved.

"That's... inferring from the color of this skin, isn't it? Sure, I'm from Puget, but to that extent the answer..."

"And... wasn't my job in Pujeto a maid or something, holding a sword?

"Hit it. I assume you deduced from this physique that you're unfamiliar with your maid's work? But to that extent, even children..."

"But I'm not an adventurer or anything...... perhaps you were working to protect well-known people? For example... Holy Sabre..."

Zubali said of his former production, "Ugh......!?" and the coolaraka that clogs the words.

"... how do you know that...? I didn't even know I was a Holy Sabre...!?

"It's my wrist," said Goldwolf, lightly seeded against the peeling coolaraka.

"... wrist, so...!?

"In the southeastern country, the Virgin of Pujeto submissive rides use a sword of a special shape called 'Chalkan Blade'. That pattern wraps around the user's arm like a snake. Mr. Kulalalaka's wrist showed signs of it."

Kulalalaka said, "Ku......!," he moaned, and grated the sleeve of the blouse that was giving it all the way up to his shoulder, like the real killer who had been pointed out with evidence of the killing.

And then stick a sharp stare's cut to Goldwolf, like a blade from the body.

It was a horrible glance, like a swordsman starting to kill each other,

"... Fine...! The first of three fights is your win...!

The lines emitted were bad miscellaneous fish themselves at birth.

Ruk and pull in the air with a zucchin.

Reincarnation that doesn't keep up with the story and is pokernel.

When it comes to Goldwolf, he smiles as if that were the prescribed route.

"... thank you. So shall we get to the second round? What is the contents of the battle...... so what do you think? Me and Kularaka each stand in the store, which can make a lot of sales, and the battle is...?

Luc and Pull were gnawed at the overly bold suggestion that they were no longer willing to hide the plot.

"Hey......!? My lord, whatever it takes...!

'That's too much to underestimate about Mr. Kularaka...!

The maid of honor said, "Become... oh my God...!?," he snorts roughly, stiffening his trembling grip.

whilst, as if a bullfight with a red cloth in front was sanding.

'Oh... I knew... I got angry, Mr. Kulalalaka'

'I'm sure, don't be silly! I'm gonna yell at you and leave! Or you could get bummed!? Oh, I even got burned to a good place because of it......!

"... okay. Ugh! It's like releasing a shark on a beach, such as putting me up in an armorer who was a Virgin's squire (Holy Sabre)...! I will eat, eat and eat all the seabathers named Adventurers...! It's Goldwolf...... don't bark at me for losing......!!

Like a ramping bull horn, bish! and to the maid poking her fist out and screaming...... the angel and the devil were once again shrugged.