Three young men can climb an iron set that has become like a rope ladder while the spikes (pointmen) are in a bag kick to the Minotaurs.

The top is made up of a wide dance floor with a large puddle in the center.

Behind, there were a number of passageways stretching, which gave a hunch of further labyrinths.

But the exit will be close. I feel the wind blowing in from across the aisle.

The high ceiling had an arched window that cut out the blue sky, with light plunged in like a leg had grown.

Although I lost my lantern because of it, I never had trouble seeing it.

I never thought the sun would be so grateful.

Unexpectedly take a breath......,

... Dogon! Dogon! Dogon!

Soon after, vibrations like pile punchers will stick up.

Looking under the climbing wall, the Minotaurs were just crawling up as they wore the wall.

To the dreaded power, the girls shudder at the brave.

I was making clues, so it was pretty slow... but it seems to be steadily approaching.

"Ah?... Shit, it's them...! But just fine. Hey, Miglare, give him a big shot."

Now I can take plenty of time to activate the Great Magic.

If you turn the corridor below into a sea of fire, you may not have to work to complete the sweep.

Thousands of chances of encounter, but Miglare, the Great Mage,

"Mm, I can't..."

He lay face down awkwardly, waving his curly hair left and right.

"Ahem? Why can't you!? The magic would still be there!?

"Ugh, yeah. There is magic. But my wand... I don't have a wand...! On my way up the scythe, I dropped it...!


Quack! and a crimson teager that opens its bloody eyes.

"Oh, I'm sorry, brave man!" He grabbed Miglare's chest, trying to bow his head, gushing and attracting.

"Temehe, come down now and get it!

"Oh, no, it's mucha! He's dead! Forgive me, brave man!

I try to shake off the crying miglare and the gen trick is shaken up.

... bah!

And I saw an illusion.

...... Gashy!

'Ya, please stop, Mr. Crimson Teager, waging violence against women is...'

"Ahem? Then you can hit him if he's a bastard temei!? Ahhh!?

'Ha... yes, I'll be the one to replace you, so uuuuuuuuu!?

... Dogga!

Earlier than I finished, I punched Osama in the cheek.

You failed! Damn it, damn it! Damn it, damn it, damn it!!

... Gassssssss! Gas! Gas! Gas! Gas!

A hard toe of metal boots enters the fallen body.

"Gu!? Ugh!? Ha!?

But Osama doesn't resist at all.

Only round your body so the storm passes and withstand the rain of the kick.

... That was just when Miglare and Lincilla had just entered the Crimson Teager party.

Miglare magically failed to open the locked door, and it closed harder.

If the door doesn't open, we won't be able to move on and have to interrupt the quest.

When his white background scratched him, an exasperated crimson teager tried to beat Miglare.

... and she just made a second mistake.

... but that guy you covered for me then, he's gone.

... Instead he beat me up and instead he made up for the mistake, that guy...

... Domung...!!

Miglare's lower abdomen is struck by the sound and shock as if she had slapped something weird on the drum.

One day I dreamed of having Master Crimson Teager's baby... was given to her stomach, not the crystal of love or anything else... but a fist filled with hate.

As intense as a body blow, the body of a gal girl blown away like a piece of paper scrap, in the middle of a puddle on the dance floor, is squeamishly beaten.

And... further misfortune strikes her.

...... Zulung......!

It seemed like a puddled floor, which sank like a skin membrane, enveloping her lower body.

And look around slightly like a pool, one side turns into a watery peristalsis.

... Let's go, let's go...!

It fills the floor like countless water snakes, and it's 'Tentacle Oasis'......!

Similar to cannibal chests (mimics) and other monsters that simulate in an underground labyrinth (dungeon) facility...!

'Tentacle Oasis' inhabits a labyrinth with little or no water, or a rich labyrinth.

In the former case it is simulated as a fountain, in the latter case as a puddle, waiting for the adventurer to approach.

This underground labyrinth of Minotaurs has puddles everywhere in relation to groundwater.

That's why it's good for them to lurk their breath.

Even in such a bright place it only looks like a floor and a puddle, so it's impossible to see through.

But with Goldwolf, it would have been sensible.

There are skylights so there's a chance of rain coming in, but it's been sunny here lately.

Besides, even though this is all a well-ventilated place, I should have seen through who I was due to the unnaturalness that the puddle was still there......!

Probably his main body, thick columns stretching out like meibe.

The area around the roots cracked packed and muddy mouths appeared like eating plants.

The tentacles of an elephant, growing like a corn mustache from around its mouth.

Pulsed with dokundokun, he was dragging Miglare's body in at a rate that would make Namekuji crawl.

So to speak, this monster is a bottomless swamp......!

If it doesn't move, it stops sinking as if it's pausing, but when it rumbles, it sinks like a fast forward...!

But the girl knew about it from past experience, so she also endured the disgust of her tentacles to keep it from moving.

Numerous tentacles have ingredients that melt the skin, meat, and even bones carefully.

He was attacked by a cold burn-like pain, but he stuck his teeth together and endured it.

If it were meant to be, a monster of this magnitude would not be her enemy.

He's very sensitive to sword-wielding movements, and he draws in faster, because magic, although it has chanting time, can be chanted without much movement.

You can easily evaporate Meibe by tapping him into the great magic of the fire attribute.

But now, my partner's wand is the bottom of Naruto......!

She doesn't even carry a knife, so a complete round hips......!

With only his gaze, he had no choice but to ask the fellows standing in the abyss for help.

... and see the illusion again.

I'm dancing without one or two, look at Osama...!

Zah...... paaahhhhhh!!

"Oh, Osama!? You're jumping into a tentacle oasis. Oh, my God, are you seriously crazy!? I can't believe I'm joking with Osama...!

Osama ignores Miglare's protest and holds her in one princess's arms.

The tentacles, who could not leave even as long as that, came off null as eels.

"Tentacle Oasis jumps in nearby and your tentacles will only loosen for a moment, distracted by new targets!... whoa!

And so he shouted, throwing his princess's body toward the Crimson Teager in the abyss.

"The monster is approaching! Leave me alone, you guys get away with it! The aisle went to the right about twice and then to the left all the way...!

At that time, I was freaked out by the monsters that pushed me over, and they were all running away without asking Locke about Osama.

I don't know how Osama got out of Tentacle Oasis, but he comes back to the party with a worn out body.

And I said this with a smile to Miglare, who never thanked me.

'Oh, good, you didn't seem to have anything. I was worried it wouldn't leave a trace on my face with dissolved ingredients. "

... At that time Miglare only thought it was' creepy '.

... but... as soon as I found out it was a tentacle oasis, faster than anyone else... no, only one jumped in, that guy is gone.

... even though he might sacrifice himself, he saved me with his life, that guy...

"Damn it. Ahhhhh!

Miglare's tympanic membrane is shaken by a raging, vain fury.

"... Damn! Damn it, damn it, damn it! Damn it!! Don't you dare step on me! Damn it! Keep it up, you failed your quest again! Damn!!

Crimson Teager in scolding whilst stepping on the estate with Dandan.

"I'd easily fuck him, so I put him as a hole......! I just trample on the dodges when it's critical......! This Xarema-O shit!!... Let's go! Lincilla!"




... Hey, hey...

Hole, what, Nani...?

He said he would... make us the first lady of Harlem... was he... lying, was he...?

Yet... why are you leaving us...?

Besides, Lincilla......

You said we were zuccups...?

I'm the second lady, so we'll all be together the whole time, I say...

Dear Crimson Teager, us and Lincilla... let's just love each other the whole time...

Yet...... why aren't you telling me anything?

Why are you leaving us without saying anything...?

...... oh ok......

We were dumped...

And I finally figured it out...

Us... Osama was there, so I could live this far...

Using our great magic, because our banging enemies are dying... I've always been wrong...

But that's... because Osama... Osama was there, you could have used great magic without anyone interrupting you...

... and yet I've always teased you that you can't use it...

I've always said terrible things, terrible things...

I never apologized, and I never thanked you, Cotto, but...

I'm sorry... I'm sorry, Osama.

Yeah......... sorry, Mr. Goldwolf......!

Us... Us, stupid...!

By now... I can't believe you realize how important it is to be so... seriously stupid...!

I'm sorry......!

Sorry.........! Mr. Goldwolf...!

You can't say I forgive you......!

But... but please...! It might be a more convenient favor now...!

Instead of us... live, come back from purgatory alive...!

A dumb kid like us...... many alone, save him......!

Please...... wish!

Goldwolf, come on!

White tears cling to her cheeks like waterfalls, puffy and jaw-dropping.

The girl I thought was my best friend told me, whitening makeup.

As if to drop it, the girl cried blurry.

The girl alone, she can't even move... just wet her tentacles, from between wave-like twists.


and something comes up.

Mixed with twigs, it was... a 'fire amulet' made by processing flaming stones.

A super rare item that enables users to activate the flame attribute magic they are mastering only once without the need for wands, magic consumption, or chanting.

Among the hazy girls, that smile overlapped again.

'Here you go, Mr. Miglea. I picked it up when I was on an adventure with another brave party. I can't use magic, so it's useless, but I was wondering if Mr. Miglare could use a lot of flame attribute magic.'

At that time, I received it with the intention of selling it off immediately.

Of the pockets in the robe, I left them underneath, which I rarely use, but I've completely forgotten so far.

Although it was already a dissolving component of his tentacles, melted from the lobe's waist down to the flaming stone, which is just the weakness attribute, it seemed impossible.

"... thank you, Mr. Goldwolf..."

The girl snapped.

I wipe my tears down and give you a face.

And in a situation where I don't already have a lower body feeling, I made a decision.

Which one of the following three?

I. Towards the Tentacle Oasis, activate the Great Magic

II. After climbing the cliff, activate the Great Magic toward the herd of Minotaurs who will follow the brave

And three......!

Two backs going down the aisle and butch the great magic...... Huh!!

"... wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!