That was some time after Goldwolf became branch manager of 'Slumdog Mart' and his busy days were over.

The weather was nice in the morning, so when I was cleaning and cleaning at the store number 1 for the first time, I found a small figure in a thin alley opposite me.

Objects like cotton candy flutter out of the shadows.

Noticing Goldwolf's gaze, he pulled in like a little rabbit found by a wolf.

Keep the hoe, I'll try to get softly close.

"Was it still Mr. Glasparine, long time no see"

The girl, voiced by Goldwolf, said, "Cu!?" He screamed like a strangled hen, causing his small body to shrink even further.

"Oh, did I surprise you?

"Ugh... no, no, ooh, sorry! I'm so sorry I surprised you!

The girl leaves nagging, shaking her soft hair up and down with a boom.

The glasses that were on that clap came off spongy and nearly knocked me to the ground, but Goldwolf had predicted it or it suffocated in his hand, which he had offered in advance.

"Yes, please, Mr. Glasparine"

"Oh, excuse me!

Girl wearing back her frightened glasses.

She's showing off her communally handicapped since then, her name is "Glasparine Short Site".

He is one of the regular 'gorgeous smarts' when Goldwolf used to work.

Long, chestnut hair like cotton wool with restless, tonal eyes.

I always wear big, round, and thick glasses.

It is a daily tea meal to crawl with "glasses" when you say you are so close to seeing nothing without glasses that you drop the outline of that favor all the time.

Too much dropping. Not really, what I'm putting on right now also contains cracks like there was already frost.

but it doesn't matter how much money she has in her case if she is changing the lens due to that amount of damage, so she says she will continue to use it in that condition until it breaks.

The outfit is an academic gown for teachers, but it's tiny and child-faced, so it just looks like a grade school returning.

Finally, as the first impression suggests, he is almost a dodgy child of the small animal system.

"Happy opening, Kaka!

Glass paleen offering potted flowers, trembling with words to scratch.

If it's a celebration, it's normal to look them in the eye and give them to them, but she can't because she's scared of someone she hasn't seen in a long time.

I don't find Goldwolf particularly offensive because he remembers the character and scum of every regular person.

Rather, he cares about the other person, stopping him and treating him with a gentle voice.

And I also guessed that she wanted to go into the store but was scared and couldn't, so I wouldn't forget to ask her out subtly.

"This is, thank you. Let me just decorate it at the store. Why don't you stand up and talk to the store?

Glasparene said, "Oh, thank you!" and with the most courtesy of momentum, he was caught glasses again.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Glass paleen guided to a reception space in a corner of the store.

Goldwolf handed her the accessories in the elongated case.

"Wow, that's a nice necklace"

What was in the box was a silver chain with a small brooch by the way.

The brooch was designed with a floral pattern, so the face of the flower lover Glass Palin was dusted.

I was nervous about Kachikochi at the beginning of the encounter, but this seems to have melted a lot.

"Thank you. I designed it for Primla, and I made it."

Glasparine reflected the white light on one side of her glasses, "Huh!?" and raised a dumb voice.

"Gosh...... was this made by Mr. Goldwolf!?

"Yes, I was remembering Mr. Glasparine the other day, and the image came up, so I tried to make it."

The girl across the street said, "Wow, take me...?" and blushes his cheeks in a pop.

"Yes. That's not actually a necklace, it's what I wear on my glasses. Hey, can I borrow your glasses?

"Ha, ha..."

He looks a little frightened, like an identity. Glasses kid to take it off.

Clear brown eyes just stop tying the focus.

Without her glasses, she couldn't tell the difference between apples and fireballs.

Feeling that anxiety, Goldwolf quickly put a chain on the received string of glasses and returned it to her.

"Yes, go ahead. Try wearing glasses after fastening the chain behind your neck like a necklace"

"Ha... ha"

When Glasparene replies snugly, she puts her glasses back on, as she was told, as if she was being poked even at the gunpoint.

He's shaking by his cheeks like a girl, his eyes patting on a silver mochi.

"This, what the hell...?

"Didn't you mind?

"Hih!? Yes, no, no, no...!

Glasses flying with Spawn along with powerful denial.

Unlike usual, however, it landed on the chest without leaving the owner.

And haah!? and take a breath.

"Meh, my glasses, they don't fall......!?

"That's right. It's got a chain on it, so you're not gonna drop it, are you? Plus, you can call again as soon as it comes off."

"Su... soo soo amazing!? How did you come up with such an amazing thing!?

"Purgatory... while I was away for a moment, I thought of something."

'All lies -' echoed a flirtatious voice in Goldwolf's brain clouding the words, but silenced.

"There are many adventurers who love to use glasses, so we are looking to commercialize this. I was wondering if there was any demand for glasses to be reattached in a short amount of time, even if they moved dramatically during the adventure."

"Ah... there is! Absolutely! I want this too! How much is it!? Sell it!

"No, I'll give you that. You became a junior elementary school teacher, right? It's a celebration."

"Hiu!? You knew that!?

"Yes. Ever since you came to 'Gorgeous Smart', you've been aiming for it. Congratulations."

"Ah... thank you very much! Thanks also to Goldwolf for passing the faculty exam that fell over and over again and the recruitment exam that fell over and over again!

"No, I just gave you a little advice. It was Mr. Glasparine who passed...... Oh, now you're Dr. Glasparine. It's a result of your own hard work."

"... Hih...! Hiuuuuu! Thanks! Thanks!!

"Oh, no, you don't have to cry..."

"Wow... I...! Because I was all dodgy and just bothering around......! Everyone hates me......! No one ever made me so gentle......! So happy......! duh... how can you... how can you be so good to me so bad...!?

"That's because it's an important customer to me. Glass paleen."

... Pareen!

A sharp noise scuffed around Goldwolf's "paleen," cutting off the good mood between the two.

That's exactly, Double Palin......!

No... maybe what was really freshly cracked was the heart of the girl who witnessed the moment...!

If so, triple paleen......!

When I saw it, a little away from the table stood a primula with a face like the end of the world.

At your feet are flipped trays, teacup fragments, and hot tea.

"Are you all right, Mr. Primla? Are you hurt?

A primula that can hack me into a goldwolf leaning against me in a quick move.

"Shh, sorry, I tried to serve tea to my customers, but I got bogged down...... Shh, I'll clean it up soon"

"Oh, it's dangerous, so I'll clean up the fragments. Mr. Primla, bring a mop and wipe the floor."

"Ha ha...!

Primla rushes to the staff room with her face down

No way did she partially listen to the conversation between the two of them, and witness the necklace she designed as a gift to her precious' woman '... admiring whether she was in a heartbreak or not, there was no reason (okay) for Goldwolf to notice now.

Aside from that...... Glasparine was visiting Goldwolf on another business in addition to handing over the opening celebration.

That's her first sword order, used by the students in her small class.

The Brave Men's Education Board recommends that the materials used in schools be aligned in Gorgeous Smart.

But all the recommended stores in this city have become luxury routes, so the teachers at the school were forced to go to other cities to order.

But...... New American Teacher, Glasparene Shortsite didn't.

I took 'recommendation' for what it meant by words, and relied on my former benefactor, Goldwolf.

The order from her was a small one called 'Ten Easy-to-Handle Swords Even for Kids', but it was the first material order for 'Slumdog Mart'.

And this whispering but monumental event... will become a small ripple and spread...

It will eventually become a different wave... finally transformed into a rough wave that will also sharpen the rocks...!

Last time I noticed it was too late......!

It became the eyes of a giant typhoon, blowing up the rights-based education industry...!

... So far, you've already noticed...!

Yes, it is...! This is one of the three artifacts, "Sword"...!

This will be a great force for the later Goldwolf to wipe out evil dragons...!