To arrange for the ten children's swords ordered, Goldwolf began visiting the Glass Paleen class the next day.

The class consists of ten men and women between the ages of six and nine.

Every child was energetic and cheerful, including a wannabe boy who was already going to be a warrior, a girl who was not sure which profession she was going to take, and a lady who was looking for a higher position.

Goldwolf toured their classes by choosing the right sword for each of them.

That's why I wanted to keep track of my body, my motor nerves, my personality, etc.

The kids are using wooden knives now, but they are already in a serious class.

It feels premature, but it's normal in this world... because Goldwolf and others have been fighting goblin opponents since they were about the age of Pine Pack.

While in contact with the children, Glasparene asks me to accompany them to an outdoor camp scheduled for next month.

The whole class is headed to the gorge a little further from the city, where they camp for a night.

It's been noisy lately, so it meant it's comforting to have a guy, so Goldwolf took it on comfortably.

And as a surprise gift… in conjunction with that day, I decided to prepare the ordered sword.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Camp day.

Goldwolf and the children, gathered in front of 'Slumdog Mart No. 1', the meeting place.

The only thing left was Glasparene, but she came a long way behind the rendezvous time.

"Ugh... guh... guh... muh, muh, muh, muh... Shit... I did..."

He walks yowling as he bends his little back like an old traveler and is about to be crushed by a bear (soy sauce) that is as good as his body.

Gold Wolf, who just drops in and picks up his luggage.

For the girl, it weighed like torture, but for Osama, it was light enough to go one-handed.

"Dr. Glasparine, if you had heavy baggage, if you'd told me, I would have picked you up..."

Glasspaleen is still unfamiliar with being called 'Doctor' by Goldwolf and looks embarrassed.

Tehehe, and was rocking his favorite chain dripping from around his temples.

"Um... Mr. Goldwolf. To tell you the truth, I still have nine more pieces of the same package..."

"As many as nine?

Then I think the carriage is at the level she needs, but I wonder if she was going to carry the city and the valley back and forth... and that's just as amazing as Osama is.

"Shh, excuse me......! If I had prepared what I needed for camp learning, it would be many...!

After scooping a new teacher who rocked her hair and also rocked the glasses she lowered from her neck, Goldwolf thought.

I have a carriage for the store, but I use it to purchase it today.

If you talk to Reincarnation or Primla, you'll be able to arrange a carriage for the Holly Dolls right away, but that's tempting.

Then Gordwolf, determined, put a wheel made of a single finger and thumb in his mouth and whistled his finger.

...... Psst!!

Then... out of nowhere, a horseshoe sounds like heaven and earth beeping.

... Gogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogoo

From across the street came Ao Jun, a horse with a huge asparagus hair.

A look that even makes you feel divine for burning tendencies.

Robust body like a tank, hooves like torture equipment.

He was more like a demon beast than a horse, but once he had the children in front, his eyes turned to colored and crushed eyes.

Suddenly he becomes a friendly character and the kids cheer.

"Wow! Cool!

"Wow! Kawayi!

"Uncle, this kid, what's his name?!?

"The horse is named Rusty Wind. The Holly Doll family calls you 'rusty', so you all call them that."

"Wow! rust! rust!

"Hey hey uncle, can I touch you!?

"Yes, of course. Oh, the rusty wind is fine, but don't stand behind the horse"

"Huh!!" He replied cheerfully and attached to 'rust' at the same time, except for the lady in his class.

Even when touched by Betta, Goldwolf's beloved horse stands still.

Rather, he was shaking his tail flat, like a parent cat flashing a kitten.

While deepening his rapport, Goldwolf wraps the luggage he was carrying on his shoulders around his horse's back.

In the brain, Luke's shuddered voice and Pull's delightful voice sounded.

"Oh... I can't believe you let the underworld horse (Meiba), who is said to be a carrier of heaven and hell, carry luggage, not life... it's also camping equipment..."

"But surrounded by the kids, the rust guy doesn't seem like he's even in the mood!

'Damn, he was such a rampant horse that he couldn't get his hands on it in purgatory...'

"But rust isn't the only thing that's changed because of you, is it?

'... Pull, is that what you need to say now?

"Whoa, frightened!?

Upon finishing packing, Goldwolf decided to stop by Glass Palin's house and carry the remaining nine luggage with him.

"Okay, Mr. Primla, I'm going. I'll be back by lunch tomorrow, thank you."

"Yes, uncle. Take care, you're not coming."

Primla waved at the store and dropped me off with a flowery smile in the morning.