A line of warrior brave men had strained their sick bodies and proceeded through the damp cave.

At the beginning is Il Boncos, the new-faced spikesman.

Unlike my predecessor's brother, he marches gungly at an indelible foothold.

It has a small lantern hoisted with each hand, twice as much light as the previous one.

He looked like his brother Socchi, but his back was somewhat reliable.

Followed by the brave Crimson Teager.

He wears the hood of a cloak deeply that he never used because of the disruption in his hairstyle, and he walks with some bumps and whines.

Although his face was restored with a magic treatment that covered his entire fortune, he couldn't even regenerate his head, so he's hiding his head.

For Shingeri, Miglea the Great Mage and Lincilla the Virgin.

Miglare has been wearing thinner bottom boots utilizing her last reflection, so she is shorter than usual.

The purpose of this quest is the annihilation of Minotaur, who lived in a cave.

Crimson Teager gave him a name to take on a situation where the army would normally be put in.

He was breathing. And I was in a hurry.

Write off your previous quest failures with more challenging quests......! and.

But that sense of impatience had not been conveyed to my fellow citizens other than Il.

Because if it were the annihilation of the Minotaur's nest, it would have been a past experience.

Although it was an easy victory then, I was optimistic that it would be a nose song level this time because I've gained even more experience since then.

But it is.

The party configuration is very different from then.

The example Osama... there's no Goldwolf Slumdog.

If this is to be likened to chess, it's like a pawn in a self-defense is falling back on enemies except kings and gold.

As opposed to the same grade, a situation where even an understated opponent is not a contender.

So to speak, almost 'stuffed'......!

However, the young people are unaware that they are being placed in a desperate situation to be thrown at first hand.

Last quest, I just failed unluckily.

I didn't suspect that if I played the snowflake here, I could regain the momentum of the old bamboo.

As it dripped like a bell cavity or scattered a small puddle of water that rippled a little, I could see the orange light overflowing across the aisle.

If it's Goldwolf, I'm familiar with the structure of the cave, so I'll keep my people waiting a little further away beforehand and sneak up on what's going on ahead so I can't find them...

The line went into the open with Doyadhya, as if it were my own home.

... and time stops.

The identity of the light source is a huge campfire.

Around it are statue-like giants, seated in agua.

Expose your forged femoral muscles like a bodybuilder at all costs with a single lumbar minotaur.

Tall enough to look up, arms like a round too, and cow-like faces and horns.

It is a minotaur, a monster of the cowhead person......!

... a glimpse of bullseye and gaze collide, time moves out...!


A roar so loud that it makes the air tremble through the sinus.

The two spirits (pointmen) and the rear guards were lagging behind with their ears blocked by the explosion, but only the brave men had already laid their swords.

"Ahhh? That's how you think you're gonna freak out, you cowboy! This one's been mushy! I always kill him! Slash him till he's minced. Yikes! Ahhh!?!?


Before I finish my name, I get paid off by a minotaur sitting nearby.

Crimson Teager blows up like a deja vu and slips back down the hallway where he's just arrived.

"" Ku, Master Crimson Teager!?!?

Miglare and Lincilla rush to the brave, blue-blue, like a reproduction of that time.

"Come on! Don't come! What's wrong with you guys, the usual guy!? You would have let go of some big magic if it was always you!?

Then the two girls scream at the same time.

"" Mm, I can't rinse!!

... In their last Minotaur annihilation quest, they never encountered (encounted) a target in such a dumb situation in the first place.

Still, I used to deal with multiple minotaurs, but at that time Goldwolf always took the red handkerchief out of his pocket and rocked it in front of his enemies.

This is The Murator Technique he knitted.

Cattle and boar monsters can attract attention by provoking cloth.

The firepower of his companions, the brave men and the great demon guide, was far above the former Goldwolf.

But their grand sword moves and grand magic take time to prepare for activation.

Because he knew about it, Goldwolf was buying himself time.

But... my people had no reason to know.

One Osama was hurt, give me a reason.

Shadowy actors like our own chest swords.

On the contrary, the beginning and end of a confusion.

I wonder why, only today, the enemy won't give me the skill to even cast a short spell.

I wonder why, only this time, I have to be flirted with like a scrap of paper by an opponent I've been able to beat so far intact.

"We're gonna take a distance. Whoa!

Yes, it was the brave man, the leader, who cut the fire and escaped as a result of the detachment.

"Ahhh!? Wait, wait! Master Crimson Teager!

"Oh, please don't leave me!

The rest of us will follow.

And here, a new dysfunction emerges again.

"Ahhh!? Divided way!? Whoa! Il!

"Hey Il!? Right or left, which way do I go? Yikes!?

"Ha, hurry up, Mr. Il!

The brave man, the archmage and the Virgin, who stopped on the street, cried out to hasten toward the spiritual soldiers (pointmen) who had come after them later.

but what came back was a word that doubted my ears.

"Wow, I don't know. Ooh!?

Running away in desperate shape, a ratty, tiny young man.

"I don't know! I don't know. Ooh! 'Cause Master Crimson Teager was scared, and he walked all over me yay!!!

There were countless herds of cowheads over the head of a kid full of cobs, like rioting out of a bullfight and rolling out into the city...!