Young Spirit Soldier (Pointman), deliberately committed by Il Boncos.

That's the mistake of walking through the underground labyrinth (dungeon).

When the lead lagged at all, Crimson Teager's tongue flied from behind.

So he went into the foolishness of choosing a path that he didn't want to be scolded too appropriately and making it look like it was going well.

Slowly going through the cave, that dependable back is totally disguised (fake)......!

If I had caught a few stops along the way, my people would have wondered...... lucky...... no, unlucky......

A line of brave men came straight to the depths where the Minotaurs were.

But not remembering the path you came through means that it may not be straightforward to return.

This is equally true for passenger aircraft flying without regard for returning fuel.

The adventurer made a serious mistake... and he is no longer a spiritual soldier (pointman).

I'm just a hell of a road guide......!

The Crimson Teagers cursed the Reaper-like youth with a hundred words and were filled with desire to slap them with a thousand fists.

But now is not the time.

There's a runaway locomotive coming up right there.


The noise like the whistle of a steam locomotive and the treading hooves vibrate and shook the area.

To the heavy bass that comes up, the brave man can't move as if he had his heart strapped and grabbed.

Until now, a cow-headed human monster who thought he was a miscellaneous fish had never felt more horrible.

""... Dear Crimson Teager!?

A young man called by the women to regain his slightest pride and sanity.

Forced to move his body hardened like a plaster, he ran the typographical split out to the left.

If it's always the case, you'll be free from the chase hand here.

but the hoof sound of a giant riding horse looming will always cling to his ear and not leave.

Still running snugly, Il was lining up beside him at some point.

He's got the fastest legs at the party, lightly dressed, so he caught up with the leading Crimson Teager.

"... ah!? Ahhh!? Hey, Il!? Teme, what are you running in the same direction!?

"What!? What do you mean?

"Ahhh!? You don't even know that, you fucking kid! It would also be Temei's job to buy us time to escape!

"Oh, no!? Don't mess with me!

Yes, that's not the common sense of a spikesman.

It's Osama's common sense...!

Osama would never do anything to escape us if the party were to run away.

Be sure to do 'I'll take care of this place and everyone run'.

In the case of a street like the one earlier, it is Theory for him to escape in the opposite direction.

That way, the enemy's defenseless back will be directed at his allies, making it a great opportunity to tap into the upside down moves.

Sacrifice yourself and turn the pinch into an opportunity......

That can make it natural Osama, Goldwolf Slumdock......!

Even so, there is no such thing as a spiritual soldier (pointman) who can do this.

Unless he is familiar with and observes Minotaur's movements, he is an impossible artist.

End-of-the-life walls stand in front of a brave party that runs wild together.

I was caught in despair for a moment, but found two rusty scissors hanging.

This cave used to be a mine, so there are these things by the way.

They don't even know why they have hashigos because they have done a brief pre-investigation, but they haven't even looked into what happened in the past.

More than that, he jumped on the scythe, trying to push others away, like a deceased in spider thread.

Crimson teager on the right side of the hashigo.

Miglare and Lincilla on the left-hand side of the hashigo, and Il.


"Hey Il! You go away! Though I'd be willing to peek into the robe from below!

"Holy shit, you wouldn't do that at a time like this!? Oh, then if Asi climbs first...!

"Ha!? Why is the junior Il first?!? What the hell!?"

"... Mr. Il, seriously, is that impossible!? Read the air and go that way!

He is kicked from Miglare, sissy driven away from Lincilla, and Il is forced to cling to the right hashigo.


The Minotaurs arrive in the trail to hit you.

I've reached out, but Il escaped the difficulty with criticism.

But the Minotaurs didn't give up,

"Bumo! Bumo! Bumo! Bumo wow wow!!!

As if the power-based DQN were going to destroy the park's playthings, they started pulling the scissors off the wall...!

Vicky, vicky, vicky............!!

There is a lightning crack in the wall, and the iron pair peels off as easily as a tease on the wall.

it to the point where the crimson teager or il is grabbed and

"" Wow!?!?

The two swung through the sky like an aerial blanco.

"Ahhh!? Whoa, Il! Get off, Temee! Get down and be Otri!

"Oh, no!? If I fall now, I'll be dead!? Oh, give me a break!

I'm about to fall, so Il begs as I grab the brave silver boots.

Shortly afterwards, I wondered if the soles of his shoes were shaken up so smooth that his face reflected in the

"Ahhh!? I don't know what I'm talking about. It's useless... here it is!

...... gosha!!

Intense stomping bursts, like punching in the face with an iron blunt instrument......!

"Yikes!? Ah......!? Wow!?!?

The young man with the head, who has let go of his hand in severe pain, falls into a big letter.

From his nose bent at 45 degrees, sprinkling blood like a rampaging hose.

In the world of slow motion, he watched his fellow men slowly wander away...

The brave man had his middle finger up.

The Great Devil's Guide was tongue-in-cheek.

The Virgin was smiling and waving.

Eventually, the vision becomes like a strained membrane, seeping away.

Large grains of tears flood me and I move away from my eyeballs.

The last tears the young man shed in his life were bleeding and dos red and dirty.

Shortly afterwards, the world turns dark.


...... Gusha!! Gusha!! Gusha!! Gusha!! Gusha!!

He was trampled like the man who snorted in the rush hour, so... it became a red and black stain all over the floor.