A long (idyllic) walk out of the city of Antrea, off the bustling streets and to the valley.

Ten children after the leading glasspaleen.

After marches like Cargamo parents and children, goldwolf and rusty winds follow.

The body of the horse is loaded with a large amount of luggage, like the loba of the merchant, but the footprint is light.

He is only known as Melba, and he is tougher than a brush case.

Instead of an elephant, he has a horse body that the Red Dragon can't even stomp on.

Today in the cloudless blue sky was a great camping day.

The kids are a big shag, but the purpose is to learn.

After tenting the river plains along the valley, the following curriculum is planned:

First, the award of the first sword.

Until now, it has always been a wooden sword, but at last it will be a class of serious use.

Use that sword just now to crusade for 'Wood Goblin' in the valley.

Wood Goblin is a wooden golem created and brought to you by Glasparine, and is simply called 'A Doll for Moving Swordsmanship Practice'.

It doesn't really come to kill you like a real goblin, so it's perfect for a serious trial slayer.

Wood goblins are made of firewood, so pick up the torn firewood after you defeat them and campfire with it.

Using the flames of campfire, the dishes that can be brought glass-parine are heated and cooked for lunch, followed by dinner after free time, and finally sleep in a tent.

Travel to the site ⇒ Create camps ⇒ Crusade monsters ⇒ Use of materials ⇒ Meals and bedtime in the open ⇒ Return

The point is, let the kids learn through this camp a series of streams in the execution of the quest.

... but... Goldwolf had only one thing to be anxious about.

It is not an external factor, such as whether you will be attacked by a burglar or if there is a monster habitat nearby.

It's "Glass Palin Short Site"......!

Directional tone-deaf she had been forced to orbit by Goldwolf many times because she had made many mistakes and was about to set foot on a dangerous path.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Bad hunches come early.

I reached the gorge of destination and tried to set up a tent under the guidance of Dr. Glasparine......

Although she remembered the procedure properly, quite often she accidentally made a series of mistakes.

The original clumsiness also overlapped, creating something more like a demon's nest than a tent.

In the end, Goldwolf, who was supposed to be a visitor, helped, and she ended up with her students learning how to set up a tent from Ichi.

After the tents are safely lined up, unexpected moments come for the kids.

A surprise gift for the sword was given.

The teacher calls each of them by name and hands them a sword-wrapped package to award them a diploma.

To the first serious weight I felt, first the kids cheered...... and the moment I got it out of the bag and saw the whole thing, it turned into a big cheer.

The reason why what was supposed to be cheering grew so fast to "big" … that it was not a ready-made product.

The kids wondered if a common sword would be handed out to everyone, like it is in every weapons store after all.

Still, being able to hold a weapon was a pleasure enough to seem to have joined the adult...

But what was actually given to them far exceeded their imagination......!

I thought it was a paper plane and it was a shock like they gave me my own jet......!

The children's first one is a sword as long as a long knife.

Each child's design was different, one child's was powerful, and one child's was streamlined.

Grabbing the pattern, pushing and pulling the locking switch located on the (tweezer) with the thumb, it falls out with the shran and the creepy sound without a scratch, and the shiny metal represents the figure.

The tip of the blade is so sharp that it is crisp.

Each man's name is dug, and when he moves his sword, his name shines brilliantly as a crown.

Plus, the safety design, that when you put it back in the sheath, it automatically locks...!

The excitement of the children reaches its peak.

"Whoa... whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! My name, it's got my name in it. Whoa, whoa!? Wow, wow, that's super awesome!

"And it's super cool to glow!

"Look, look, my God, it's like a gem!

"My God, you're like a legendary dragon slayer!? I can't believe this amazing sword is going to be mine!

"Mine has a 'Gold-kun' design! Ugh, cute! That's great!

The joy of not freaking out so far even in the classroom before the summer break sweeps the quiet gorge.

Dr. Glasparine, who was supposed to be in a position to praise, remained as rigid as an adult who had encountered a real Santa in the house.

"Oh, that... Oops, Mr. Golf, stay here, stay, no way, no way... hey, why are you so bespoke...?

It even draws my voice, and I can't say 'Goldwolf'.

But not red. Santa nodded as she narrowed her eyes to the children, not looking concerned.

"Yes, a weapon is supposedly a good choice of what is familiar with your hands, so it has changed everything, such as grip grip comfort and balance of body, in line with the size and grip of your children's hands and the strength and crunchiness they shake. We've designed it to suit each person's taste so that they can use it again forever."

"No way... I used to want to be in class because of that......!?

"Yes. I just wanted to build a weapon that would make me their lifetime partner. It's easy for kids to handle what you've made into a long knife, because even when you grow up, you can continue to use it as a knife. It's a sword that joins blade gold, and if you grind it a few times, the blade is gone, but this sword is made of all steel, so if you don't fail to take care of it, you can use it for decades."

"Hih... Hih...! Okay, but... but no... such an awesome weapon, hey, I used it first... is it ok?!?

"That's okay, too. It has a magical smelt that changes the power depending on the proficiency of the user, so it won't be past. On the contrary, it will not grow and become powerless."

"Hiccup!? Magic smell as it is!? So, that means... Mom, that means Magic Weapon!?

Magic Weapon is a weapon with magic in it.

In addition to the creation of the body through normal blacksmiths, a great deal of effort is added: magic smelting.

But those that are so finished have superior additive abilities compared to weapons without magic.

For this reason, it is a delicacy that any adventurer dreams of having at one time.

I just added that when Goldwolf shifted his gaze to Glass Paleen, he was on his way as if he had been framed by Bottacliber.

"Oh, don't worry, we have a good budget."

Then she begins to grope her glasses ladder eyes like a little rabbit cornered by a wolf.

"Ugh... lying...? Liar...... right? With enough money to finally buy one commercially available copper sword, I can't believe it's a Magic Weapon...! I can't believe the design is different from one another...!

"I bought steel, which is a basic material, but the magic material was fine because I used extra material. Besides, I made it by myself... Oh, I asked Mr. Primla to design the sword for the girls. Whatever, we both enjoyed making it this time. And then, for the first time, you gave me a massive order, so I'd rather appreciate it."

I immediately said, "I helped the Pulls, too!? 'and the brain scratches in.

Goldwolf said as a worry, but the new teacher had spawned his glasses instead of his eyeballs, not much in Yangtian.

"Ugh... lying......!? Absolutely lying...... right!? Ma... I can't believe you made Magic Weapon all by yourself... you can never... right!? Or... if it's just blacksmiths... I can't believe I'm doing this all by myself... hey!?

She can no longer stop trembling.

The deviated glasses ladder eyes were no longer the rape eyes of... passing moisturizing.

... In the first place, a sword is not something you can do with a single artisan.

It passes through the hands of at least four craftsmen.

Some are concurrent, but that's just mass-produced crude weapons.

Some quality can take several artisans per process.

Moreover, if it is also a Magic Weapon, in the meantime, the procedure of magic smelting is pinched, and more than double is needed in personnel.

By analogy to what Goldwolf did this time in modern times......

It's like having ten computers, alone from hardware to software......!

Besides, every appearance is different, it is not an existing product until the built-in OS, when I make my own......!

If that had existed, when the power was turned on, Android would have shown the startup screen that Gold was thumbing up......!