On the sword of Goldwolf, the children were ecstatic... but only one, there was a female student who stood still.

"Ha, I can't believe I can be so happy with a sword of this magnitude, the poor man is fine...... Glasparine, Atashi is such a poor sword, because I don't need it"

She pokes back at the female teacher without even pulling out the sword of Goldwolf, emphasizing that if she did the word 'poor'.

"I'll take a big look at you just this once... the next time I give a poor sword like this to Atashi, I'll smack those glasses open, Glass Paleen! Keep it properly baked on those worn glasses, right? Next door, nameless Osama too! About this Atashi, the eldest daughter of this proud, Nights of the Round Seven!

Bishyyyyy! and the name of the girl who pointed to the grownups so much that she was likely to hear the sound was "Charles Lunlotte Nights of the Round Seven"......!

"Nights of the Round" is an honorable title, given to a thousand active knights.

Ranked from 'Round One' by Contribution, 'Round Seven' is literally the seventh......!

He is the eldest daughter of a famous family, considered the seventh most famous knight from above in this world...!

Of the ten students that Glasparine would receive, only this girl was singularly different in character and appearance.

The golden twin tail is tied with a large blue ribbon, and the vibrant pale eyes that match it shine like a sign of strength.

She looks adorable like a biscuit doll, but ruined thanks to her always suspended eyebrows and eyeballs.

The outfit is a magical breastplate on a nightdress that is a woman knight's outfit.

They are both quite luxury items, even though they are for children.

As you can see from the above, she is a typical rich knight......!

In the future, he was such a Namiki Chick Knight that I could see him getting more arrogant and high-flying......!

"Oh, I'm sorry! Mr. Charloonlot............!

The other guy says he's a godchild, but Glass Palin, who remains pushed by that aura, begins and ends with a Pekopeko apology.

"So, Mr. Charloonlot, what do you do with the sword?," Goldwolf asks,

"Don't worry about your youngest son. My dad bought it for me in" Gorgeous Smart, "because I can't even see it in the poor here, because I'm bringing an awesome sword."

That's what the lady says, taking the short sword out of the backpack she was bringing with her.

First, when I could carry it to my waist belt, I pulled it out of my splendid sheath so that it could be worn.

It was a wide range of straight swords carved with intricate texts.

Do you imagine a two-handed sword for children, the pattern is for two-handed use, and your body is about 1.5 times longer than the long knife used by the other kids.

"This sword is' Slashing Rock Sword Rockbreaker '! As its name suggests, it is the most powerful magical sword that will ever turn down a rock! Of course, it's bespoke, and the poem that honors my Round Seven family is carved into my body!

Charles Lunlot begins to swing with Byungbyung, so hustled.

A classmate and teacher with a frightened, inspiring look and a pompous look.

The lady interprets the reaction as if she is losing words to the awesomeness of my sword.

In an attempt to surprise him even more, he swung down the rocks that were beside him, in the large upper stages.


The moment I hear a clear impact sound, like rolling a bell...... Goldwolf hisses his eyebrows.

And he was moving in front of the children sooner than blinking.

A broken blade tip in two flies like a throwing knife at the girl in the gallery.

But Goldwolf was already waiting, near hitting her in the face, pinched and caught with his thumb and thumb.

"Wow!?" and a surprising gallery, "Goldwolf puts the lady in a harsh tone.

"... that sword is made of pretty crude ingredients. Thanks to this, it's lightweight and even kids can swing it...... but that's it, it's hardly cut and durable. It hasn't even been magically smelted, so instead of rocks, it will be the best because it slashes branches. But before that, swords don't kill rocks."

But she didn't have the ear to listen.

"Hung, it's not your Omboro Poor Sword, and the" Gorgeous Smart "brand sword made by the superior Brave Creator is a good place to save money. It's a coincidence that it broke, and slashing rocks is Atashi's choice. Besides... this sword, whether broken or broken, was going to be thrown away here."

When the lady points out the broken sword as she says so, she takes the new sword out of her backpack.

It was more luxuriously decorated than earlier.

"My dad bought me a new one."

She laughed nymmari, just saying this one was destiny.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Although there was a little trouble, the camp went into the next curriculum.

It's called unleashing 'wood goblins' made by Glasparine all over the gorge and hunting with the kids.

For the first serious, hands-on experience, children's pupils remain open.

Besides, the power of Goldwolf's sword is sobering, just swinging one wooden goblin.

...... spakaaaaaaaaaaa!

and we could all fall apart like a bowling strike, so we all immersed ourselves in the feeling that we had become stronger.

But no matter how powerful only Charles Lott's sword strikes,

... Gassssssss!

and only in.

Though I could make you whisper, all I had to do was leave a slight cassling wound far from knocking you down.

"Become... why can't you just take down Atashi, Atashi alone Goblin!? The sword you're using is the finest product that does a thousand times more than a poor sword, regardless of its power, even though it's better than a man in swordsmanship!? Mukyyyyyy!?!?

Finally, the lady begins to eclampsia and wave her sword like an abalone monkey.

Because of what happened earlier, no one tries to come near me.

In the end, she didn't even defeat one goblin and marked her lowest grade.

On the contrary, it even broke the sword of fate.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Burn the firewood obtained by knocking down the wooden goblins next, and campfire, roughly the swollen Charles Lott.

... I was supposed to, but here we go again in trouble...!

Glass paleen brought a cotton swab by mistake as a match stick......!

If this didn't set her on fire, the female teacher turned bright blue and cried out.

"Hiya!? Me, I did it again! I'm sorry, I'm sorry. No! I'm sorry. Whoa, whoa, whoa!

"Then don't cry meso, come back and get it! These dodgy glasses!" the lady cursed me,

"Hiaahhhh! Back to the city...... I'll get it OOOOOOOOOOOO!

Glasparene tried to run out like a rabbit lit in the ass, but she falls a little bit in the first step she takes.

Gordwolf wiped her face with a handkerchief as she awoke to help her.

It is the treatment of a completely small child.

"Well, don't cry, Dr. Glasparine. Look, wipe your tears, and cover your nose... And because of that, why don't you teach your kids how to start a fire without using a match?

"Ma... I can't teach you magic to start a fire without using a match!

"No, it's not magic either. As long as you have a tree, you can start a fire. Now, I'll show you an example, so try it with the kids, too."

"Huh... Huh...! Thanks! Thank you very much!

With eyes that looked at God, the teacher wept.

Then Goldwolf gathers the kids around, next to Glass Palin, and starts a fire-fighting class.

First, I scraped the tree with a knife to make a fire cutting rod, and combined the firewood to rub the fire cutting plate.

And then put the leaves that burn easily as igniters and turn the fire-cutting rod wrapped around the plant's snails into a gorilla.

It's a pretty primitive way, but it's a 'hikigiri' way to help you when you survive, because you'll be able to make fire with minimal tools and a little practice.

"Looks like Bacca. You can't start a fire like that."

and the lady who was pointing her soppo, white smoke rose and her classmate said, "Wow!" He began to ask how the chill was, wondering where he was when he made the noise.

And by the time the melamera and the firehand were up, he had come forward more than anyone else and peered in with his eyes round like a kitten.

"... Then try to pair up what I've done right now with two pairs each. Brother, you sisters invite the little one, in pairs of three."

On Goldwolf's instructions, he said, "Huh!," replies cheerfully, children making a pair of vertigo.

The lady who blurted first got plucked again... and turned in the wrong direction with Hung.

Arrange in the river plains and start the fire just now.

As Goldwolf looked around at it,

... Dawn.

and sounds like faraway lightning echoed into the sky.

The children were obsessed with setting the fire and were not around, but Glasparine looked around with something.

Goldwolf had already sensed the audio source, staring at a point in the distant sky.

The female teacher leans in on Osama and looks in the same direction by stretching out her back, "Njitsu, Njitsu".

Then... a mountain far away was burning up like a candle.

"Mr. Goldwolf... Is that a mountain fire?

Goldwolf whispers back gently, as his voice seemed anxious to ask.

"... that's the underground labyrinth (dungeon) called 'Mountain of Fire Blowing' on the adjacent Torqualm territory. Originally it was called that because it was a mine and the fire blew out of the hole that was on the top of the mountain. Now Minotaur lives there and it's a problem, so maybe someone is exterminated by great magic. Whatever you do, you won't be harmed this far."

"That's right. Oh, good... Oh, yeah. I have to start a fire, too.... Charloonlot Come on, join the teacher, start a fire ~!

Glass Paleen grazed her breasts and then turned her back on the lady.

The look was more like an inviting child to play than a teacher, so Goldwolf feels kind of smiling.

But...... he just didn't realize either.

Who turned the long-suffering mine into 'Mountain of Fire Blowing' again?


Needless to say, he was a former party member of his, the Great Demon Mentor......!

Miglare Dirty Sud, was that person......!