In this world, two elements are important in order to raise your rank as a brave man.

One is the achievement in that brave system.

If you are a warrior, complete the quest.

The more prestigious the client is and the more difficult the quest, the higher the rating.

Sales within 'Gorgeous Smart' if you are a brave person.

This can simply be expressed in numbers. Customer satisfaction will not be taken into account.

Creating better weapons, protective gear, and tools if you are the Brave One.

It is assumed that those with high parameters or those that can be traded at high prices are good.

If you are a champion, train better champions and adventurers.

This...... simply put, is appreciated enough to bring Godsmile helpful people out into the world.

And the lid... this is an element common to any brave system...

How Godsmile will like it......!

Together, the two get a high rating for the first time.

No matter how good your grades are, you can't be a good brave man if you can't happily lick Godsmile's shoes......!

But... but it is.

There is a system that ignores all those elements and runs up the street of birth all at once.

The best sales results of all time, the feat of making an Epic weapon, and the great loyalty of warming the grass with a nostalgia...... I can blow it all away, so to speak, Joker!

It is...... the exile of Goldwolf......!

First of all, it's just getting his exile assignment from Godsmile, or it's pretty difficult...

Anyway, if you banish him in the 'designated way' and make life and death unknown, Fever Time......!

Every time you review the rank of the brave, with a voice of the crane of Godsmile, you will be promoted, promoted, promoted......!

If you're a warrior, you don't have to take a quest or anything, or if you're a warrior, you don't even have to go to work. Special, special, special...!

... but here, do you ever wonder?

If Godsmile is so repellent about Goldwolf, he hopes he will kill him, even if he doesn't deport him or anything...!

But this hides the deep commitment of Godsmile.

I'm just wondering what that is and why... let's talk about this another time.

Nonetheless, after I cut the joker, there's only one thing to do......!

Yes, I won't do anything...!

While Goldwolf is alive and dead, he always gets the highest rating, so he doesn't have to do anything...!

But then, you may wonder if they will point to laziness... not...!

If you do something poorly and try to fail, it's counterproductive......!

A rare Big Venus gets fuzzy by a little black star......!

Now it's like overlapping three of the spades on a joker who's cut because of it...!

The old brave man, who understands that, after banishing Goldwolf, did nothing like a recluse old man.

One brave man and others who once left Goldwolf on a deserted island, on a luxury passenger ship he was on at that time, set off on a trip around the world as it were.

While I was enjoying my voyage, I even came out to be an executive.

But...... still young and bloody brave can be misworn.

Or… may be turned against a rival brave man who was jealous of his birth.

After banishing Goldwolf, he said that if he became even more active, there would be nothing more to interrupt his birth......!

To tell the truth, Crimson Teager and Diamond Richnell are this pattern.

Crimson Teager burned with ambition, and Diamond Richnell was put on a wayward ride by his playmates, the brave ones... who struck a forbidden hand.

Crimson Teager already has one, a black star, to tell after this what happens to the Diamond Rich Nell.

But he hadn't given up yet.

In order to smear the stains, he left the hospital to complete his next quest.

And that goes without saying, endless stupidity......!

He is and always was, because he is like a baby without Goldwolf......!

But...... we haven't noticed.

Trying to plug an empty wind hole in the balloon, make an even bigger hole...... let's see some really stupid and hilarious sights like a comedy (cont) that will speed up the crash......!

And... wake up too late, which happened to one girl...!