After a period of training in Kulalalaka, 'Slumdog Mart II' opened in the sun.

Store No. 1 will also be expanded and the store will be spacious.

Goldwolf moved on to the next step, as customers also became dispersed in the two stores and their busy schedule was somewhat reduced.

It is a response to the children's deduction.

When Goldwolf used to work for "Gorgeous Smart," he suffered a lot of damage.

That's what the kids coming to the store were doing in an organized way, but they didn't blame it while they were aware of it.

At the time, Goldwolf thought that he would reflect on it as an adult, even if he had experienced some bad things as a child.

… he had the idea that 'all human destinations are good'.

And that's not only for kids, but also for Godsmile, Crimson Teager, and Diamond Rich Nell.

All humans thought it would be good to slow down.

Osama never even doubted them, no matter how many brave men left him during his quest beyond counting.

Even if the two groups of youths are clearly declared and left in the worst place in the world......!

I was hoping, like a maiden, that she would come and help me by believing, revamping...!

Swallow by the 'Mouth of Truth' in Purgatory, until that day......!

In addition to that... after a March (Mitsuki) like the pawn of Othello, where life and death turn away lightly, I began to wonder if I had ever thought wrong.

I was wondering if the evil kids were doing 10,000 bucks at the store as a stretch to adults or as a chest test to taste the thrill.

But the majority of them, poor children.

They were also children who admired adventurers and were stealing weapons to get out of poverty.

But even though I was armed with stolen goods, if that makes me the right adventurer, it would still have been good... the world couldn't have done so well.

Those boys are the ones who get their eyes on the bad adults and get themselves into the dark road behind them.

Now he spends his days wandering the back alley in search of prey, only in the name of an adventurer.

Reaching the conclusion that maybe his shop was helping to make security worse, the nascent Goldwolf decided to change his response to the spared child.

First, you turn to them you've got, and you say it like this.

"Work in this shop. Then I'll give you this weapon. And I'll show you how to use it."

He hired the boys and girls at the store and decided to teach them with his own hands how much labor it would take to buy the stolen weapons.

Sometimes, tours were organized to teach how weapons were made and also took them on a social tour to the workshop.

It was in a place as hot as a baking kiln, where the grown-ups beat the iron they burned while sweating and showed themselves until they created a single short sword.

I wanted my children to know the difficulty of making weapons and the dignity of working, but I was doing this, but it also had unexpected effects.

Adventurers began to admire blacksmiths and children began to show up to volunteer as disciples.

Now they have become 'chasers', apprentices of the workshop, mingling with the adults and rushing around in the heat with one tank top.

And Goldwolf furthermore used the vacant space in the expanded No. 1 store to start the classroom for his child.

He said it would be good for kids who can't go to Adventurer School or who can't afford to go to school to advance.

... Let's talk about 'Adventurer's School' here.

In this world, a school for the brave and adventurous exists, which is enacted by the Committee for the Education of the Brave.

They are divided into small, medium, high and large by academic year… moreover, they are divided into the following four categories by profession:

Brave Schools

Schools for the brave.

Sons such as Godsmile and the King can enroll unconditionally and enter the privileged class to which the future has been promised.

But nobility or less can only be admitted to the general class after passing a rigorous exam.

Moreover, no matter how good the exam scores, it is a mechanism by which parents cannot pass unless they have made significant donations.

Senior Vocational School

Schools for senior positions such as knights, archdeacons, sages, etc.

If you are a nobleman, you can enroll unconditionally as long as you donate, but the common people cannot enroll without passing a rigorous exam.

junior vocational school

Schools for lower ranks such as warriors, bandits, wizards and monks.

Anyone can enroll if they pay for admission, but advanced exams are rigorous. However, if you pay the same amount as the enrollment fee each year, you will be able to advance unconditionally.

School of the Virgin

Girls' school for the Virgin.

Appearance screening is of paramount importance for admission, followed by pattern screening and finally by exam results.

While in school, the equivalent of the 'Temple of Godsmile' harem assessment takes place, and anyone who passes, even in the lower elementary school year, will enter the Godsmile harem without waiting for graduation.

The one who wields the teachings in these schools is "The Brave Man."

By the way, if you are up to junior high school, you can take the stage if you have general school teacher credentials.

Of course, Goldwolf wasn't a mentor, and he didn't have a faculty qualification, but he decided to start a private school in the store.

It was in anticipation of what happened around here that I chose Kulalalaka as my store manager.

She is a samurai and has no love or shit, but she had the skill, so I entrusted her with mentoring a motivated junior adventurer.

And if you're from Goldwolf, first of all, as a small hand check, I opened a children's class for men and women under the age of 12.

If it is well received, we intend to expand the target age.

Then the atmosphere in the store was more glamorous and soothing than ever before.

It was where the motherly gentle smiles of the Virgins and the hopeful smiles of their children always blossomed.

Those two smiles overshadowed the traditional concept of adventurer supply stores.

Until now, the store was a slaughtered space, where the goods hissed like garbage piles in the store, narrow shoulders bumped into each other, and the store's oysters were thinking about how expensive they were to sell and buy and beat cheaply.

But 'Slumdog Mart' is different......!

The name of the store was the wild dog (Slumdog), but it was healthier and brighter than anywhere else in the city of Antrea...!

And this is the "Slumdog Mart" fast forward arrow that I later refrained from (doing this) ……!

Now it was only one arrow... but I didn't know the rain of arrows would fall on 'Gorgeous Smart' enough to later turn a clear sky into a black dark sky...!

As one of the brave ones, I didn't even imagine...!

Though two stores were quite topical, it seemed like something that was going to stop in Diamond Richnell's eyes, but he hadn't dealt with them because of the haha, no matter how the stores for the common folk came up.

Yes......! No matter how much I collect my ears and eyes, I am more of a personal shop level......!

Because in front of 'Gorgeous Smart', which runs the top of Dantoz around the world, I thought it ranged below errors such as share eaten with it......!

Diamond Rich Nell......! Take a chance to be aware of it, Hui again......!

He said he saw the shadow of a white ant, but he missed his way back to the missouri nest...!

The young courageous man was obsessed with transferring his previous plans into action, rather than the other way around.

If this succeeded, I would have liked Godsmile even more and believed that I could march down the street of birth.

But...... that's unprecedented, awkward, foolish, incompetent......!

It was like grinding a big black column with a scarecrow on a white ant... it was a rare big bad hand...!